Jul. 15th, 2007

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Disclaimer: Still Not Mine. I'm really put-out, you know.

AN: So, this has a longer note than the actual story. I'm just kidding. The Gardner Award is to the Nobel what the Goldon Globes are to the Oscars. Except, unlike the GGs, no one knows what a Gardner is, unless you've won one. It is a prestigious award given out in the departments of science and math (etc) to those people, around the world, who are considered to be the biggest contributors to their fields. It comes with a cash prize of roughly $15,000 CND. Unlike the Nobel, it isn't about the money, and completely about the bragging rights. The Award is a creation of the Gardner Foundation, a rather wealthy Canadian company. The only reason I know all of this is because the eldest daughter of the company's founder grew up with my aunt. Also, they used to live down the proverbial street from us. (Read: 8 streets and about a 5 million $). Still, I figured that if Rodney is, in fact, the genius he declares himself to be, and has been changing the face of modern science for as long as he claims he has, he probably has a Gardner stashed away somewhere.

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