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I am using the icon for the irony.

Seriously, where are these plot bunnies coming from? This one doesn't even make sense! I just...I finish one, I go to bed, and another one bites! I've had a story backlog for posting for over a month now! I've never had a story backlog! I don't want one either!

Right now, I'm wishing for a club, so that I can hit myself on the head a lot and hopefully knock out my Muse from wherever she's gone to ground; feeding me plot bunnies at all hours of the day and night.

I'm getting on to a year. I may have to just admit it's permanent. But that would be like giving in. And then she'll have even more power!

And tomorrow, I really have to go back to doing work again.
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Is going to do something unforgivable on Thursday.

Yeah, that was all I had to say. Consider it an apology in advance. And for this:

6,800 of hopefully less than 43,000.
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I...hate myself a little right now. I just posted two stories on I'm not remotely proud of having written either, but my Muse and I made a deal, so...

I'm screwed.
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SPRING! You've come! *hugs* Please don't leave again! There is Easter coming and then my birthday and I'd really like to see summer this side of the solstice. Pretty, pretty, please?

Well, I stared at the computer screen for half an hour this morning until I forced myself to type the first sentence of my proposal. Which ended up being less typing and more copying and pasting from the other university's application. But it got me started. I'm still not thrilled with it and I sort of hate my academic writing style more than ever right now. I am trying very hard not to panic about, you know, having to WRITE A THESIS.

The Muse has still not returned. I rewrote the first Twilight fic three times and she's still not talking to me, so I'm really beyond knowing what to do. I tried to poke at a DW plot bunny, but it didn't do anything other than stare at me, even after I watched a bunch on interviews with the cast about the new season.

Maybe things will be better after April 15th?
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Dear Muse,

So, we made a deal. The deal was that I'd sign my death warrant by writing the two Twilight plot bunnies you've been poking me with for the last two months and you'd let me move on to other things.

Well they're written now and I don't see hide nor hair of any of ideas in the works. Not even that scholarship application I have to write.

I'm not happy with you.

No love,
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Has resorted to making deals with her muse.

Ten bucks says she doesn't keep up her end of the bargain.

To Do List

Mar. 15th, 2011 01:24 pm
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For today only. Since it is my only day off work between now and next Wednesday!

> dust
> sweep
> clean bathrooms/kitchen
> wash car (seriously, wash the damn car!)
> walk (outside, preferably, since it is 7* and sunny) - <b>after lunch</b>
> exercise (the not walking kind) because you will feel better afterwards - <b>I don't feel better, but whatever</b>
> do not spend the next ten hours reading fanfiction and/or watching movies/tv shows - <b>so far, so good</b>
> water the plants - crap!
> stop contemplating going to the mall and looking for spring house decor; you can't afford it and mum will be home in 3 weeks and will pitch a fit
> start planning The Birthday, even though you really really want to forget it's coming and especially how old you will be
> for the love of all that is sweet and cute and holy in the world, do not write one single word of that Twilight fic that's been running around in your head. Forget about it. Your sanity level at the moment will not tolerate a mental break. - <b>so far, so good</b> 
> scanning your following tweets does not count as phd research
> stop clicking random links on youtube or posting on lj and get on with your day right now; you already wasted three hours sleeping in this morning

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Seriously, that is THE BEST THING Oscar has ever done!

I'm not sure which was funnier, Ron and Hermione or Edward and Jacob. It might be a tie. I was laughing so hard I didn't really hear any of the lyrics.
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I made a decision last week that had, in the very far back of my mind in some tiny little corner, been brewing for a while. One of those things you think about without really thinking you're thinking about it. But in a spur of the moment decision - because it wasn't going to be any other way - I jumped onto a bandwagon that I have spent 3 years laughing hysterically at people for. I knew I'd regret it almost immediately, and I wasn't proved wrong, but what I didn't know - what I am going to Hell for - is the fact that I don't mind.

In which Amy discovers a fictional world she probably should have left well enough alone. )
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Okay, so I might have been a little off Monday night. To be fair to me, I was going on prior (recent) experience and I think that's a valid excuse. To be fair to my aunt, her moods can change on an hourly basis, much less a monthly basis.

The last two days I have been happy. My version of happy, which I know is less than most people's and involves a lot more things that fall under 'material' than is probably alright, but happy nonetheless. Since I expected to be miserable for 40 hours I'm pleasantly (gratefully) surprised.

It almost felt like life used to when I lived in east Oakville and Nana was still alive. It had that same sense of freedom and loving family and excitement. There were old friends and fantastic food and guilt free shopping and downtown Oakville and bitching about the weather and talk of travel and understanding and agreement and enjoyment of life. And now I'm terrified to ruin the whole thing by agreeing to go to Florida (which is back on...sort of).

I also understand that she wants me to come to Florida, if for no other reason than Todd is driving her around the bend and she wants someone else to spend time with. And that's a valid enough reason, I suppose. I love Todd and the pups and it could be a fun week. And I wouldn't need to spend much money. But I feel like it could all end in disaster and ruin what good there currently exists between the two of us. What good we've built in the last 2 days, and I realise that doesn't seem like much, but after last year it's a huge step in the right direction. I don't want to take one back now; not after everything. Not after December and family and falling outs and horrible letters and guilt trips and accusations. I don't want to go back because we've all been doing that for two years now and I'm really very tired of it. But is that a valid enough reason for me not to go? Not to at least try?

I swear that my waxing philisophical will all make sense soon. I've been reading and we all know that ends badly right? LOTR had me in a daydreaming mood and a 'I remember HS fondly' mood last week. This week? Well, onto a different series of books, can you tell? I probably shouldn't read that Stephen Hawking book next week. That could be disastrous.

The world tilted another 90*. I am still waiting to see if it tilts back.


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