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I'm assuming, once the DVD comes out in March, that perhaps there might be other fan vids on youtube than the heaps and heaps of Fili/Kili slash? Or worse, Thorin/Fili/Kili slash? Also, set to much better music than seems to currently be on offer. One can only hope.

On that note, the fan vids after the EE of There and Back Again are going to KILL ME. I'm going to need therapy or some other fandom that doesn't kill off main charactes.

[On that note as well, everyone on my f-list has read the Hobbit right? We all know how this ends?]

Still going...I will not read The Hobbit. I will not read The Hobbit. I will finish Cloud Atlas so I have some idea what the hell is going on when I see the movie, and I will spend the next week squeeing over Richard [the III, honestly, which Richard did you think I was talking about?] and then finish Battle Royale. I will not read The Hobbit. Not until August 2014.

Lastly, there are some really depressing character driven Spooks fan vids on YouTube. To be fair, the writers and Lucas North have made it rather easy on the fans. Richard Armitage (yes, yes, other Richard, though apparently he might have been named after the King? Which amuses me? In a really ironic sort of way?) does tortured (pun entirely intended) really well. I feel this will come in handy in about, oh, 17 months?

See, I totally made a circular post. Aren't I awesome?

Uh, Fili & Kili fic is going...well...had to go track down the script again. I seem to be quoting Bilbo more than anything. I should probably be worried about that.

Spooks fic is up to the second commercial break. No one has died yet, but I have high hopes for at least some blood later on. Of course, I wrote the ending as the teaser so I know where it ends up...basically. Always start a spy thriller with a gun to someone's head.

And Castle this week? Can I just say? EVIL BASTARD. It's sort of like Heroes all over again, except worse. And I am missing Alexis and Martha these days. Feels like it's been ages since we've seen them. Or any Castle/Beckett kissykissy.

Again, circular post. I need to...bake a lot this weekend. And eat a lot. And see Lincoln and Richard. How is this my life? It's awesome.
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Done and submitted. I hope there isn't a sudden 'OMG FORGOT SOMETHING' like last year. Seems we're all a bit better organised.

26k. Yikes. Last Twilight thing I EVER write!

Also, there is Shades of Grey fic on AO3. I...may have to avoid AO3 from now on.


Aug. 7th, 2012 11:56 am
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I have found the best healthy eating diet ever! Thank you BBC!

Seriously, every other 'health plan' is to make you either loose weight (don't need to), get in shape (sort of am) or maintain (which is good). This one actually is proven to lower your risk of, like, everything.

And it's one I can stick to! And won't cost more money or involve more exercise! It will take will power, but doesn't everything?

So, I fast on odd days and eat on even days. This I can handle. So, today it is nearly noon and I'm about to go eat my only meal of the day. And then tomorrow I can eat all three (yeah, because I've done that recently - breakfast, what is breakfast precious?).

In other news...16k and counting. Don't *think* I'll hit 25, which is entirely okay. Just want to be DONE!


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:58 am
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Clearly, the remedy for insanity is to write Avengers crack!fic about toy Daleks. You who are to blame, you know who you are. Bad influence! Bad influence!

The remedy for not exercising in weeks and eating like crap is to move to a house where the kitchen is far enough away that it's an effort to get food, so you forget to eat.

The remedy for Verity not liking the Internet is to use Reese instead, which was the intention when I moved anyways, so I guess that works.

The remedy for stress is gardening.

The remedy for not wanting to deal with things is simply not answer one's email.

The remedy for cabin fever is to book a trip.

The remedy for boredom is to watch copious amonts of TV. And if said TV happened to include the a mini-series based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV, that starred Jeremy Irons as the king and Tom Hiddleston as Hal, well, everyone else in Britain was watching it too. I don't remember the play being funny, but the mini-series certainly was! It's possible that this is because I cannot take Tom Hiddleston seriously now, despite being a fantastic Shakespearean actor. It might also have been because I kind of just wanted Chris Hemsworth to walk on screen and start 'forsoothing'. Because the only thing to me right now more entertaining than 'Shakespeare in the Park' Avengers!crack is Thor and Loki wordplay. Because I roll like that now.

The remedy for insanity is to run away and hide in a hole in the ground and wait for it to go away.

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I've just realised something, though it's been understood in the back of my mind for a couple of months now.

I probably won't even hit 100k word count this year for fic.

Last year, I nearly hit 150k.

This depresses me more than it should. Especially since I've already hit 20k academically this year and will be over 30k by the end of 2012.

But I should make 75k of fic this year, provided the plan goes according to...the plan. Huh.
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You meet the nicest people in fandom.

A few years ago, when I got into reading (and writing) DW fic, there was an author that I absolutely adored. She just wrote the best Ten/Rose H/C fics around; they were detailed, well researched, and had just the right amount of angst without being heavy on the romance side. So, naturally, I paid attention when she posted things.

A year ago (just about), she began to write Twilight fic. At the time I realised this, I was still in the 'why the hell would I read those books?' phase. Catherine was the person that tipped the scale and made me read them. I realised that if a wonderful writer such as her thought they were worth it, I should make the attempt. Of course, any Twilight fic she's ever written I love ten times more than anything Meyer ever wrote, but that goes without saying. I have enjoyed a whole string of her well written stories - now for Twilight - in the last twelve months.

I am a good little fanfic reader. I like to leave reviews. I used to review all of her DW fics, and when I started to review her Twilight stories, she remembered me, and we got to chating back and forth on's private message service. And, the biggest surprise of all, when I started to write my own Twilight fics, she not only read them but left the loveliest reviews imaginable! In fact, Catherine has inspired more than one of my stories.

Recently we have discovered we have a great deal more in common. She works as in child psychology and did her PhD on learning disabilities in education. Naturally, my Phd topic interests her and we're having some lovely (max character count used) chats at, in amongst the reviews to each other's stories! What a wonderful friendship to find online with a person I will never meet, and maybe even never talk to on email, but we make it work. Heaven help the day disappears*!

*[For multiple reasons]

Grateful for: baking, the 1950s and online friendships. Happy Leap Day! I like this one.


Jan. 24th, 2012 10:19 pm
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100 stories and 400,000 words! I feel awesome right now!

I have an major craving for Tim Horton's.
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Just went for an hour powerwalk around Victoria Park and instead of waking me up and helping me to work, I now want to crawl into bed with tea and a book. Even typing this is exhausting!

Funny, that it was my father of all people who directed me to this. Apparently all those years of complaining about my writing have finally sunk in. Strangely, he sent it to me via an article in The Star that talked about it (and got the details wrong, which...sort of surprising from The Star, but there you go). I have already discovered that most of the fanfiction on it is crossposted at (which has a much better reading format, not to mention larger fanfic community to read it), but it has many other writing options that does not have.

Lastly, I sat down last night and forced myself (after five hours of staring at the blinking cursor) to write the climax of the Twilight sequel-sequel (double sequel, 2nd sequel?). I must now admit that I may have upped my admiration of Meyer for the climax in Breaking Dawn because damn is writing about dozens of vampires standing around talking BORING AS HELL. I don't think I even mentioned five of them at all during the entire scene, so in my head I'll assume they were just standing their being supportive and shit. Wow, dread reading that over and discovering how bad it actually is. Still, on the positive, if I can fix it, it means I have only one chapter and an epilogue left! Only 3000 words or so! And then I can spend my considerable brain power on figuring out what the hell I'm going to write for story 4. It has a title and no plot.

Lastly, I am on the road to figuring out my living situation come July and trying not to be all OCD about it, but that's hard. Planning sends me into spurts of anxiety, even when the plan is going well. Still, there might be more positives this week than last, so that's good.
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2011 Fic Round-up

Total Word Count: 176,690, which is beyond ridiculous, consider how the year started out. (Technically, I've written another 6k that has yet to be posted and is ongoing into next year, so I'll roll it into the total for 2012).

Total Number of Stories: 16, which is pretty good for me, consider 4 were multi-chaptered!

Fandoms: Sanctuary (which got me through January), and Twilight.

My favourite story this year: East of Albuquerque. I'm insanely proud of it, considering.

My best story of the year: I think Water to the Sea, but clearly fandom doesn't agree. ;)

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Water to the Sea. Seriously, I was SO PROUD of this fic, and hardly anyone read it.

Most fun story: Honestly, The Sanctuary Network. Which needs updating.

Sexiest story: I got nothing for this. I wrote for two fandoms that don't have much on screen canon hanky panky, so that sort of spoiled my fun. Maybe next year.

Hardest story to write: East of Albuquerque. I've never done that much research for a fic and it was exhausting! Also, writing 37,000 of it by hand was just plain hard.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?: HAHAHA; I wasn't even doing nano this year!

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?: I wrote for a fandom that, a year ago, I refused to even acknowledge existed. And I wrote multi-chaptered fics and even a sequel, which I have never before attempted to do.

Do you have any goals for the New Year?: Finish the last two stories in the Cardinal Points saga (I can abuse that word too, you know). Finish the original story that I started and didn't nano.
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I am using the icon for the irony.

Seriously, where are these plot bunnies coming from? This one doesn't even make sense! I just...I finish one, I go to bed, and another one bites! I've had a story backlog for posting for over a month now! I've never had a story backlog! I don't want one either!

Right now, I'm wishing for a club, so that I can hit myself on the head a lot and hopefully knock out my Muse from wherever she's gone to ground; feeding me plot bunnies at all hours of the day and night.

I'm getting on to a year. I may have to just admit it's permanent. But that would be like giving in. And then she'll have even more power!

And tomorrow, I really have to go back to doing work again.
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This is not the post you don't want to read. That one will come tomorrow, or perhaps Saturday, depending on whether I go see Wuthering Heights Friday night with Cintia or not. [Yes, there's irony in my movie-watching week; go away.] That post will be entirely behind an LJ cut and the warning will be in the subject line. So you can just scroll on down your f-list and ignore it, okay? See, I don't have to torture other people with my obsessions.

This is the post with PG warnings, instead of R. ;)

It's 23,000 words and I may have titled it 'North of 39', because to me, that's hilarious and to other poeple it will make no sense. But we all know how much I like to come up with convoluted reasonings for things in my head. This reasoning has a whole bloody story attached to it. See, East of Albuquerque was funny, if slightly inaccurate. North of 39 though, I managed. Mostly because everything north of NYC is north of the 39th parallel. Including Forks.

Yeah, the next one might be titled 'West of Rome', at least until I can remember how to do directional titles in Latin. Of course, then it'll still be called 'West of Rome' Latin.

The last one is totally 'South of Zero', but only because I think IT'S FUNNY. And Rio's not on an interesting parallel. I wonder about the longitude though...I should look that up.

And yes, I've totally planned out 3 sequals to a book I never wanted to write. On the upshot it's AU, so Bella has a backbone, Edward isn't an ass for an entire book, Jacob doesn't get a go, and there's no baby. I guess Jacob will just have to get it on with Leah instead. Yeah, that could be fun.

Kill me.

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Right, so yesterday went pretty good. I think. I mean, day off, so nothing got accomplished, but that's okay! Ross didn't seem terribly surprised or concerned to hear I'm doing 10-4 6 days a week instead of 9-5 5 days a week. Work schedule set!

Well, I've handed in my official work proposal for the next 6 (7) months. And it's been accepted with only one small correction (in fact, one small subtraction, so one less thing to research!). I feel pretty good about it, until I actually look closely at it and notice that according to my timeline, I am already behind as of 9am this morning. Which is less comforting, but at least fixable. Research day today! And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. May not make the training exercise tomorrow afternoon, except that I have to go to the library anyways, so why not? We shall see.

So, I may have stayed up last night to write fanfic. ::headdesk::


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