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Because Bates was just too good to pass up.

Disclaimer: Still not mine. I keep waiting though. Spoilers for Hot Zone and also The Rising, because duh! Also, beware of the swearing - it's Bates after all.

AN: This is a reply to [ profile] sgatlantislight's challenge posted at [ profile] rodneymckay asking for stories about the real reasons the characters came to Atlantis and not just "they were the best and brightest or had the gene".

Bates had pretty much learned from day one not to ask questions. Questions led to trouble. Trouble was bad in the military or anywhere else.

And so, when he and a few of his fellow marines had been taken off their respective SG teams and 'asked', which was just a nice way of being told, really, that they were being reassigned somewhere Much Better, Bates hadn't said a word. He'd nodded, accepted the assignment and spent the next week in meetings and presentations with a few dozen other marines. That they were being deployed to another galaxy hadn't really phased any of them. That they were being deployed there in order to protect an expedition of civilian scientists hadn't gone over nearly as well. Bates knew he should have seen the warning signs when his commanders had promised it was a step up in the world. Because they only said things like that when they were sending you off on glorified suicide missions or any number of other crap-ass assignments.

But as cushy jobs went, this had to take the cake, and because Bates had learned not to question, he only complained to his fellow marines, and then less than most of them.

Besides, he was a marine; he could handle anything calm, coolly and with a personality that had won him no awards and a whole boatload of enemies. Like he cared.

But of course, because Murphy hated the Marines about as much as he hated everyone else, it wasn't the frakked up vampires or the near drowning in a sunken city or even, really, the scientists (though he was silently contemplating ways to kill Dr. McKay and make it look like an accident - never let it be said marines are not creative); rather it was losing his commander day one and suddenly finding that the person in charge was a) Air Force and b) followed his own damn rules and to hell with anyone under his command. Sumner knew the marines, got along well with Bates, and Bates had had to admit, even if it had only been a few weeks, that the man was a good commander. Sheppard was the total, complete opposite and it rankled Bates in ways he could never have imagine. But no questions also meant no complaints to anyone higher than himself and so Bates took it like a marine is supposed to take things and followed Sheppard's commands like he'd followed Sumner's.

But damn it had felt good to stare Weir right in the face and disobey her order because he had to follow Sheppard's and it was the first time that Bates realized that Sheppard wasn't all that different from Sumner, because Sumner would never have lain down and taken it either.
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