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It's such a strange thing; graduating. You've done all the work already. You've already been told you have received your degree/diploma/whatnot, and it is therefore mostly an excuse for a party.

I was really too tired today to party and it's not nearly as fun without alcohol anyways.

Day 2 of jet lag is always my worst, so I didn't sleep last night and I spent the morning going flat out - on foot - here, there, and everywhere. By the time we got to the reception I just wanted to lay down, or pass out - it was a toss-up.

There ceremony was great (short) and everyone said all the right words. It wasn't particular special (PhDs are treated like MAs are), but at least we got to go first. And then wait for everyone else to do it! The woman beside me kept up a hilariously running commentary under her breath about the pomp and circumstance so I was incredibly entertained.

We stood outside in the freezing (literally) cold too
much and my coat would fit over my robes so I was just a bit miserable. But Bob made my mother tea and is now the greatest person ever because he waited with my parents for a cab after the reception ended for 30 minutes even though he was supposed to be back at work.

Everyone was super nice and huggy and Ross said great things about me to my parents and to me. And I caught up with a lot (though not all) of friends. Not bad for 2.5 days in the city!

All that is left is coffee tomorrow morning with my 'new' twin Dr A (me being now Dr A as well) and to pay pilgrimage to Richard's tomb, something I should have done on Wednesday. Supposed to rain, so I hope our dead king appreciates my sacrifice.

I miss this part of my life already and I won't ever have it back. It was challenging and interesting and incredibly easy. Unlike the years to come.
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St Paddy's Day has finally arrived, and on a Saturday no less. Typically, it is cold, rainy, and yuck outside. However, as this is a change from fog, cold and perpetual cloud all week, I'll take it. A few days of rain may make the grass grow and knock the British cloud cover over to Europe, where they have had only sun.

[The bastards]

This afternoon there will be Asian still life, wall panels of treasures not actually on display, Egyptian Queens, Guiness, Irish stew and a live band. And many, many, 'new' friends!

In even more interesting news: I made another new friend last night. And she's from Baghdad. And is amazing. Her views on life are wonderfully refreshing (even for Western Europe) and we had a great time chatting on the walk home. Ironically, she lives in Nixon too and is trying desperately to find somewhere else....where there are no undergrads.

Last night there was about 3 lbs of cheese, an entire loaf of French bread, all of my fruit for the day, and 2 pints of tea. This morning, I feel suitably ill as that was all I've eaten since 12pm yesterday. And there's a weird taste in my throat, that is sort of like I've been drinking (except that's tonight). I slept horribly because I ate too much and after 8pm too and there was enough caffeine in the tea to keep me up too. Still, it was a great party!
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Um, spoilers? )

Typical English weather day: cold, sunny, warm, wet, cold, WINDY. They put the Christmas decorations up in the centre. I will take pictures and post them the next time I'm down. I'm more than a little bit horrified.
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I...slightly, rescind. I was woken at 7:15 this morning to fireworks going off right behind my apartment complex. Followed by some of the loudest construction banging thus far.

So now I'm in a bad mood, and that's never good for writing. I have looked at my essay plan, made a rough estimate of word counts and decided my more realistic goal for the day, considering how I feel and that I have a dinner party tonight, is going to be 1300. Which is less than a NaNo day. So long as I do the main arguments tomorrow (2500) I have Sunday to write the proposal and edit. And we all know how long it doesn't take me to edit.

Also, Ross said it wasn't due until 5pm on Monday. Obviously I will send it before that, but I think 1pm is a good deadline. Gives me the morning for...issues.
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I'm really not sure I got out of this movie what I was supposed to. For one, Chantel and I just kept laughing at all the funny quotes. The best of which was:

'Blogging is not writing. It's graffiti with punctuation.' Which clearly tells me that that sort of person doesn't read the average blog, because the punctuation is horrific more ofthen not.

Still, I came home and washed my hands, but I think that was more in the realm of a guilt trip than anything. I still enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, but was disappointed in how much the trailers sucked. Am hoping for better ones when Chantel and I see Tintin in a couple of weeks.

It's Diwali tonight, and I live in the UK capital of Diwali celebrations, so there are about ten different fireworks displays going off around my building and since I live in the ass corner of it on the ground floor, I can't see anything. And it's a bit too cold for standing outside viewing. But they sound cool!

I wrote 400 words this morning. I love every single one of them, but I fear my tongue in cheek attitude may not work for an academic paper. Then again, some of the articles I've read lately...Tomorrow my goal is 2000.

Hear that LJ verse? TWO THOUSAND words. Call me on it, please.


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