Dec. 13th, 2007

SGA Fanfic

Dec. 13th, 2007 04:18 am
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Well, I finally updated it.

Part the Third of With Apologies to Douglas Adams can be found here.

Please enjoy responsibly, although at least this chapter does not come with a "Consume No Liquids While Reading" warning.
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This is a useful review. People, take note:

The first time I came a cross the great DNA I was in my secondary school's library. They had a tape section and I saw the original HHGTTG radio show in the stack. After two years I was allowed to borrow it and I listened to the first tape in the Library. Fit the First

I was promptly thown out for laughing half way though the first episode and wasn't let back in for the rest of the week! For the rest of my school life I carried the first four books in my jacket pocket, occasonaly swapping them for the fifth or one of the two Dirk Gentley books. As you can guess I am a bit of a fan.

The reason I told you all that was because I wanted you to know my backgound and understand when I say "Brilliant!" and it really is, but that's very different to "Perfect".

You've gotten a lot of praise for fitting it in the style of Adams and your very close. Very close. The point is your almost too far into his writing style here. Everytime he'd take the reader away from the main plot it would either be because he was stuck or it was about something that would come back to haunt you. Here it's almost too random, even parts about the flooring, genius though they may be.

Another thing in all the versions there was only one chapter (in book four," So Long and Thanks for All the Fish") that Adams ever stepped out of the third person perspective. All of the rest of the time it was treated as if the Book was narrating from just over Arthur and Ford's shoulders. I don't get that feeling here.

What I do get is a fantastic tribute and a great laught out loud story. A couple of minnor tweaks would make it that much better. Don't forget that it was all done in a rush and Douglas was alawys trying to get the next joke out before the first was finished!

Good story and if there is more I'll keep on reading!

And I'll take it to heart for the next...however many chapters there are to come. I just probably won't rewrite the first three. At least, not for a while.


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