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It's such a strange thing; graduating. You've done all the work already. You've already been told you have received your degree/diploma/whatnot, and it is therefore mostly an excuse for a party.

I was really too tired today to party and it's not nearly as fun without alcohol anyways.

Day 2 of jet lag is always my worst, so I didn't sleep last night and I spent the morning going flat out - on foot - here, there, and everywhere. By the time we got to the reception I just wanted to lay down, or pass out - it was a toss-up.

There ceremony was great (short) and everyone said all the right words. It wasn't particular special (PhDs are treated like MAs are), but at least we got to go first. And then wait for everyone else to do it! The woman beside me kept up a hilariously running commentary under her breath about the pomp and circumstance so I was incredibly entertained.

We stood outside in the freezing (literally) cold too
much and my coat would fit over my robes so I was just a bit miserable. But Bob made my mother tea and is now the greatest person ever because he waited with my parents for a cab after the reception ended for 30 minutes even though he was supposed to be back at work.

Everyone was super nice and huggy and Ross said great things about me to my parents and to me. And I caught up with a lot (though not all) of friends. Not bad for 2.5 days in the city!

All that is left is coffee tomorrow morning with my 'new' twin Dr A (me being now Dr A as well) and to pay pilgrimage to Richard's tomb, something I should have done on Wednesday. Supposed to rain, so I hope our dead king appreciates my sacrifice.

I miss this part of my life already and I won't ever have it back. It was challenging and interesting and incredibly easy. Unlike the years to come.
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And it's awesome!!! My new desk chair is all comfy and now I just have to get back to transcription. Blurgh. Tonight is Independence Day drinks and tomorrow is meetings. But Friday...maybe.

It's so quiet here!
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Apparently, my mother is trying her level best, whether she realises it or not, to alienate the entire family, as I am trying to keep us together and on speaking terms!  God, but retirement has made my parents old, crabby and miserable.

The Aunt may be crazy, but at least she's happy.

Guess which I hope to turn out like?

I am enjoying keeping secrets from my mother SO MUCH.  Aunt and I have lovely trips and plans to talk about behind her back. It's So Much Fun!  Aunt is making her own awesome trip this year, flying to Denver and back from Toronto in August: 3 week solo flight! I will worry incessently, but I am still glad for her.  And me, well I'm...;)

'Parents' is not one of my tags. Let's keep it that way.

Grateful for: word counts, bacon and libraries.
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This post will not be about pancakes.

It is, only very rarely, that one may watch a film that changes your life - or at the very least makes you think about your life - and take away from it some appreciation that, with a little hope, will last you some years.  It is only very rarely that a film maker manages to make such a film.  And when they do, the results are spectacular.

'The Way' is the story of a journey - or rather, many journies and yet all the same - that does not preach, it does not demand, it does not tell, it does not even imply anything beyond the natural inclination of the human brain to be moved to consideration.  However, I think I would be hard pressed to find a viewer who did not take something of measure from the tale. 

The film is not about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  It is not about the relationship between a father and a son.  It is not about the friends you meet on the way or the journey you undertake to get somewhere.  It is not about religion or God or penance.  It is, in some ways, a measure of all and none of these things.  Like the Way of St. James, each viewer will take away their own enlightenment from watching it.

And, like those that reach the end, it is not about who you were before, but where you go afterwards.

One day, I will walk the pilgrim road from St Jean Pied to Santiago de Compostela.  I will not do it for religion, as I am not a Catholic, but I might do it for belief, and for The Road and for myself. 

Most of all, I'll do it for myself.  As everyone does. 

Missed One

Feb. 18th, 2012 08:30 am
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I didn't post yesterday! But it was such a great 'road to happiness' day, that I feel it should count for two days worth!

Yesterday was a really easy £80. Well, 'easy' in that I had to sit through 7 hours of talks on a subject I know nothing about and come up with interesting and informative 140 character responses to post to the world [Read that as: I was hired as official tweeter]. But it was and interesting day, and confirms to me that the art world is just as problematic in museum practice as the archaeology based world. And that they can disagree just as loudly with each other. So that was entertaining. Also, I had at least a few of the other phds to keep me company, and Catharina and I had a lovely lunch together.

Last night was my first 'clothes swap'. Amy was a great hostess (and there was too much dessert and very nice tea) and I think I've inherited a fair few of her things. But I got a small pile of wonderful summer dresses and fancy tunic tops and a few other useful casual pieces too! I feel like I won't have to go shopping for things for a while.

So, I am gateful for:

My lovely 'new' clothes
Tea and Cakes

Also, I have discovered we have a knitting circle, and may be joining that after I get my stuff from Canada. I haven't knitted in ages, and probably can't do anything more than a scarf right now, but it should still be fun! People may be getting certain presents for Christmas this year....

Now I have an essay plan to work through, copious tea to consume, a long walk and exercise needed and fic to write (this last being hopeful more than determined). And hey, I got woken at 7:45 on a Saturday and I don't care!
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Step Number One:

Volunteer for lots of things you have no time for.

Step Number Two:

Make yourself known. Other people will like you and recommend you for other things. Some of them might even pay money.

Step Number Three:

Write lots.

Step Number Four:

Take a holiday. You've worked hard and you need a break. Also, have a hockey player for a cousin.

And then you will get away with things like:

'I need to move my essay deadline. I was think March 5th.'

'How about the 9th? That works better for me.'


Road to Happiness addendum:
1. I am grateful for cranberry juice.
2. I am grateful for the nice weather we are having.
3. I am grateful that it took four months for me to run smack into my former supervisor. And I'm even more grateful that he has no idea who I am.
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OMG! I loved it ALL! From Alexis to Martha to Beckett to Castle being an ass about an old girlfriend to Gates being bitchy. I expected about five seconds more at the end, though. It cut a little too quickly. Very nice homage to James Bond's 50th anniversary, I think. Can't wait for the next episode!

I am loving this show and all it's quirks. The phone thing never gets old, or the books, or anything and everything.

In other news, my first Graze box came this morning; well, last night actually, but the mail room was closed by then. Yummy treats to try! I've already had the dried strawberries, blueberries, currents, cranberries and sponge pieces. Tomorrow I think I'll try the one with chocolate [I already had a chocolate bar of yummy whipped chocolate and nuts today]. I wish it existed in Canada. Maybe there's a franchise there?

I have so much reading to do tomorrow, and the only part I'm looking forward to it's not for my paper! Haven't been to a [Tea in the Attic] since before xmas, and this is the new format. Hope it works, as I am the one that has to worry about it if it doesn't! I need some fun after the marathon of updating the conference website today. It took me an exhausting 3 hours to finish. Still, I hope there won't be too many changes to be made.

Jacket potato filled with tuna mayo for dinner. I am on day 5 of my road to happiness posts. Today I am thankful for tuna, the library stacks and dried fruit.
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Well, it's nearly mid-February and so far my resolution keeping is going rather well (except for 'stop drinking' because that was always going to be a joke. However, I haven't overindulged, so there's that).

Today I learned three important things.

1. I learned that you can buy 14 things from Primark for £38.
2. I learned you say 'no' to a teacher.
3. I learned that a few simple words of kindness in the morning can brighten my entire day (and a piece of chocolate). Thank you sales lady at Thornton's!

I also learned the 5 ways to happiness:

1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day.
2. Keep a journal of positive experiences.
3. Exercise.
4. Meditate.
5. Random Acts of Kindness.

So far today, I've kept the last 4, so here are 3 things I am grateful for:

1. I am grateful that I live in England.
2. I am grateful that I have the money to buy clothing, even at Primark.
3. I am grateful for the Thornton's lady and a chocolate smiley face.

I feel happier already.


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