Oct. 30th, 2015 03:54 pm
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Well, it's the 30th. I'm not going to say goodbye and farewell, because I won't be that gone, but I won't be around as much, or checking LJ as often (unless I'm really suffering writer's block).

Wish me luck!
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Well, how about 'Summer has Spluttered'? No? Doesn't have the same ring? Well, fine, but it's true anyways.

Today it is sunny. Over twenty degrees. It is the first true, honest day of SUMMER that we have had since May 28th. Since it's July 22nd, I want all of you to think about that for a moment.

But, since it is nice outside, I can move on to other things.

Back into research and paper writing mode, which I dislike. I was so happy in May when I thought that that was it until the thesis! Ha! Should know Ross better by now. This paper doesn't have to be long, but it is the least interesting topic ever (research methods in humanities). Not finding much in the way of sources either, and even less for examples. Not fun! Will have to plow on starting tomorrow. And also get back to my ethics forms. At least I managed to email the people I was supposed to email last week. Even heard back from one of them. Things are progressing.

Writing on the fic front is not going well. I hit 5500, and I know I will get to 10k before the end of the month. Unfortunately, I still have 7 chapters left to write, so the number of words doesn't matter. The fact that it is almost physically painful to write is what matters. I only write fic when my characters are talking to me. Right now, they aren't even whispering, so writing conversation is just a lesson in agony. And it ends up sounding horrible. This fic will suck. Which annoys me, because I try to put my all into my work. But this year, I don't have time. Last fic for quite a while I think! How depressing.

Also, will be going to London August 2nd. Yes, that's right, I'm braving the Olympics. I have decided not to care if a)my train is delayed, b)the Tube isn't running or c)it rains. Just going to go, soak in the madness and enjoy.
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Just went for an hour powerwalk around Victoria Park and instead of waking me up and helping me to work, I now want to crawl into bed with tea and a book. Even typing this is exhausting!

Funny, that it was my father of all people who directed me to this. Apparently all those years of complaining about my writing have finally sunk in. Strangely, he sent it to me via an article in The Star that talked about it (and got the details wrong, which...sort of surprising from The Star, but there you go). I have already discovered that most of the fanfiction on it is crossposted at (which has a much better reading format, not to mention larger fanfic community to read it), but it has many other writing options that does not have.

Lastly, I sat down last night and forced myself (after five hours of staring at the blinking cursor) to write the climax of the Twilight sequel-sequel (double sequel, 2nd sequel?). I must now admit that I may have upped my admiration of Meyer for the climax in Breaking Dawn because damn is writing about dozens of vampires standing around talking BORING AS HELL. I don't think I even mentioned five of them at all during the entire scene, so in my head I'll assume they were just standing their being supportive and shit. Wow, dread reading that over and discovering how bad it actually is. Still, on the positive, if I can fix it, it means I have only one chapter and an epilogue left! Only 3000 words or so! And then I can spend my considerable brain power on figuring out what the hell I'm going to write for story 4. It has a title and no plot.

Lastly, I am on the road to figuring out my living situation come July and trying not to be all OCD about it, but that's hard. Planning sends me into spurts of anxiety, even when the plan is going well. Still, there might be more positives this week than last, so that's good.
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Today's writer's block is: What is your version of happily ever after?

Many are wishes for fantasy romance or world peace. My version is simple. Finish this thesis and get my doctorate and then I will be happy for ever after.


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