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And then they got married. Seriously, I squeed so very, very loudly. I'm so glad I've managed to watch this show, at least! They are just so stupidly adorable together, which is silly, because one is a trained assassin and the other is a trained 'I can make a man do anything with a few words and a smile' professional woman. But they are CUTE. And it's so funny to watch. It's kind of like those fics where Clint and Natasha go undercover in the suburbs.

Finally, JJ Abrams, you managed to make a show without weird AUs and <i>confusing plotlines</i>.  I hope it lasts.
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Sorry that I've been quiet. Although I'm not entirely certain how many people on my f-list actually read my LJ posts regularly anyways. Sometimes I definitely feel like I'm talking to air! Which is okay; air doesn't care what I say or answer back.

I've been trying to multi-task, only somewhat successfully, these last two weeks. It's kept me very stressed and busy this month and will into October too. I probably won't be around much until November, in fact!

A short update though:

Went to the gym yesterday for 45 minutes. I was pretty bad last night on the pain scale, but okay today. Going to go again, as soon as I finish this! It's free at the moment, in order to make up for being closed all summer. Already bought the stupidly expensive membership, however, so I'm 'paying for it' anyways, really.

To my NA-list, I'm not watching premieres and television, by the way. I can't risk sending up a red flag on my landlord's internet service by downloading stuff illegally. So I'm going to be without TBBT, Castle and Fringe. VD shows here next month though. And, honestly, I'd give up Fringe anyways. I'm really going to miss PoI though, because I have to wait. They're just showing season 1 here now. TBBT I can probably find somewhere else, or wait until it shows over here (which it will, eventually). Ah well, just Castle then. I'll catch up eventually. Honestly, there's lost of fun shows on UK telly you can't get in NA, so we're probably even. Just letting you know, don't ask me about the current season, because I don't know anything! However, I get DW tonight before ANY OF YOU. Come join me in a cry when you can.

This fasting diet is getting a lot easier the longer I do it. I don't even notice I'm hungry until well into the afternoon now, which is when I get to eat anyways. I'll fit into those skinny jeans again soon, especially now I'm back at the gym.

I think tomorrow I may be posting the last chapter of the last fanfic I may ever write. Tragically, it's Twilight. I may have to write something else just to...make up for that. Not this year though! I need a new fandom. I wonder about Star Trek next May...
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So I've been watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother because of reasons. *cough*Cobie Smulders*cough* [Agent Maria Hill from Avengers]

The episode I caught today (don't know the season) had a flashback where Robin dates a guy who's nickname is Iron Man.

There was a lot of laughter, let me tell you. I maybe addicted to this show in, like, a week.


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:58 am
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Clearly, the remedy for insanity is to write Avengers crack!fic about toy Daleks. You who are to blame, you know who you are. Bad influence! Bad influence!

The remedy for not exercising in weeks and eating like crap is to move to a house where the kitchen is far enough away that it's an effort to get food, so you forget to eat.

The remedy for Verity not liking the Internet is to use Reese instead, which was the intention when I moved anyways, so I guess that works.

The remedy for stress is gardening.

The remedy for not wanting to deal with things is simply not answer one's email.

The remedy for cabin fever is to book a trip.

The remedy for boredom is to watch copious amonts of TV. And if said TV happened to include the a mini-series based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV, that starred Jeremy Irons as the king and Tom Hiddleston as Hal, well, everyone else in Britain was watching it too. I don't remember the play being funny, but the mini-series certainly was! It's possible that this is because I cannot take Tom Hiddleston seriously now, despite being a fantastic Shakespearean actor. It might also have been because I kind of just wanted Chris Hemsworth to walk on screen and start 'forsoothing'. Because the only thing to me right now more entertaining than 'Shakespeare in the Park' Avengers!crack is Thor and Loki wordplay. Because I roll like that now.

The remedy for insanity is to run away and hide in a hole in the ground and wait for it to go away.

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I promised myself I couldn't watch last night's Person of Interest until I finished the main body of this paper (everything sans conclusion).

...yeah, like that's even I promise I could remotely find the willpower to keep.

And after that, of course, there's Vampire Diaries to catch up on and TBBT. So, pretty much my afternoon. Of course, I did the same thing yesterday (with BBC documentaries) and somehow managed to write at the end of the day, so we'll hope for a repeat, yes? I really only need 500-700 more words and the research is sitting right in front of me and it's highlighted.

But still...guns and fire and secret agents/vampires and werewolves oh my/physics geeks and Nebraskan waitresses sort of win. I have no idea how I will ever finish this PhD.

ETA: He bought him an apartment. I may have squeed. A lot. This show is going to kill me. And not in the convoluted ways that a JJ Abrams show usually does. And you know what's also awesome? The answers I wanted, I got. That's never happened before.
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Well, of a sort. I've basically promised myself not to get obsessed with things anymore, because it doesn't end well and I don't have the time to devote. But it doesn't mean I can't really like something!

About a month ago I got into watching Alcatraz and thought, 'hey, this is a pretty good show. It's got a good cast. The plot is interesting enough. And it's JJ Abrams. I'll give him one more chance.' And then I finished the 13 episodes and promptly said 'what the hell am I going to watch now?'

And someone told me about Person of Interest. Alcatraz was fun and Fringe was pissing me off, so I thought I'd give it a go. After all, JJ Abrams can't do worse than he's already done to destroy my psyche. Blessedly, that seems to be holding true. I've got through 20 episodes (the season is nearly over now) and I have to say that I'm really enjoying it. It's a fresh (by which I mean, fresh to tv land) idea and scarily true and really well written. I enjoy shows where lots of stuff blows up, mostly people just get shot in the knees (not always) and there's great banter. I've rather missed that on television in fact.

I think half the reason I'm enjoying it is seeing Michael Emerson play someone who is not trying to KILL EVERYONE EVERY SECOND OF THE EPISODE. It's a nice change. He does mysterious nice guy pretty well.

The other half of the reason is definitely Jim Caviezel, because he may be a 15 years older than me (and married), but I'm not blind ladies. Not even remotely. I like a man who knows how to handle a gun. :D

I'm already thinking that 'Baby Blue' is my favourite episode, for the hilarity and cuteness factor. I don't know where they found that kid, but she could definitely steal a scene without a word. Second favourite might be 'Super' because the banter was brilliant and Finch gave it to the man. And then Reese saved the day anyways with a crutch. Well, two crutches. I'm sure he could have done it with one.

Mostly I am annoyed that there are only 2 episodes left. What will I DO ALL SUMMER? Thankfully, it's been renewed.

And Castle this week? My show is back!
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That paper is done! [It's totally not done. There is definitely something I forgot/will have to correct/fix/rewrite.] I sent it to M to edit, to which she replied with a long rambling email that had something to do with a microwave, the desolution of my parents' marriage, and my aunt's flight schedule. To be honest, I didn't really read it very closely. There's really no point these days, as she will regale me with it all the next time we Skype. I only want to hear a story once. At least stories that are completely unentertaining.

I seem to have become the person people ask about for advice on doing an MS PhD at Leicester. How do these things happen? Two people in two days! [Both Canadians.]

I am watching Being Human again. I have no clue what is going on, having missed a season and a half, but the vampire is sort of cute, the accents are nice, and it's British. Also, it's entertaining, even if I don't understand most of the current backstory or who the hell the villain is.

I am taking tomorrow off. By which I mean, I have laundry and cleaning to catch up on, a whole host of movies lined up to watch (and a bit of telly), an Irish trip to plan and, you know, relaxing to do. Maybe I'll walk too, as I haven't all weekend due to weather/paper writing. Might try to do more than 5km too.

Apparently I agreed to be up at 6:30am on Wednesday before I realised that was what I agreed to. That is going to be a very long day (though not as long as I thought at 2pm this afternoon, thankfully). I am hopeful there is good research to be had and that someone else comes with, because the MAs are going to be so busy with things they don't even get a tea break (though they do get lunch). Also, I will have to spend the day avoiding my former supervisor as well as my current supervisor. God, why do I do these things to myself?

I am watching yet another BBC documentary. God, I love BBC documentaries. Doesn't even matter what they're on! Though this one is all about the rotation of the Earth and the impact that has had on climate, civilization and nature. I know most of it already, but the scenery shots are nice. And they went to the Bay of Fundy. Of course, the are ending on Britain and how much the rotation screws the weather up there. Which is sort of the last twenty-four hours summed up in an hour long documentary. The best part is the fact that it's new, so it's all about the horrific weather we've had here of late! Damn windstorms are really starting to bug me.

Anyways, that' Oh, I got one last one: Bella Italia, which is an international chain btw, is advertising the Breaking Dawn Part I DVD which comes out next week here. I am greatly amused, can I just say? Who knew that a little restaurant in Port Angeles, Washington would spawn an international marketing campaign for a movie about vampires? Oh, it's the little things in life that keep me going. [I entered the contest they are running too, but that's because it's for a weekend shopping trip to London, with a nice hotel and train tickets included, and I could use one of those.]
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That really felt like a finale. I'm not happy people! I want this show to be continued!
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Talk about colliding fandoms!

I'm back into watching Being Human again (the original UK version, of course) and one of the new actors this season is Mark Williams, who played Arthur Weasley in HP. Okay, I can take that. It's funny, but at least he's not a read head.

Except that he plays a vampire. And very scholarly vampire. And in the last episode he was proudly wearing a Team Edward t-shirt.

I can't do it. I'm laughing faaaaar too hard right now. And now the werewolf and the vampire and best buds and then it suddenly went very Buffy-esque and I CAN'T DO IT.

I just...::rotflmao::

In other news, 5 weeks until Nurse Jackie returns! Wee, I've missed my weekly dose of Eddie Falco hilarity.

And Peter Facinelli as a brunette doctor, of course.

Lastly, best fry-up this morning for brunch. So full now! Now to writing and then a 5km walk to burn off the 1000 calories I just ate.
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I...have this sudden and intense urge to watch Highlander episodes.

I think I'll go lie down until it goes away. It never ends well and I only have seasons 1-3 anyways.


Apr. 16th, 2011 07:55 pm
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Fringe 'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide': WANT A LITTLE MORE LSD JJ? I want my show back.

Sanctuary 'Pax Romana': Okay, first, points for The Latin. Secondly? I wanted to hate her SO BADLY and I CAN'T. Thirdly? Oh show! I've missed you SO MUCH and you have NEVER LET ME DOWN! *hugs Helen Magnus a lot*
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I have concluded that North America is incapable of producing an original television show that they didn't steal from the British. First, they remake Being Human because heaven forbid North Americans listen to English accents and now they've stolen Top Gear, one of Britain's best shows and put three completely uninteresting Americans in the hot seat. They even have their own Stig!

What is up with this?
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Man, enough with the kidnapping children story lines; what show hasn't done it yet?

David Nykl!  And you are creepy and Canadian sounding!  At least you are employed.

Peter, if you don't *bleepbleepbleep*, JJ Abrams and I are done forever.  This is seriously all I can take.
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So...this is a new level of boredom. I have nothing to do. I mean it. I went for two walks and washed the car today just to fill time. All I have left to do is shower and that is not going to take 4 hours until bedtime. There isn't even any tv tonight and I've seen all the movies that are on that pose even a little bit of interest.

Friday's used to be awesome. What happened?


I am seriously going to give up by the end of this year and pick a new career. I can get into a program for January. Maybe I'll go back to interior design or accounting.
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Anybody else watch the pilot for New Amsterdam? I think I'm in love.
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I finished Rome. So, naturally, I picked the West Wing.

OMG. I have forgotten how amazing this show was. I'd forgotten that I laughed myself silly the entire first episode. I forgot that this show had the most amazing premiere ever.

I forgotten how much I loved it.

I so don't have time to watch this again.
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Alright, so mom and dad are watching NCIS last night and I am watching Life on Mars. And suddenly I glance up at the tv and wow! There is Corin Nemec (who gets the award for having a more bizzare name then his alien character) being questioned for murder. Hee.

In other news I went on a whirlwind shopping spree today: two pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans (that FIT!), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (so I'll write the next chapter of that fic this week...maybe) and a new piece of luggage. That's right, mom bought me luggage. Because the five bags I own in the basement I am apparently not allowed to ever actually travel with. So she bought me something for Europe. And it is pretty and colourful and hopefully will not get lost. ::knocks on wood::

And it is the 12th of December and I need to go walk. Because I haven't in 7 days. Also, I really need to start those Italian lessons. Or my applications. Or my proposals. Gah. Christmas vacation. What Christmas vacation?
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The problem with being a historian is the overwhelming desire to research the answer to death. For me, this doesn't just pertain to history, it pertains to everything.

Case in point.

I got hooked on Torchwood (shut up) and then, because I hate myself, I tried to sit down and figure out Jack's timeline. The problem with this is simple. TIME TRAVEL FUCKS EVERYTHING UP. There is no actual way to get an end and a beginning because the thing kind of just, runs in circles and is driving me nuts. And 1941 was a REALLY BAD YEAR because about 4 bloody things happened in January and NONE OF THEM ADD UP.

I'm going to go kill myself and there perhaps remember that I have TWO ESSAYS I should be devoting my time and effort to.
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Don't answer that; I already know.

Because I am stupid and completely oblivious to anything not directly shoved in my face, I only JUST realized that David Tennant played Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter 4. I am a dumbass. I also do not have my DVDs with me. So now I am a dumbass who can't watch Harry Potter. And really, now?, I don't think I'll be able to watch it with a straight face anyways.

I should stop watching TV. It utterly ruins my life.


Oct. 17th, 2007 11:12 pm
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I am not often shocked speechless, but every now and then it still happens.

Just finished watching the BBC mini-series Casanova that was made in 2005. Starring Peter O'Toole (God love the man), David Tennant, the one who played Briseis in Troy, and the one who played Kate in A Knight's Tale.

Holy God. And I don't say that very often, but I mean it this time. I LOVE PETER O'TOOLE. I seriously cried at the end when his character (old Casanova) dies. And it was bloody brilliant, the whole thing (even the parts that made my not-even-close-to-innocent-mind gasp in shock).

And it was written by Russell T. Davies, which is an amusment factor of about eleven because young Casanova (David) TALKS like the Doctor half the time. And I don't think Russell knows how to write anything else, but God bless the man anyways.

It's all (three episodes) available on YouTube (which I love again, by the way) in pretty good quality. I laughed, I cried, I gasped, I loved. No necessarily in that order.

Go watch. Unless you still believe you're innocent, and then maybe you should skip it.


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