Jun. 20th, 2012

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Would you look at that? The family finally got their ducks in order. Apparently my mother has done a 180* in the last week. I am going to attribute it to her being ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMINGLY PROUD OF HER DAUGHTER and not, you know, other things. Yeah, because that sounds better.

=> London to Denver return (direct) and a few days in a nice hotel in London showing the parentals around a city they have sworn never to visit. The Aunt will inevitably be pissed about something, but other than sharing a hotel room with her (and making her pay for meals), there's really no other interaction needed. I can enjoy Denver on my own, if needed. Ooh, now I'm thinking of a side trip to Vail for day! [Totally because I wrote a fic set in Vail, you understand.]

Anyways, right now, things are PRETTY DAMN AWESOME on all accounts, except for that one where I'm losing my mind.

So, no change there really.

The only downside is that I won't get to see you J! Ah well, I shall have to make a trip out west at some point, if you are still there. ;)


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