Oct. 30th, 2015 03:54 pm
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Well, it's the 30th. I'm not going to say goodbye and farewell, because I won't be that gone, but I won't be around as much, or checking LJ as often (unless I'm really suffering writer's block).

Wish me luck!
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It's not going to be a NaNo! I am so relieved!

ETA: It is, however, going to be half a NaNo in a quarter of the time.
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Yes, it's a verb.

If I keep at this pace, it won't matter one whit that it's already the 12th. I'll hit 50,000 by the 30th not doing NaNo. God, what have I done to deserve this?

On the upshot, 400,000 is looking promising for this year.

Update: Just hit 10k, which is half of where I should be if....STOP IT.
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Hello Muse,

It's November and I therefore understand that you are chomping at the bit to write. I get that you're used to it and probably mad at me that you aren't being allowed 50,000 words to play with. I do understand.

But we had this conversation already this year. Actually we've had it twice and for exactly the same reason. So I don't really want to have it a third time. But since there are 4500 words sitting on my hard-drive right now that could constitute Part 1 of another multi-chapter Twilight fic, I feel I need to re-express myself.

I'm Not Interested..

You once destroyed a dissertation. You will NOT cost me my thesis. Understood?

And don't even think about Breaking Dawn next week. It ain't happening.

Not giving up,

ETA: Why do I always have to eat my words?
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I can still do 'NaNo'! Not this year, of course, but next year and the year after!

Someone should get an award for this idea:


Academic writers are saved!
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It's November 1st. I wrote 1026 words of notes.

It so doesn't count.
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1. I ate a chocolate bar last night. And 6 Timbits this morning. And coffee.

2. I saw my first S55 today and may have squeed aloud. Unfortunately it was dirty, so not as pretty as it should be.

3. I wasn't going to leave the house today, but Dad tempted me with Tims. I didn't get dressed though.

4. It's hot and cold and humid outside, all in the same go. It's also cloudy, but bright.

5. Spent 4 hours last night debating the tragic state of the world with a 17-year-old who is definitely better informed than I was 11 years ago. It made me feel old. And then we talked about getting drunk.

6. I am at 37,000 words in 3 weeks and a sick twisted part of me is disappointed I won't be able to do 50,000 in 4 weeks because the story is almost over. Sick masochistic moron that I am.

7. I have not practiced my golf swing in 3 days.

8. There was a Twilight joke in last week's episode of Nurse Jackie and I am almost positive it was unscripted. Since it was Peter Facinelli and it's not the first time it's happened. But it was good. I am SO Team O'Hara!

9. I am not enjoying The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That probably means there's something wrong with me. But Daniel Craig is going to make the movie pretty.

10. I am delaying watching Game of Thrones for this week because I know what happens and it's going to kill me.

Bonus: Am still considering Carentan. And A Good Man Goes to War.
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You know what the most fantastic part is? I *finished the novel* in 50,000 words! Woot! Woot!
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Today's Goal: Onwards and upwards.


ETA: Goal met.  Only 2000 words behind now and another writing day tomorrow!  And the climax has arrived!
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You know what's fantastic?  When you budget a certain number of words for a certain part of the story and <i>you go over</i> and then you get to stop worrying about hitting 50,000 words for the next 18 days! 

*throws confetti at horses and mountains in general and LOTR in specific*  I am celebrating with cupcake icons, but not real cupcakes as the kitchen is officially no more.

Also, Happy Birthday Robert Louis Stevenson.  Hail to the literary Scots!

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Well that didn't go at all how I planned it.

Wait...I didn't plan it.
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So, 2767 words before Road Block 1.  I guess that's not bad. 

Yes, last year it was 8000 and change.  Not thinking about it, not thinking about it.

It's bad when you invent a camping trip to pass the time.
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Just caught on the telly a whole hour long interview with Martin Sheen.  There were a great many highlights, but the top of the list was when he stood up to the crowd of hundreds watching and said [paraphrased] 'Obama can be a fantastic president, if you let him be!'.  Oh, Bartlet, I love you.  I also really miss The West Wing now.

In other news....3 days until NaNo.  I'm not panicking, really.  It's all going to be just fine.

I'm panicking about the phd funding application instead.

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I woke up this morning with an urge. These usually end badly, I've found, but I went ahead and did it anyways. And with the joy of the online age, I can delete it at any time!

I'd be ever so grateful if people checked it out. I'll have polls up on a continuing basis, because I want your input. What's the point of writing, otherwise?
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I'm sort of wondering if I can drag this last scene out just to hit a word count. It doesn't need to be longer, but well, I'm 900 words short of a round number. I love round numbers.

It looks and feels like England outside, but where this would normally make me happy (I would think), it is instead making me very grumpy because even if it looks like it, it isn't it.

How many more 'its' could I have gotten in that sentence, do you think?

I should go do something productive. Not that writing isn't, but I should walk away and come back to it later instead of staring at the page.
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After 58,000 words I have finally hit a road block. I know where I have to be in about 2000 words, but I don't know how to get there.
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Wonders how she could ever have thought - 30,000 words ago - that this story was going to fall short of a winner.

I only just wrote the wedding scene. There's still a kid and the climax to go.

But a wedding at 50,000 seems well timed. Exactly 50,000.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Check my email.
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And so, NaNo has begun.

I am so far doing well. Unfortunately I have recently realised that for 1/4 of the month I will probably not accomplish anything as I will be underwater. And so, personally, if I do not hit 50,000 by November 30th, I am giving myself until December 7th before I feel failure.

And on that note:



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