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Off to the Harry Potter Studio tour in Watford!
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Since the complete 8-disk set of Harry Potter was on sale at Amazon last week for $37, I decided I wasn't quite broke enough to not buy it, since I only have the first 4 on disk and none of their cases match anyways. So, naturally, I sat down to watch the finale again.

The first time I saw Part II in the theatres, it was Maggie Smith stepping in front of Harry to protect him from Snape that set me crying. This time, it was the theme music five seconds into the movie. The acting! The heartbreak! The deaths! The...everything!!

I don't think I will ever stop loving these films (or the books, except #5). I will certainly never stop enjoying watching them. They're just wonderful and awful and beautiful and horrible in all the good ways. They make me laugh and cry and wish it were all real.

It seems hard to believe it's been 13 years since I discovered this universe. 11 years since LotR too. I am going to bawl in December for the next two years running.
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Apparently, Leicester has a Quidditch team. And they practice on Sunday mornings in the park. I was going to do work tomorrow, but...most of it can wait (except the scholarship application for a scholarship I might actually have a chance at.)

I called in my first noise complaint today. Since the gentleman above me has been causing a headache for weeks, I feel I'm doing pretty good. Of course, whoever it was who answered the RA phone happened to be visiting Chantel when I called. She was laughing in the background and said to say 'hi'. Friends in high places are good friends (as are all others). The accomodation service must hate me, considering how many times my name comes up, but someone has to be the one to make honest complaints, otherwise nothing happens. This year, apparently, it's me.

I might have had two doughnuts and a chocolate bar today. Because I forgot about the doughnuts until after I'd eaten the chocolate bar. There goes 8 days of being good! I went for a second walk to make up for it...well, as much as that can make up for it. To be fair, they were mini-doughnuts and it was a small chocolate bar. But when the first ingredient of each is 'sugar', I know I'm being bad. I just can't seem to kick the sugar habit this time! I am trying not to hate myself for having no will power, but when I end up feeling like crap because I have no will power, it's pretty hard not to hate myself for being weak.

Had a workable PhD thought today. Did all five of the ways to happiness. Not bad for a Saturday.
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I have concluded it would be a good idea to watch HP7:1 again before July 15 (well, 16th for me). So, I'm spending some of my birthday iTunes money to rent it, since I haven't gotten around to buying that one on DVD. I watched all the others a couple of months ago too, so I think I'm good. I read the books again too, in the last 12 months.

I'll be good to go!

Wow, watched the red carpet premiere yesterday afternoon in London. I've never seen Trafalgar Square like that! A little taste of the Olympics next year. But to see the entire cast come out and spend so much time signing autographs and giving interviews. And to have the trio as well as the main production staff get up and say words that they've probably been waiting 10 years to say, really got to me. But honestly, it was Rubert Grint's interview that got me teary and Emma Watson who got me crying and J.K. that destroyed me in a few words.

So, nothing new there.

It'll be so strange and sad to say goodbye after so long. This has been such a part of my life, it's hard to believe it's 'over' [Though Dan was very adament in repeating that as long as the books and movies survive, it's never really going to be The End]. I never really felt this with LOTR. I think because, when the last movie came out, we knew there was still the EE. And then, everyone had a pretty good idea that PJ would somehow manage another movie at some point. I never gave up on The Hobbit and I'm thrilled we get 2! It'll fill a void for a couple of years after HP, that's for sure. I have no idea what I'm going to do in January 2014.

Oh, yeah, write a thesis.

And what I am finding the strangest thing this year is that HP is coming to an end after 10 years, but 'LOTR' is just gearing up for another run! And I've also just discovered Twilight which, in 12 months, will be over too! HP took 10 years. I'm going to go through Twilight from book start to movie finish in about 16 months. But that will never be to me what HP was. Not even close, but it's still weird to think about.

23 more minutes for the download! Sounds like a good dinner movie. I just need to figure out the dinner part...
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Okay, the first video on this page killed me(specifically Rupert Grint). I am crying already and it's still a month and a half away!

July 15 is going to be a rollercoast. Between the midnight showing of HP and my best friend's wedding, I am going to be a wreck by 5pm.
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Damn it! I hate when the world gives me more reasons to indulge in my guilty pleasures!

So, the news this morning (okay, it was news TO ME this morning) that Jamie Campbell-Bower (Interview with Cassandra Clare) has been announced to play Jace in the Mortal Instruments movies has filled me with glee. Mostly because there is a fairly respectable chance he will be doing it in at least a partly English accent. Which is totally how I read Jace anyways.

The problem is that Jamie Campbell-Bower plays King Arthur in the new Camelot, which I promised myself I would not watch. He also plays Grindelwald in HP7:Part 2. And he ALSO plays Caius in Twilight (well, New Moon, to be specific, and apparently BOTH Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 [not sure how that one works...unless the rumoured timeline is all wrong]). GAH! I do not need any more help indulging in silly guilty fandoms!

But Jace. ::is so excited for a movie that hasn't even started filming::
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Seriously, that is THE BEST THING Oscar has ever done!

I'm not sure which was funnier, Ron and Hermione or Edward and Jacob. It might be a tie. I was laughing so hard I didn't really hear any of the lyrics.
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No real spoilers here, unless by some act of God you have not read the books.

Can I just say, Emma Watson, that you may have become my favourite actress of all time.  You are amazing and brilliant and you are so much better than book Hermione.  Thank gods for little girls everywhere.  If they grow up to be like you, this world might actually be saved.

I can only imagine how confusing certain aspects of this movie must be to people who didn't read Books 6 & 7.  Because there were quite a few jumps that had me going 'wait, what? oh, right, way to skip the backstory!'  On the upshot, this means that all my favourite bits are BACK IN!  I am going to spend most of Part The Second bawling, I know this.  Because OMG, Bill and Fleur are so cute and Tonks and Remus and George, oh George, and Ginny was only in this movie for like five seconds, but the girl is going to destroy me in the next one.

I have this insane and impossible wish that I could read Book 7 for the first time right now.  I really wish I didn't know what was going to happen.  This one ended pretty much where I thought it would end, and it made sense too, even if non book people were probably sitting in the theatre going 'wait a minute...'  And it was a good go at the boring part of Book 7, the Hermione, Harry and Ron walking part.  Similar in many ways to the Sam, Frodo, Gollum walking part.  This one had a bit more adventure and twists in it then Two Towers (thankfully) but in the end it is still a lot of apparating from one place to another and almost getting caught.  All the battle stuff happens in the next one (I hope).  Still, they kept it all in this one, even knowing it was going to drag in places and be a lot of moments of Harry or Ron or Hermione just sitting there staring off across beautiful Scottish landscapes.  

All in all, pretty good for a Part I. 
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To match Leah one for one since we started this together:

I KNEW IT!!!!!!

This, of course, refering both to horcruxes and 'former' Death Eaters )


Jul. 19th, 2007 10:47 am
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Your Score: 10 1/4", Yew, Veela

You scored 73 wisdom, 16 bravery, 15 emotional, and 5 martyrdom!

A yew wand signifies a wizard of great wisdom and intellect and is very useful in transfigurations. The veela hair as a wand core means that you are slightly unpredictable but very powerful.

Link: The Harry Potter Wand Test written by sputnik845 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


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