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Feb. 18th, 2012 08:30 am
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I didn't post yesterday! But it was such a great 'road to happiness' day, that I feel it should count for two days worth!

Yesterday was a really easy £80. Well, 'easy' in that I had to sit through 7 hours of talks on a subject I know nothing about and come up with interesting and informative 140 character responses to post to the world [Read that as: I was hired as official tweeter]. But it was and interesting day, and confirms to me that the art world is just as problematic in museum practice as the archaeology based world. And that they can disagree just as loudly with each other. So that was entertaining. Also, I had at least a few of the other phds to keep me company, and Catharina and I had a lovely lunch together.

Last night was my first 'clothes swap'. Amy was a great hostess (and there was too much dessert and very nice tea) and I think I've inherited a fair few of her things. But I got a small pile of wonderful summer dresses and fancy tunic tops and a few other useful casual pieces too! I feel like I won't have to go shopping for things for a while.

So, I am gateful for:

My lovely 'new' clothes
Tea and Cakes

Also, I have discovered we have a knitting circle, and may be joining that after I get my stuff from Canada. I haven't knitted in ages, and probably can't do anything more than a scarf right now, but it should still be fun! People may be getting certain presents for Christmas this year....

Now I have an essay plan to work through, copious tea to consume, a long walk and exercise needed and fic to write (this last being hopeful more than determined). And hey, I got woken at 7:45 on a Saturday and I don't care!
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There's really not much to report, except that January is about to end and February is about to start with a bang. I thought the 'in like a lion' thing only applied in the spring? Apparently not. We are due for nearly 30cm of snow in the next two days, both of which are days I have to be out and about. :(

Other than that, life's been pretty quiet. I'm busy at work and 2 days a week at the museum. And inventory at the store starts next weekend so we're all scrambling to get everything done before that (not to mention sell everything before that. One of those is going better than the other.

I made it through January, though! Only two months left to go. I am thinking Florida is not going to happen this year, which is alright because that's money that I don't actually need to spend. Instead, an old uni friend and I are going to Ottawa for Winterlude to stay with another old uni friend. Should be a blast! It'll be cold and snowy and the driving might be a nightmare (401 + winter = natural disaster), but I'm still looking forward to it! I just need to find skates...

I am going to see the King's Speech this afternoon, on my own, because it won SAGs last night and will probably win Oscars and it's like my favourite cast ever. Also, I have nothing else to do until 5pm when work starts.
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If so, I apologise. My quietness stems from hours spent on the computer tracking down historical sources, show episodes and random other links to compile all the information I need to NOT WRITE A FIC. I know, it's a lost cause at this point, but I am going to keep railing against the inevitable until I write the first sentence.

Which may or may not be tomorrow.

In other news, completely unrelated, we have a new CD on at work, despite my attempts to the contrary, that plays theme songs from various movies, one of which is 'May it Be' and it's killing me. How is it that, ten years on, just thinking about this can still bring me almost to tears? IN THE MIDDLE OF WORK! I have taken to changing the CD as soon as the track comes on to the other soundtrack CD which is instrumental and contains things like Dragonheart and Legends of the Fall and does not make me want to curl up on my sofa and watch 12 hours of film.

Well, not as much.

This month is going much better than expected. Except of the job market.
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In other news...I slept today. And to me, this was integrally important to the fate of the world.
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I had a lot of free time this summer. In hindsight it was more than I thought I'd have, and it's probably why parts of the summer seemed to drag along forever. By now I've already forgotten what free time feels like. I haven't had a day to just veg and do whatever appeals since I got back to Burlington. And you know what's really strange, is that I like it.

Keeping busy and having multiple projects and places to be is very motivating. I'm gearing up my social life again! There are people who live nearby that I'd all but forgotten about. Now there is coffee and dinner!

Of course, there is PhD proposing and applications and references and research. And retail work to pay the bills (or at least the gas). Also, I'm officially on board as a consultant for the local museums for a virtual exhibition funding bid. I won't get paid unless it's a success, but talk about incentive! I'll be doing project management stuff and heavily involved in lesson plans for the bid with one of the museum educators. I'm absolutely thrilled to have been asked, even before I got back to Burlington. I'm also getting into the educational programs at the museum for the school year. Lots of things to do and great fun. And of course, I'm still applying for jobs and *hoping*.

I've decided come January, after the funding bid and applications for the PhD are in that I'm going to find something else to do that makes me money. I'll hate it, but MONEY! Probably start temping or get a job as personal secretary. I've got the experience; years of it, in fact. Not much, but better than retail post Christmas! I also plan on intensive French tutoring. Yes, I've caved. But if it gets me a $80,000 job in Ottawa or Toronto by the time I'm 40, it's worth the blood and tears. Yes, that's my new mantra. I just have to figure out how to pay for it, but if I had a full-time temp job, I'd have the money at least month for month. No rent to pay in the coming future, unless a job outside Burlington/Hamilton appears. Also thinking of maybe doing some volunteer work in Hamilton come the winter, but that'll depend on how busy other things keep me. It would only be until September (HOPEFULLY!!!)

I am trying to forget that I just paid my car insurance and I'm $1200 dollars poorer (hard to believe poorer is possible). Pretty much that was my summer income, right there. I'll have to start putting away for next year this Christmas too. That's about the only negative thing right now, however, so I'm calling this weekend a win. Hopefully the week too.

Exam tomorrow. We'll see. But after that? No school for 12 months! (Except French)


Aug. 25th, 2010 01:06 pm
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Got an interview for the Guyana job.

Oh my fucking god. That's more terrifying than a PhD proposal!

Edited: No dice, Thank You Goddess. Now I don't have to feel guilty for turning it down. Because seriously.
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So, I have this interview today. My first interview in, like, three months (despite the number of job applications having not decreased). That in itself is nerve-wracking enough. But I only found out Monday night that I have it this morning and they asked for a presentation on the creative economy in Muskoka.

Firstly, I don't live in Muskoka.
Secondly, I didn't know anyone up here even knew what the creative economy was, as it's rural and that sector of the economy is still mostly an urban thing.
Thirdly, presentation in a day?
Fourthly, I worked all yesterday (Tuesday).

I have decided I will not do something artistic or powerpointish. I am simply going to go and talk, because I read all last night anything I could find on the internet, including the organisation's website and links. So I feel I'm as prepared as a few hours of time can give me. If 'talking' isn't artistic enough for them, clearly I'm not right for the job anyways. I did get the sense from the job description that they wanted something with an arts background (by which I mean, art as a subject, not a discipline). Still, they're giving me an interview, which puts them up there in my book.

I just don't want a repeat of the Science Centre debacle. My ego can't take that kind of bashing again. At least I got the first interview slot. I always think going first is best. At least when it came to presenations at school.

Oh, must be off! Long drive in the rain. :(

ETA: Well, that was interesting. A good interview, I think, but I know I'm severely lacking in experience that they want (need) and it would completely screw up the summer job that I've already agreed to and trained for.
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My entire back is just one big ache. From tailbone to the back of my neck my spine just feels like someone took it and twisted it into a spiral.

I called in sick on my second day of work. Ouch. But really, there's no point in me going because just driving there will be painful, and I could paint, but I know from past experience that I will have a headache before the clock strikes noon (I can already feel the first stirings at the base of my skull) and what use am I with a pounding headache? Besides, I spent all yesterday painting with what turned out to be a migraine by the time I got home. Honestly, the drive back from Bracebridge was agony and very very stupid. I could barely see enough to drive.

I do not want a repeat. And it's supposed to rain this afternoon. Although, looking at the window, I'd say before noon. It looks like evening outside! And it was trying to be sunny and hour ago, which tells me the weather system must be moving faster than the weather channel predicts. The radar has rain over Georgian Bay. So, probably no point anyways. Can't paint in the rain, it leaves annoying drop marks in the the wet paint! Which it did yesterday. On my perfectly painted bright white stern of the boat. DROP MARKS. ALL OVER. Bugger you Mother Nature. At least the ceiling struts will be fine...

I am so out of shape. June project...fix that. Like...as soon as my back stops throbbing and I can get the kayak out of the garage. And check the lake temperature. I wonder where the ladder got to? Huh. Hey, wet suit and swimming! When it's not - you know - that time. Kate, I think there might be a wet suit up here you could use. I will have to check the back closet. It may have been eaten by mice.

It's so calm here. It's the beginning of June in Muskoka, which is just another way of saying no one is here. There are lights on at the yellow place across the bay, but I have concluded they must live up here now, because they were on in early May too. Nothing on the far shore though, except at the church property. The lake is so still too, almost a perfect mirror and black as ink with the dark sky today. There's no birds chirping, or traffic on the highway (not yet, at least, that'll come in a few weeks), or boats on the water. Just utter, perfect, stillness. I could just sit and stare at it for hours. Which is about all I can do with my back!

Kate, how do you deal with this on a daily basis? Does it feel like your spine is in a clamp all the time, because that's how mine feels right now?

If it rains any more I think tarps on the boat will give out. ::contemplates that a minute:: Well, it's not my boat. It's not like it's going to sink sitting on a trailer in the driveway. So, how much do I love my aunt? Today, not enough to care.

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You remember how, when you were little, every week you wanted to be something new? One week it was a ballerina, the next a scientist, the next a singer, etc.?

And then you grew up and realised none of those things were ever going to happen and you had to get a real job. And then you figured out what it was you wanted to do for the rest of your working life and you were happy and content.

And then you pretty much realised that was never going to happen.

So, I'm like five again, and have gone through about five career options in the last week and they are all (to me) sounding like dreams of a five-year-old, except not because I could actually do them. At least in a universe where impossible things happen. I just don't think I can face disappointment again. Seriously, I'm used to rejection, but there's only so much a person can take.

1. Dive Instructor. Doable, if I can find the money. Also: island in the Caribbean. Or Australia.

2. Editor. Doable. Kind of not so interested.

3. Marketing. Somewhat doable with a lot more education. Could be museum related.

4. Project Manager. Do-ing. Well, as of May 19th. We will take this one course at a time and see. May go on to certification (when I find the money).

5.a Return to England. Mostly do-able. Yes, I count this as a job. It would lead to a retail/pub job, but at least I'd be in the UK.
5.b Go to New Zealand. Mostly do-able. Again, it'd be retail or hostel work or something. But, again, New Frakking Zealand. Maybe a Hobbit extra? Or some adventure sports assistant? I've always wanted to try white water rafting.

I'm not really partial to any of them, but I have until October to decide what I'm going to do with the next five or so years of my life.
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KBO = "Keep Buggering On" and it's going to be my new catch phrase. I feel it justifiably fits my life.

So, it's May. I used to love May. May meant great things and school was almost over and the cottage was going to be opened and summer was just around the corner. This year I don't give a flying fuck. It's just another month of being virtually unemployed, horribly underpaid, and horribly abused as a volunteer. I've written this month off already. The weather is lovely and I have nothing to do. In related news, I've buggered up my left foot and pretty much can't exercise worth a damn, so even that level of boredom relief has been snatched from me. I'm going to sit around the house and feel sorry for myself and hope by June that I can walk again.

I'm taking the boat job in Muskoka. It isn't great, but it can pass on my CV has culturally related to something-or-other. It pays $12 an hour and I'm guaranteed (I HOPE) 25 hours a week. That's more money than I made even in December. And it'll be till the end of September, maybe even into October depending on the weather. And it's only 4 days a week. Which leaves me 3 other days of the week to do all the work around the cottage that no one else is going to do because they've all decided they aren't going to Muskoka this year. Apparently there are more important things.

So, that's pretty much my summer. Work like crazy for 4 days out in the sun on the lake, work in and around the cottage on various things the other 3 days. Write a bit, read a lot, paint a picture or two (where am I going to hang these things?) and all around ignore the next thirty odd years or so of my life. It's a plan, at least. It's not a great plan, but I live for any type of plan that doesn't involve being homeless or unemployed.

I'm going to go broke on food and gas at Muskoka prices. But hey, maybe I'll get tips!

I am trying very hard not to think about Thanksgiving.
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So...this is a new level of boredom. I have nothing to do. I mean it. I went for two walks and washed the car today just to fill time. All I have left to do is shower and that is not going to take 4 hours until bedtime. There isn't even any tv tonight and I've seen all the movies that are on that pose even a little bit of interest.

Friday's used to be awesome. What happened?


I am seriously going to give up by the end of this year and pick a new career. I can get into a program for January. Maybe I'll go back to interior design or accounting.
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1. I have two job interviews at the end of April!

They are both in Muskoka!

Unfortunately, they are both part-time. I'm not sure how 'part' yet. I know which one, though, that I would rather have if I got the choice. Because one is historic tours of Port Carling and one is...retail.

2. I went to Mapleview today. I should now better, but after pilates, job applications (urgh), a long walk, finishing a book, and lunch, I was....very bored. So, I figured I would drive a short distance and then walk some more. Which means the mall, pretty much, because this is Burlington, ya know? Anyway, I did really well (for me). Ardene had a deal on for 2 spring scarves for $15, which is cheap and they had dozens to chose from. Bought torquoise/pink stipe and a green/brown floral print. Both to match jackets I own.

Then I walked down to H&M. I have this thing with H&M. I love it when it's in England. Beyond that, I kind of hate it. But now it amuses me to go into the store here and walk around and go 'oh, look! isn't that nice! I own it' and marvel at the difference an ocean makes in fashion. Two months ago (ish) I went in and found a dress that they did not have in England. It's the perfect Ascot dress. It just screams English lawn party. It's light green with flowers and it matches my eyes and fits in all the right places. But it was, like, January and I didn't even bother trying it on. I don't need another dress and it was $60 (no bad for a dress, really). But today, the weather was nice, and I was feeling good about my tax return (HAH), so I tried it on. They only had the small sizes left. I loved it even more than I did in January. So...I bought it. Because it really does look stunning and I am sure it will one day come in handy. As long as I never gain weight, because I bought a 2. I would have felt better with the 4, but unfortunately it uh...sagged in the bust a bit. I hate being small.

You didn't actually read that last paragraph, did you?
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I found the perfect job on CHIN that pays well, sounds interesting, that I'm qualified for, that's in Ontario and that *requires the applicee to be bilingual*.

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You know what really bugs me? I applied to a bunch of jobs in Muskoka (non museums) and I've heard back from a few asking me if I'd be available on such-and-such a date to interview.

My resume CLEARLY states I live in Burlington and I CLEARLY stated in the cover letter that I would be moving to Muskoka on the Victoria Day weekend and NOT BEFORE. So they are asking me to come up for an interview KNOWING IT WILL take me 6 hours to drive round trip and nowhere to stay.

I have already email two back and asked for a phone interview, citing the fact that I am very busy for the next week at the museum and that after that I am going to Washington for two weeks. One has not deigned to email me back AT ALL and the other I will give more time, because they are a small business and I don't think they check their email very often.


I want to win the lotto.
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Okay now I'm starting to feel used. When I get back from holiday, that's the end of it.

And a reference is the lease they can do.
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There is a job in Peace River that I am qualified for that actually sounds pretty good.

IT'S IN PEACE RIVER. There is only one way to get to Peace River, ladies, and that is to get in the car and drive for 4,000km IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER.

I don't think I want money that badly.
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So, I went to the mall today because the Manager was finally in (she's been on holiday) and I wanted to buy the mass of stuff I've had on hold since xmas (only she can ring it through). I worked last night and, though next week's schedule was up, I didn't have any hours, so naturally I asked her today why. Apparently Head Office is being a bitch (what's new) about how many hours of work they are allowing each store. But the District Manager wants more people on, so Olga has to have a talk with her. Anyways, I might get a shift or two once they figure it out. I hope so. At least she apologised.

I also bought a new piece of luggage (matches my set) because it was on sale for $30...from 120.

Yesterday I went down to Cambridge (Ontario) to meet with two guys who are trying to create the Fashion History Museum. Now, there is one of these in Winnipeg, but who the hell goes to Manitoba to see a museum? They want to base it in Guelph, but they are (like everyone) having a challenge finding funding to purchase a property. Anyway, they are in the midst of launching an official website and they wanted help with online marketing, because they don't really understand it. But they want the global audience so they admit they need it. It was a good talk and I think we're mostly on the same page. So, hopefully there will be work come my way (unpaid, these guys can't even pay themselves). Maybe it'll lead to something else if funding appears.

In other news, in a week Burlington Museums finds out if they get their funding for a new JB centre. I am VERY VERY hopeful, because it would be amazing for the city and might actually lead to a job for me. Also, the Volunteer Coordinator wants me to start volunteering for her (as well as the Curator). This will look GREAT on a CV.
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Has something in the works...maybe even paid. Stay tunned!
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So I discovered today why I didn't get the job at the museum. Because Mark (who really is a lovely man) is a teacher and has volunteered as a tour guide at the museum for 10 years already and so they won't have to train him. I'm alright with this because really. He's also very nice. And very much married.


Job #3 today: go to the work that actually pays you instead of the two that don't (#'s 1 through 2)

Tomorrow: drive to Balls Falls and check out the costume exhibition!


Jul. 23rd, 2009 03:42 pm
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I have concluded this week that if I got paid for it, I'd have the best job in the world. Screw the Great Barrier Reef and a massive yauht.

I moved down to London on Saturday with the help of Cas. Friends are essential when attempting to cart luggage on the underground without killing yourself. Trust me, I've tried it without. Not pretty. I absolutely love my place. It's a 2 bedroom flat that I share with a 30-something working couple who are rarely home except to sleep. They are wonderfully quiet when they leave at 8 in the morning, and I am a mouse when I go to bed at night. The building is part of a 3 part 4 story complex 200ft from The Globe right off Southwark Bridge. I have everything within a ten minute walk. That includes the best market in London, two supermarkets, museums, theatre, 4 liquor stores, 2 underground stations and of course the office.

On Monday I spent the day at a conference for Stories of the World (2012) and toured the London Transport Museum for free. Tuesday I spent in the London office reading publications (some of which I read over the winter for school) and getting a shinny new laptop. Wednesday I went to the Cambridge office for the day and job shadowed. And today and tomorrow I will sit at home on my sofa with my wifi and the kitchen 10 ft away and 'work from home'. I have 3 projects to manage this summer, all of which I have support for, but I'm project manager! The first is to make the CT Twitter account useful for marketing and to get all the staff involved. See, if I got paid, I'd be getting money to spend all day on Twitter! Got some ideas already and the start of project plan. Next week I am job shadowing in various locations and various people (some of which will be terrifying experiences of board meetings and meet & greets with people I should consider famous in this industry but who I don't know). Then I have 6 weeks of intensive project management. I'll have tons for my CV by September!

I am already organising the To Do list this summer of things I want to do. The first is a Globe play next week. I've got a ticket to Brahms at the Proms in September. This weekend I think I'll go to the Tate and maybe the Belfast. Definitely The Rose. Hopefully the weather stays shit because it will keep the tourists away. The weekend next I might try Kew Gardens if it's sunny or Greenwich. Definitely Body Worlds at O2 before Cas leaves! Plenty to stay busy.

Just got back from shopping at Borough Market, amongst the tourists. So much I want to buy! So can't afford it! Will have to stick to Sainsbury's.

It's 4 now...technically done work. Certainly did less today than yesterday, but I worked an extra hour yesterday (8-5) then I needed to. Will carry that over today to make me feel less guilty. Tomorrow, new project!


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