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10 things I missed while in Rome:

1. Mirrors
2. Carpeting
3. Brown bread
4. A working printer
5. Microwave
6. Duvet
7. Nice people
8. Grocery stores that are open on Sundays
9. Fresh air


10. More than TWO electrical outlets in my room!
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Well, it's seven days and counting people, and I don't know about everyone else, but I'm quite happy to be headed back to dreary old England. Since Rome is currently exactly the same, I'm having a few moments of wondering what country I'm currently living in anyways. It should not rain this much in the Med. and yet...

Seeing as I am done my essay and everyone else is not, things have been a bit boring as of late. The entire BSR seems to be a bit on edge (they'll be happy to see us leave) and all of us are on edge (aformentioned essays) and it just won't stop raining. Seriously. For THREE DAYS. They promise sun tomorrow, but I don't believe the weather forcasts anymore. Lying, traitorous...

I would like to go out and See Stuff, but since we come back every morning drenched and chilled, the prospects of going out and doing that all over again are nill. It just ain't worth it. Hopefully it'll clear up and I can spend Friday on the western front and Saturday on the eastern and then I will feel better about myself. And tomorrow I'm going to go to the art gallery damnit, if it's the last thing I do (that would be the one literally 200ft from us).

I am trying to convince everyone that we should have a toga party with wine and olives and stuff and steal the projector from the artists and watch Rome. Because what the hell else are we going to do to celebrate the end of course? And I have it on good authority they did it last year too. But everyone is so stressed about the aformentioned papers that no one is interested. Well, fine, I'll dress myself up, eat my own olives, drink my own wine and watch my own...and watch Rome myself.

There is a lecture on mosaics at the Nor. Academy next Monday evening. But it's halfway across the city and our chances of making it back for dinner are slim-to-none. And it's our last night. Damnit! Finally something on mosaics and Delia and I have to miss it! Bugger.

It is not 7:20 and I'm trying to pass the time before I die of starvation get to eat dinner. I'm out of TV, movies and fanfic. Oh gods, the end is nigh!
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My hilariously amusing fact for the day, to make up for all the bad news, is that Allison's (the other Canadian here at the BSR from St. Andrews) has a sister named Elizabeth.

The hilarious fact is that their last name is Weir.

Yeah, I need to get out more.
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So today was interesting. The good kind of interesting where lots of things happened.

Today was AA library day. It has been two weeks in the planning and three days in the organizing, because AA isn't accepting new readers, but today was the only day we could possibly go, and yeah. We got it sorted out. And at 9am we began our adventure. Now, I was at AA last weekend. I know how to get there, but there was supposedly a transit strike this morning, and Bettina was map girl, and so instead of taking the buses we should have taken (which were, incidentaly, still running) we took the tram to the Vatican, walked three blocks, and then took the Guinicolo bus to what we thought was the closest stop. It wasn't, of course, but at least were weren't that far off.

And they let us in without having to flash my passport and declare equal rights to Canadians. And the library...OMG. You've heard me praise the BSR's. Well, our's sucks compared to the Americans. It's huge. It's four stories. It's lovely. I want to live there. I think I will next year.

Allison and I got done by 1 so we decided that lunch in Trestevere was in order. Well, I already knew how to get down there because we did it last weekend, and we found this great pizza place that had the coolest pizza toppings. Sooooo good. And alcohol. And then we went to the gelato place again and I had hazelnut and rum chocolate. And I think I died. And then we caught the tram to Argentinia. And then we walked to VE, intending to catch the 95 home. Well, we decided that since we were at VE and it was a gorgeous day we'd go up to the top. Half way up, for anyone who has seen a picture of the monument, that's where the front steps stop, we realized that an awful lot of people were stopped staring at something. So we turned around, to find that the Corso appeared to be on fire. Well, it was just one building, but it looked like the whole entrance was burning, and apparently the fire had been going for some time (and still was at 4pm, two hours later). Wow. I took pictures. There are on the usual site. And then we walked up to the top only to be told by the bitchy Italian ticket woman that our tessera now don't work for VE (right, because in one week they've changed their minds) and so we walked back down and took the metro home, as the 95 was diverted around the Corso, obviously.

And then we put our bathing suits on, drenched ourselves with the cold water in the hose outside, and then realized that four important looking old men were standing on the dining room porch watching us. Oh well, hopefully Andrew won't hear about that one. I was rather too hot to care. And oh, it felt nice. Need some more serious tan time. Think the beach our last weekend is in order.

And then there was tea. And Annalise's birthday (we are also going bowling tonight). And it's only 6:30!
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I had the best hot chocolate in existance today. It was syrup. Pure hot syrup. OMG. Orgasm in a cup.

So there is a small, tiny, itty-bitty chance the trip to Cinecitta might happen. Maybe. Probably not, though. But OMG it would be awesome if it did!

Today we wandered around the Aventine. For anyone who knows anything about the Aventine, you will have an idea of how far we walked today. The highlight? By far getting to crawl around in the inside of the Pyramid tomb of Cestius. So fun! We also crawled around an Iseum and a Mithraeum, so it was down and dirty day today.

Tomorrow is the Colosseum, which I have been to before, and the exhibition that's been on for two months and hasn't gotten anymore interesting as time has passed. Marble fragments. Badly preserved marble fragments. Without inscriptions! What's to look at? And a few other things. Finish early, take the metro home (yeah for not having to wait for the bus, I hate those days) and see Maria about Cinecitta. Or beg Maria, really.

My feet are aching. Not the "will be better tomorrow" ache, but the "omg I never want to walk anywhere again" ache. It doesn't seem to matter how much time I spend off my feet (or how much walking I do) I am in constant pain. Note to self: don't spend eight weeks walking every mile of Rome.

In other news, I ate too much again. Blurgh.
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We were thisclose to getting a guided (and free) tour of Cinecitta Studios.

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Well, this weekend was all about doing work and being anti-social. Honestly, I'm tired of being around people 24-7. I needed some me time. It's been really, really, nice.

And I have the entire BSR library to myself all weekend. I can play my music on speakers if I want to! And if, you know, it wasn't ingrained in me that one shall not make noise in a library.

The basement, however, is creepy when no one else is around.

We went out for lovely pizza and beer tonight. Gods, but it was nice to just eat something simple. Lunch, for example, was spinach risotto, salad, fried zuccini, and veal parmigana.

I have decided to take advantage of the amazing (finally) weather and go down to the Forum tomorrow and site in front of the Temple to Julius Caesar and watch the tourists go by. And write. Because it's free. And I can. Honestly, I went through the Forum on Thursday just because I was too lazy to walk around. That's 11 Euros for everyone else. I love this. Abusive of privilage much? Why, yes.

It's Saturday...and I won't get it until tomorrow...Although, it's Martha, so I'm not sure I want it anyways.

I am so full right now. Ow. I also hurt from football yesterday, but that's another kind of hurt. The guys play rough!

Vatican on Monday. Must we?

One of the other students mistook my pentacle as a Star of David. Are that many people in this world ignorant that the Star of David has six points? Although with the world economy about to crash, I suppose it hardly matters about people confusing religious symbols. I'm currently waiting around to see if it's going to crash before I have to pay my next tuition fee or not.

Why isn't BSG up yet?
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So yesterday was fantastic for many reasons. A few of which had nothing to do with archaeology and went completely over Sarah's head. But that's okay; I like it that way.

Oh yes, we're very advanced in Pompeii. In Rome, they're still using the old wood burning furnaces. )
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I realize I've been kind of dead quiet as of late. Mostly it's because I've been horribly sick and therefore miserable and have had nothing much interesting to report. But that's just an excuse, I suppose. Sick doesn't stop me from typing (or touring on this trip).

We've been really busy the last three weeks since we got here, doing more stuff than I knew existed in this city (and still 5 weeks to go!). There's been some amazing trips down under palaces and churches to ruins that have been burried for 10 or more centuries, which is awesome. Today, for instance we went down to a domus under the Province of Rome's admin building, which archaeologists have been excavating for about three years, though nothing has been published yet (and therefore I can't legally show you any pictures). But I think they've spent like three million euros or something doing up the basement with glass floors and this massive virtual reconstruction of the place. It was a house that belonged to one of the senators and it overlooks Trajan's Forum, just to give you a geographical location. And it's fucking amazing. The marble work alone is the best ever uncovered (again, no pictures).

Today we went down into Trajan's Forum and Marketplace (which everyone can do) and then we climbed to the top of the Column of Trajan for a view of Rome. Awesomeness. All the jealous people down below... And then Sarah and I took the elevator up to the top of Victor Emmanuel too for a view in the other direction! First time it's ever been open when I've been in Rome so it was awesome to be able to go up it!

My research has been coming along, although the database I'm working on may be the death of me. But I've been having lots of fun in between. Lots of shopping and wandering around pretending I live here...wait, I DO!

We have the next three days off a) because it is the weekend and b) because it is Rome's birthday. Tomorrow has been cabbaged for work day, but Sunday Sarah and I are taking the train down to Pompeii for the day (supposed to be sunny and warm, let's hope!), and then Monday is the main birthday celebrations on the Appian Way (::laughs hysterically::) and all the museums are free so we're going back to Capitoline. And then there's a lecture somewhere...but it's Andrew, so it'll be interesting.

Have exhausted myself today with all the walking/climbing as well as still recovering from The Cold, as it has been named since everyone has either had it or is currently sick with it. Lovely. Jess wants to drag everyone out tonight, but it's disco and I can't seem to get up any sort of interest. I'd rather go to bed or use the TV while everyone is out. Tomorrow we're doing pot luck dinner with NO PASTA, so that'll be fun. Have to remember to go shopping on the way back from the Forum tomorrow.

It's five. I think it's time to eat again.
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So, today was a "free study" day, meaning that those of us who have stuff due worked. And those of us who don't (namely me), didn't.

I spent the morning at San Giovanni instead, shopping. Two skirts, a purse, a hat, a scarf and sunglasses! All for less than 50E. Go me! Have also managed to while away the afternoon doing pretty much nothing. We have a public lecture (Andrew's) in an hour, and that will require dressing up and being attentative. Sounds like too much effort! Still, it means extra good dinner tonight and DESSERT!

All I seem to do is eat and drink. And yet, all my pants still fit, so go figure. The four hours of standing we do a day definitely seems to burn the calories off, even if it kills my feet!

Tomorrow we are invading the German excavation under the Palentine with hard hats. All the domi that belong to people I have never heard of but were obviously important, since they lived around the hill. And then, joy, we have a seminar, which actually means participating.

Tarquinia on Sunday, I think. Or library. I'd prefer Tarquinia.

I should stop eating crisps.
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Pictures from Rome can be found here: It will be updated every couple of days, so keep checking!
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Well, an update. Since I seem to have the time tonight and doubt that will crop up again anytime soon.

I have arrived safe and sound after a much too long travel day (honestly, I was only coming from England) but no problems, so that's good. The BSR is an impressive sight to behold (pictures to come) and I'm still slightly gob-smacked.

I was the first to arrive, but I got greeted at the front door, so yay! The director's assistant Chris gave me a really nice welcome intro and let me sit beside him at dinner so I wasn't absolutely alone. One other girl arrived near the end (Allison from Ottawa, of all places) and we spent the rest of the evening reminicing about Canada and Chris and I about Exeter (he did the course last year and was asked to stay and work, nice!!!) Exhaustion finally drove us to bed.

But oh the food. And oh the coffee. And oh the palm trees. Wait...we have those in England; nevermind. Allison and I are going to go explore tomorrow before everyone else arrives. First stops: gelato and liquor.

Gods I've missed this.


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