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Everyone has seen this, right?
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I don't have a recollection of ever posting this to LJ, and if I did I'm much too lazy to troll through the archives looking for it.

In honour (a rather unfortunate turn of phrase to use) of the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic's sinking and therefore the death of 1500 hundred people, here is a story about one (fictional) person who survived.

It was the greatest ship ever built...
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OMG! CHRIS! I...DO NOT HAVE THE WORDS RIGHT NOW! Seriously, I have no idea whether to be excited or not. That's a hell of a type-cast.
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Disclaimer: Not owned by me.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Helen and Nikola...together.
Spoilers: Finale Sanctuary for None Part 2 big time

He kisses her with everything he has and leaves her to get on with it. )
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Disclaimer: Not and will never be owned by me. All the more tragic after that finale!
Rating: K
Warnings: None other than spoilers.
Spoilers: For Season 4 finale Sanctuary for None Part 2

She does, actually, go to Nepal. For a little while. )
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I'd call this spoilers, but I'm just too heartbroken to care. )

Dear wind: Stop gusting! I can feel the draft through my window!

I'm thinking of chocolate for breakfast...brunch.
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Apparently, there is DECLAN TONIGHT. And I have to wait until tomorrow! This fact is actually more exciting then DW being on tonight too. When did that happen?

I have business cards! They are awesome!
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Um, spoilers? )

Typical English weather day: cold, sunny, warm, wet, cold, WINDY. They put the Christmas decorations up in the centre. I will take pictures and post them the next time I'm down. I'm more than a little bit horrified.


Apr. 16th, 2011 07:55 pm
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Fringe 'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide': WANT A LITTLE MORE LSD JJ? I want my show back.

Sanctuary 'Pax Romana': Okay, first, points for The Latin. Secondly? I wanted to hate her SO BADLY and I CAN'T. Thirdly? Oh show! I've missed you SO MUCH and you have NEVER LET ME DOWN! *hugs Helen Magnus a lot*
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SPRING! You've come! *hugs* Please don't leave again! There is Easter coming and then my birthday and I'd really like to see summer this side of the solstice. Pretty, pretty, please?

Well, I stared at the computer screen for half an hour this morning until I forced myself to type the first sentence of my proposal. Which ended up being less typing and more copying and pasting from the other university's application. But it got me started. I'm still not thrilled with it and I sort of hate my academic writing style more than ever right now. I am trying very hard not to panic about, you know, having to WRITE A THESIS.

The Muse has still not returned. I rewrote the first Twilight fic three times and she's still not talking to me, so I'm really beyond knowing what to do. I tried to poke at a DW plot bunny, but it didn't do anything other than stare at me, even after I watched a bunch on interviews with the cast about the new season.

Maybe things will be better after April 15th?
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Disclaimer: The TV show is not mine. The books are real and obviously not mine. And I don't own Oxford, as much as I'd like to.

The Radcliffe Camera provides one of the quiestest places for study in Oxford and always has. )
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Disclaimer: This is some else’s universe and I am just playing in the sandbox. Something has to make up for the lack of Stargate!

AN: I actually meant to write this story first and then my brain wanted to make it into something more complicated. This time I refused.

It is the maiden voyage of the greatest ship ever constructed. To Helen it is simply a mode of transportation. )


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:32 pm
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Well then, three stories, 15,000 words and one week. I'd say I've done rather well. I have another one planned for tomorrow that's been slowly evolving all week long, but I've finally found the last piece of information I need to make it work. It'll also be a different type of fic from anything I've ever written, I think, so we'll see how that goes.

Trish and I went to see Tron tonight. I have never seen the original and I honestly don't much care, but we were in the mood for mindless special effects and this one certainly delivered. There was pretty good humour and the acting wasn't half bad from the cast. The fight scene in the arena was spectacular and I was - almost - on the edge of my seat. Even if I saw the end of the moving coming a mile off. I think I understood most of it too, even though I have no idea what was reference to the original and what was 'new'. Oh well!

Two more days off work! And no museum-ing! I plan to watch Two Towers (managed to get through Fellowship, while paying attention, and not skipping scenes!) all the way through. In regards to novel reading I am just about to hit Tom Bombadil and sort of...contemplating how guilty I will feel for skipping it, again. We'll see tomorrow. I'm not sure I can handle rambling songs and Frodo/Sam/Gollum/walking all in the same weekend. My inner geek isn't that dedicated.

I am watching Fringe. I am only half paying attention to it and the half that is paying attention isn't all that attentative. When did this show get boring? It's Christopher Lloyd!

Does anyone know if the new movie Sanctum has things that go bump in the night in it? Or is it just a bunch of cave divers getting lost underground and their harrowing adventure out? I don't mind that (I don't cave dive for a very good reason and have no plans to ever try), but things hiding in the watery depths of ancient caves freaks me the frak out.

The new underwater museum in Cancun is officially open! Must add that to the travel list pronto, though a year or two wait will let the coral develop on the statues a bit more.

That's probably enough about my life.
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New Sanctuary story and because of the way I wrote it is it easier to link to my account than repost it here.

Title: In Shadowed Halls
Rating: PG
Characters: Helen, James, Nikola (briefly)

The Radcliffe Camera provides one of the quietest place of study in Oxford, as it always has.
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Disclaimer: Is thankfully owned by someone else. Some minor dialogue taken from Sanctuary for All.

AN: This fic would not leave me alone. I spent 5 days doing not much else but researching on the internet and fighting with my muse. Hopefully, the following ramblings make some sort of sense, although if I've learned anything in this fandom we all have our own specific view of history.

Helen Magnus had never planned on marrying. )
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Somewhere along the way I developed a complicated crush on Nikola Tesla that occurs on multiple levels. I should probably be worried for the back half of season 3, but I'm just insanely giddy with glee instead.
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Is far more amused than she should be that it's Tesla's birthday today. Note to self: stop watching past Sanctuary episodes. He wasn't really a vampire. Even if Jonathon Young does actually look like the real Nikola.
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So, Daily Planet is on on the Discovery Channel right now and they're doing a stint on green screens and how Sanctuary is the first show to be entirely green screened. And Amanda is on with BLACK HAIR (it's a wig) and it looks so freaking weird. I mean, ten years being short and blond (minus AUs) and suddenly it's long and black and I'm kinda freaked out by the whole thing.

This show is going to be so very bizzare to watch. I mean, I can't wait to see it, but everyone is going to be So Very Different. I have a feeling the next year or two is going to be a new learning curve, because Stargate has kinda been part of my life in some way or another since it started and I fell in love and was obsessed from day one. And suddenly it won't be around anymore, but everyone the show will in something else.

The show that has changed my life and my goals in life ended yesterday.

Well frak.


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