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I'm going to be lazy and, instead of posting them to LJ, just link to my account.

I committed fic and one of them, at least, is entirely Grav's fault.

If you asked me a month ago what the last fic I posted on to reach my 500k total in 2013 would be, I would have hummed and hawed and had no idea. Doctor Who? Thor? Hobbit? Some new fandom?

But of course, because in everything in my life I go full circle, it's Hobbit and it's about an elf.

Barrels in Winter: wherein Bard does some contemplating on how complicated (or not) his life is.

Hope Amidst the Darkness: in which Tauriel is not a trained healer, but she makes it work anyways. And does not, I repeat not fall in love with a certain dwarf.

I posted Tapestry already, right?
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Wreck next December, I tell you, that will be me.

I'm not sure I need to warn that this post contains spoilers, but SPOILERS! Also, it rambles on a rather long way, so I don't really expect anyone to read it, but I need to work this out on 'paper' for myself.

A few things to start, in no particular order so that we can get them out of the way.

1) Martin Freeman, I LOVE YOU.
2) Everything Gandalf does is just awesome sauce. And nice guest spot by Radagast.
3) The entire scene(s) in Erebor were a hell of a lot better than I thought, and I had some pretty high expectations, let me tell you.
4) When I read the book, Thranduil's caves is the only thing I could never wrap my head around; elves, living in caves, wha? But I think PJ's version is perfect and the entrance was PERFECT.
5) Beyond a slight issue with Kili/Tauriel (see below) I have a newfound respect for Evangeline Lilly because WOW.

And now the slightly less intelligent stuff begins.

Grav made a very valid point about Two Towers several days ago, and it still stands. because TT has one of the best openings ever for a sequel movie and…this didn't. Seriously, it didn't. It felt like the opening for the EE, but this was the theatre version. Baring that, however, once we got over the initial PJ cameo and a lot of dirty looks from Breelanders, the movie got rolling with a bang. And then several more bangs.

I'm glad the Beorn stuff was short, I really am. It's boring to watch the dwarves kick around on holiday for a while. And the Mirkwood stuff that followed really set the tone for the rest of it. I loved the stoned dwarves and I seriously closed my eyes for most of the spider stuff, because after about two minutes I just decided nightmares were not worth it. But what I heard sounded pretty damn awesome, so I'm going with that. The set was spectacular.

And Legolas didn't bother me at all. I attribute this to the fact he didn't talk much.

Thranduil bothered me a lot, but I figured that one was coming. Because although Lee Pace looks a lot like Orlando Bloom, I thought the acting was a bit…off. Which is probably not his fault, really, but it bugged me during those scenes. The rest of the scenes in the woodland realm though, did make up for it. The dungeons, seriously, the DUNGEONS. And THE WINE CELLAR. And…someone I was with made a complaint about elves getting drunk and snoring but IT'S IN THE BOOK. And it was flipping hilarious. Also, possibly the moment I can identify loving Bilbo the most.

The barrels was better than I thought, though the CGI here was at it's worst. Now, I know from last year's experience that if I saw this in 48 frames (which is nearly impossible to do in England) then that wouldn't be an issue, so I can't really fault the movie for that. But it was annoying in regular 3D, but not enough that I didn't really enjoy the chase. I also laughed more than one should when the main heroes are being shot at by orcs.

Obviously the Kili getting hurt thing was massively contrived for later use in movie 3, but it did throw a nice chink in the works and the thing I LOVED MOST ABOUT THIS MOVIE was that half the time I didn't know what was coming. If you've not read the books, you can't understand what it is like to sit through one of these films and not know what's next. It's WONDERFUL. It was the thing I wished most about LotR and could never have.

Here is where I point out that I'm totally okay with the love 'triangle' except for the fact that I think Tauriel was nicer to Kili upfront then she should have been. I just needed one more scene were something happens to bridge that jump. But I'll imagine something in my head and it'll be okay (or I'll write something and it will be okay). Healing scene in Bard's house was another throwback to Fellowship, obviously, but Bofur gets the most marks for finding athalas and surviving an orc attack at the same time.

Bard. Laketown. BARD. That part is going to be so amazing in movie 3. I just, have no words. It was perfect. Luke Evans, thank you.

We don't need to talk about Gandalf again, right? Because the trip to the tomb of the Nine was unexpected and BLOODY COOL. And then Gandalf telling Radagast to go tell Galadriel what's happening is, really, going to pay off hugely in movie 3. But that part that's going to pay off the most is the part where Dol Guldur is empty of it's armies and Sauron's looking at other things and Thrain is going to bust Gandalf out of his - rather humiliating - predicament.

I said Erebor was perfect right? So we don't need to go into that again. I am happy to Bilbo & Smaug stuff, though fantastic, didn't go on any longer. I think they timed that perfectly. And yes, gold statue, hugely contrived, but massively effective too. The furnace room was pretty damn (I'm running out of words) amazing. And the fact that Thorin, after 150 years, still remembers how to do everything is a nice little throwback to him as a blacksmith in the years after. Even if the surfing down the river of molten gold was a gimmick.

One of the people I went with, who was worried she wouldn't like it, being a book purist, said she really enjoyed it…up until the end. She loathed the end. And I can understand why. But I didn't loath the end. I was wondering where they would end it and knew it ended on a cliffhanger, and this was, to me perfect. The look of utter despair on Bilbo's face is stunning (again, see point 1) above). And the cut to the song…nearly brought me to tears. Or would have, had aforementioned person not chosen that moment to lean over and say 'I hated that'. I didn't get to listen to the whole song too, but I've heard it before. I think it fit perfectly here. It really did what it was meant to.

Non-book people are now going to go out in droves and buy the book, if they haven't already. That would annoy me a lot not knowing the outcome. Of course, knowing the outcome annoys me because I know how hard movie 3 is going to be to top that.

In other words, I liked it. But it took me until this morning to realise that. I liked it more than movie 1, in fact. I have big hopes for next year.

But it's still not Rings. And that's no one's fault except Tolkien's.

In no relation whatsoever, I had a fight with my hair this morning and I lost. I had it all perfect except for one piece that wouldn't lie down and in my bid to tame it I destroyed the whole hairstyle. So it's in a ponytail now. Stupid hair.
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Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure this one is entirely Tolkien’s.

AN: I seem to be fated to write a lot of Dis-fic. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but honestly, this is a bit much! However, this missing story bugged me.

According to records, when the survivors of Erebor fled to safety it was Thror and Thrain who first led them to the hills in Dunland. At the time there were not many people living in this area and those that were were hardy folk, no doubt because there were so close to the orc-infested regions of the Misty Mountains. It was only after the Battle of Azanulbizar, when Thrain and Thorin returned to Dunland, they led their people to the Ered Luin, seeking to find a home further away from Moria and the death they had witnessed there (specifically Thror’s). They settled in the old abandoned dwarven mines that littered those mountains and finally began to prosper for the first time since they had left Erebor. It was then, supposedly that dwarves started to be born again (Fili, Kili, Gimli, Ori, etc.).

Dis, on the long road west to Ered Luin. )
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So, since I got bored of spamming Facebook, I decided to move on over to LJ. Because it's harder to spam.

Three things, in no particular order:

1) Clockwork Princess came out today. My copy is on its way to a friend's house who will deliver it to my parents' house when they get back from Florida and where it will stay until I get there in August 2014. Oh well.

2) So, I'm not even pretending I'm not watching Robinhood anymore, because 11 episodes in, what's the point? I may be watching for the silly more than the pretty now, however. There's a lot of pretty, don't get me wrong, but the silly is much larger. And Guy's attempts to woo Marion are nothing short of hilarious.


Title: Assuming Fatherhood

Disclaimer: Not mine. Not Peter Jackson's. 99% Tolkien's. The other 1% I reserve because this is not my head canon, but it's not anyone else's I know either.

AN: Right, I completely created my own head-canon for this story which I will probably then ignore in future. Still, the tragedy of having Fili and Kili’s father die at this particular time makes the whole story even sadder. And I like sad. Take it as you will.

Summary: Kili spends the first five years of his life convinced Thorin is his father. Fili finds this amusing. Dis finds this sad. Thorin finds it more than a little horrifying.

Assuming Fatherhood )
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Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro. Lots of dialogue from the movie in this part.

And the last part is here! Well, for this year.

And now, the conclusion )
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Ooh, the exciting part!

Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro. Lots of dialogue from the movie in this part.

Part VII be behind this cut! )
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Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro.

And the next (exciting) part is this way! )
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Here's another short chapter but...the next one is longer! And will be up Thursday morning UST.

Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro.

Part V this way! )
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This one is a bit shorter, but not as short as the first chapters!

Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro

Click for the story )
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Disclaimer: Twelve years on, it’s still not mine. But more and more Peter Jackson is putting his stamp on it. This one, however, is mostly Tolkien’s.

AN: The Case of the Evolving Fic, by which I mean that it started out as one thing and half way through got suitably depressing. Which is about the time [ profile] grav_ity started posting her Dwalin/Dis fic. In other words, I blame her. My fics generally reflect my moods, which generally reflect what I’m reading.
This one is especially vague as to who Dis’ husband is.

Summary: Dis carries on and does not – except in the dark hours of the morning – let herself wonder at what life they might have had, if they had dreamed of things other than gold.

Read more... )
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Next part! Sorry this one took a bit longer, but I was out of the city for all of yesterday and therefore without the computer! It's longer thought, so hopefully that makes up for it.

Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro.

Part III )
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And here be the next part. It's another short one, but I promise all the rest of the chapters will not be short.

Disclaimer: Tolkien. Peter Jackson. Need I say more? There are quite a few lines from TH: AUJ in here, which of course belong to Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro.

Part II )
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I'm assuming, once the DVD comes out in March, that perhaps there might be other fan vids on youtube than the heaps and heaps of Fili/Kili slash? Or worse, Thorin/Fili/Kili slash? Also, set to much better music than seems to currently be on offer. One can only hope.

On that note, the fan vids after the EE of There and Back Again are going to KILL ME. I'm going to need therapy or some other fandom that doesn't kill off main charactes.

[On that note as well, everyone on my f-list has read the Hobbit right? We all know how this ends?]

Still going...I will not read The Hobbit. I will not read The Hobbit. I will finish Cloud Atlas so I have some idea what the hell is going on when I see the movie, and I will spend the next week squeeing over Richard [the III, honestly, which Richard did you think I was talking about?] and then finish Battle Royale. I will not read The Hobbit. Not until August 2014.

Lastly, there are some really depressing character driven Spooks fan vids on YouTube. To be fair, the writers and Lucas North have made it rather easy on the fans. Richard Armitage (yes, yes, other Richard, though apparently he might have been named after the King? Which amuses me? In a really ironic sort of way?) does tortured (pun entirely intended) really well. I feel this will come in handy in about, oh, 17 months?

See, I totally made a circular post. Aren't I awesome?

Uh, Fili & Kili fic is going...well...had to go track down the script again. I seem to be quoting Bilbo more than anything. I should probably be worried about that.

Spooks fic is up to the second commercial break. No one has died yet, but I have high hopes for at least some blood later on. Of course, I wrote the ending as the teaser so I know where it ends up...basically. Always start a spy thriller with a gun to someone's head.

And Castle this week? Can I just say? EVIL BASTARD. It's sort of like Heroes all over again, except worse. And I am missing Alexis and Martha these days. Feels like it's been ages since we've seen them. Or any Castle/Beckett kissykissy.

Again, circular post. I need to...bake a lot this weekend. And eat a lot. And see Lincoln and Richard. How is this my life? It's awesome.
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Seriously, I adore Ripper Street. It's like everything I've ever wanted in a show. Last night's was even better than usual, because it was all about the Russians infiltrating the unions in London and planting a warehouse bomb. Some things don't change in 125 years. And Reed is just all kinds of awesome. I like that we get a glimpse of everyone's past each week; just bits and pieces you have to put together. I'm hoping for a massive season finale.

I feel like I have something to make up for the loss of Sanctuary now.

In other news...I'm nearly finished with Spooks. This depresses me immensely.

In still other news, I wrote 3000 words of a Ros Myers Spooks fic yesterday night at 11pm.

And 2000 words of a Fili & Kili perspective of the events of the Hobbit, which is entirely too depressing about them not having a clue what they are getting into. Which will of course end in disaster. Why am I doing this to myself? It's [ profile] grav_ity's fault.
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And in the Darkness

I'm not entirely sure my brain can handle this concept: John Watson was Bilbo Baggins in a former life. Which, of course, means Sherlock was Sauron.
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So...both the movie guide and the visual companion are on sale from Amazon for half price. Therefore, I could hardly not buy them, right? Both for 13 pounds? That's only $20 and with no tax! I love

It might be the second order I've placed today.


But I need that walking pole too.
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Why, oh why, does reading Thorin/Bilbo fic suddenly seem like a good idea? It was a horrid one five days ago. Am I that bored? I'll regret it. I know I will. Also, I am only slightly put out that most of the new LOTR fic on AO3 is Elrond/Lindir. Ever so slightlyThere is something wrong with me.

I'll have you know, I'm not reading it.

But the Thorin/Bilbo? I might have to cave. It beats the Fili/Kili fic hands down, which I will not touch with a ten-foot axe.


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