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Yeah, so I might have written this one about a year ago. But I'm old enough to forget a few things every now and then, alright?

If you'd care to toddle on off to here. It's a fic in three parts, and it will all be posted by New Year's. It's a bit heartening, a bit depressing, a bit family!angst, and a bit 'I really needed to figure out this head canon'. It's Arwen, with a lot of Elrond, Lindir, Aragorn, the twins, Bilbo and a bit of unconscious Frodo thrown in. And it's movie canon.

Now posted above on LJ!
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I'm going to be lazy and, instead of posting them to LJ, just link to my account.

I committed fic and one of them, at least, is entirely Grav's fault.

If you asked me a month ago what the last fic I posted on to reach my 500k total in 2013 would be, I would have hummed and hawed and had no idea. Doctor Who? Thor? Hobbit? Some new fandom?

But of course, because in everything in my life I go full circle, it's Hobbit and it's about an elf.

Barrels in Winter: wherein Bard does some contemplating on how complicated (or not) his life is.

Hope Amidst the Darkness: in which Tauriel is not a trained healer, but she makes it work anyways. And does not, I repeat not fall in love with a certain dwarf.

I posted Tapestry already, right?
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So, a long time ago I wrote a fic called The Coffee House about Tony Stark and his addiction to coffee.

I possibly wrote more. About, you know, the rest of the cast.

Read more if you dare )
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I'm assuming, once the DVD comes out in March, that perhaps there might be other fan vids on youtube than the heaps and heaps of Fili/Kili slash? Or worse, Thorin/Fili/Kili slash? Also, set to much better music than seems to currently be on offer. One can only hope.

On that note, the fan vids after the EE of There and Back Again are going to KILL ME. I'm going to need therapy or some other fandom that doesn't kill off main charactes.

[On that note as well, everyone on my f-list has read the Hobbit right? We all know how this ends?]

Still going...I will not read The Hobbit. I will not read The Hobbit. I will finish Cloud Atlas so I have some idea what the hell is going on when I see the movie, and I will spend the next week squeeing over Richard [the III, honestly, which Richard did you think I was talking about?] and then finish Battle Royale. I will not read The Hobbit. Not until August 2014.

Lastly, there are some really depressing character driven Spooks fan vids on YouTube. To be fair, the writers and Lucas North have made it rather easy on the fans. Richard Armitage (yes, yes, other Richard, though apparently he might have been named after the King? Which amuses me? In a really ironic sort of way?) does tortured (pun entirely intended) really well. I feel this will come in handy in about, oh, 17 months?

See, I totally made a circular post. Aren't I awesome?

Uh, Fili & Kili fic is going...well...had to go track down the script again. I seem to be quoting Bilbo more than anything. I should probably be worried about that.

Spooks fic is up to the second commercial break. No one has died yet, but I have high hopes for at least some blood later on. Of course, I wrote the ending as the teaser so I know where it ends up...basically. Always start a spy thriller with a gun to someone's head.

And Castle this week? Can I just say? EVIL BASTARD. It's sort of like Heroes all over again, except worse. And I am missing Alexis and Martha these days. Feels like it's been ages since we've seen them. Or any Castle/Beckett kissykissy.

Again, circular post. I need to...bake a lot this weekend. And eat a lot. And see Lincoln and Richard. How is this my life? It's awesome.
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Seriously, I adore Ripper Street. It's like everything I've ever wanted in a show. Last night's was even better than usual, because it was all about the Russians infiltrating the unions in London and planting a warehouse bomb. Some things don't change in 125 years. And Reed is just all kinds of awesome. I like that we get a glimpse of everyone's past each week; just bits and pieces you have to put together. I'm hoping for a massive season finale.

I feel like I have something to make up for the loss of Sanctuary now.

In other news...I'm nearly finished with Spooks. This depresses me immensely.

In still other news, I wrote 3000 words of a Ros Myers Spooks fic yesterday night at 11pm.

And 2000 words of a Fili & Kili perspective of the events of the Hobbit, which is entirely too depressing about them not having a clue what they are getting into. Which will of course end in disaster. Why am I doing this to myself? It's [ profile] grav_ity's fault.
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Sorry that I've been quiet. Although I'm not entirely certain how many people on my f-list actually read my LJ posts regularly anyways. Sometimes I definitely feel like I'm talking to air! Which is okay; air doesn't care what I say or answer back.

I've been trying to multi-task, only somewhat successfully, these last two weeks. It's kept me very stressed and busy this month and will into October too. I probably won't be around much until November, in fact!

A short update though:

Went to the gym yesterday for 45 minutes. I was pretty bad last night on the pain scale, but okay today. Going to go again, as soon as I finish this! It's free at the moment, in order to make up for being closed all summer. Already bought the stupidly expensive membership, however, so I'm 'paying for it' anyways, really.

To my NA-list, I'm not watching premieres and television, by the way. I can't risk sending up a red flag on my landlord's internet service by downloading stuff illegally. So I'm going to be without TBBT, Castle and Fringe. VD shows here next month though. And, honestly, I'd give up Fringe anyways. I'm really going to miss PoI though, because I have to wait. They're just showing season 1 here now. TBBT I can probably find somewhere else, or wait until it shows over here (which it will, eventually). Ah well, just Castle then. I'll catch up eventually. Honestly, there's lost of fun shows on UK telly you can't get in NA, so we're probably even. Just letting you know, don't ask me about the current season, because I don't know anything! However, I get DW tonight before ANY OF YOU. Come join me in a cry when you can.

This fasting diet is getting a lot easier the longer I do it. I don't even notice I'm hungry until well into the afternoon now, which is when I get to eat anyways. I'll fit into those skinny jeans again soon, especially now I'm back at the gym.

I think tomorrow I may be posting the last chapter of the last fanfic I may ever write. Tragically, it's Twilight. I may have to write something else just to...make up for that. Not this year though! I need a new fandom. I wonder about Star Trek next May...
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Yeah...I hit 25k.

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This fic could have been awful, but instead it's brilliant. It's also the only one of its kind I've found on AO3.

Ever wonder what Dummy and Butterfingers and JARVIS do when Tony's not around? Or why Dummy never seems to quite work right? Or 'A very impressive future of AI technology'.

It's 8 chapters, but they're long ones and occasionally it is difficult to follow along with the JARVIS/Dummy tech speak.
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Disclaimer: If Marvel was mine I’d have the best job in the world and I wouldn’t need to be writing fanfic to keep the insanity at bay.

AN: And once again, thank you Muse [sarcasm]. I am entirely certain this fic could go on forever and ever and ever. There could ‘The Avengers visit the Coffee House’ chapters and everything. No, actually, there can't be. I refuse to write it.

Tony Stark was never allow to run out of coffee. It just didn't happen. Except one time it did. )
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Well, how about 'Summer has Spluttered'? No? Doesn't have the same ring? Well, fine, but it's true anyways.

Today it is sunny. Over twenty degrees. It is the first true, honest day of SUMMER that we have had since May 28th. Since it's July 22nd, I want all of you to think about that for a moment.

But, since it is nice outside, I can move on to other things.

Back into research and paper writing mode, which I dislike. I was so happy in May when I thought that that was it until the thesis! Ha! Should know Ross better by now. This paper doesn't have to be long, but it is the least interesting topic ever (research methods in humanities). Not finding much in the way of sources either, and even less for examples. Not fun! Will have to plow on starting tomorrow. And also get back to my ethics forms. At least I managed to email the people I was supposed to email last week. Even heard back from one of them. Things are progressing.

Writing on the fic front is not going well. I hit 5500, and I know I will get to 10k before the end of the month. Unfortunately, I still have 7 chapters left to write, so the number of words doesn't matter. The fact that it is almost physically painful to write is what matters. I only write fic when my characters are talking to me. Right now, they aren't even whispering, so writing conversation is just a lesson in agony. And it ends up sounding horrible. This fic will suck. Which annoys me, because I try to put my all into my work. But this year, I don't have time. Last fic for quite a while I think! How depressing.

Also, will be going to London August 2nd. Yes, that's right, I'm braving the Olympics. I have decided not to care if a)my train is delayed, b)the Tube isn't running or c)it rains. Just going to go, soak in the madness and enjoy.


Jul. 13th, 2012 12:55 pm
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I really have no excuse for this, except that [ profile] quaggy_mire made me do it.

Disclaimer: This is not actually my own idea.  Over at Archive of Our Own, kellifer_fic wrote a story where Tony makes a small AI Dalek and gives him to Clint, who’s been moping around after the whole ‘brainwashing’ affair in the movie. Clint names it Eduardo and it follows him everywhere. I couldn’t get the image out of my head, and as great as Clint having a toy is, I thought Tony really needed his own. Thanks for the inspiration!

AN: The last possible thing I needed to be doing this month was writing Avengers fic. I say this because I have a 25k fic for HBB to write this month (which isn’t started yet), a thesis to get back to work on (after a month off) and literally twenty other things I need to be doing work-wise. Avengers’ fic was not in the cards. 

Introducing Russell T. Dalek )


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