Aug. 7th, 2012 11:56 am
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I have found the best healthy eating diet ever! Thank you BBC!

Seriously, every other 'health plan' is to make you either loose weight (don't need to), get in shape (sort of am) or maintain (which is good). This one actually is proven to lower your risk of, like, everything.

And it's one I can stick to! And won't cost more money or involve more exercise! It will take will power, but doesn't everything?

So, I fast on odd days and eat on even days. This I can handle. So, today it is nearly noon and I'm about to go eat my only meal of the day. And then tomorrow I can eat all three (yeah, because I've done that recently - breakfast, what is breakfast precious?).

In other news...16k and counting. Don't *think* I'll hit 25, which is entirely okay. Just want to be DONE!
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I watched gymnastics covereage. I went to the library for books. I skimmed a book. Then I ate sugar and watched Iron Man.

Yeah, that's been my day thus far. Now I am watching it sun shower and contemplating dinner.


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:58 am
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Clearly, the remedy for insanity is to write Avengers crack!fic about toy Daleks. You who are to blame, you know who you are. Bad influence! Bad influence!

The remedy for not exercising in weeks and eating like crap is to move to a house where the kitchen is far enough away that it's an effort to get food, so you forget to eat.

The remedy for Verity not liking the Internet is to use Reese instead, which was the intention when I moved anyways, so I guess that works.

The remedy for stress is gardening.

The remedy for not wanting to deal with things is simply not answer one's email.

The remedy for cabin fever is to book a trip.

The remedy for boredom is to watch copious amonts of TV. And if said TV happened to include the a mini-series based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV, that starred Jeremy Irons as the king and Tom Hiddleston as Hal, well, everyone else in Britain was watching it too. I don't remember the play being funny, but the mini-series certainly was! It's possible that this is because I cannot take Tom Hiddleston seriously now, despite being a fantastic Shakespearean actor. It might also have been because I kind of just wanted Chris Hemsworth to walk on screen and start 'forsoothing'. Because the only thing to me right now more entertaining than 'Shakespeare in the Park' Avengers!crack is Thor and Loki wordplay. Because I roll like that now.

The remedy for insanity is to run away and hide in a hole in the ground and wait for it to go away.

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I know I have a good life. I don't like it when people remind me, because I'm just like everyone else in that I'm not always happy with my lot in life. That's pretty much human nature. I've gotten better in recent years though. Love what you have and all that.

But there are days when I don't need the reminder, because it's slap bang in my face how amazing my life is. Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday. Now, she died 7 years ago, but we tend to visit the gravesite (the family plots) on that day, mostly because it's a great time of year to clean the garden area up and plant. [And because the other date of choice is May 16, which is about 12 hours too close to my birthday to warrant spending time in a graveyard.] So, yesterday, my mother, aunt and I went off to Toronto to Park Lawn to clean up the gravesite (there are four gravestones in the family plot area, as my great-grandparents are burried there on both my mother's sides). Then we went to our favourite Bloor Street restaurant for lunch and met up with one of the cousins who lives up the road (she's my favourite - shush!). We had a great catch up over pasta and veal and then drove back to my parent's house.

That would have been a pretty good day right there, because there were no arguments or yelling! [Or deaths] But then I took my little baby and drove out to Brantford following my aunt to the airport (airfield) there. And then she took me flying in her adorable little Cessna up to Owen Sound to find the [cousin mentioned above]'s farm they bought a few years ago - to be close to the ski lodge in Collingwood - and took pictures. Cousin's husband has wanted a flyover shot for a while (he used to own a plane too and is in fact putting in landing stripe on the farm property because a lot of his friends have planes). We managed to find it first, which was pretty good from 5000ft I think! Then we flew a loop back in very bumpy winds (oh well) and I still made it back to Burlington for 6pm.

So, really, a spectacularly awesome day. I know that.

5 days left. Big thing I've been putting off to do. Oh, and that book review that's due to the museum journal in June. Oops.

Oh, and I may have gotten a new computer. Completely accidentally.
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Yeah, that's so much better than Happy Easter.

[And that was not sarcasm.]

It's Easter. And I can't eat chocolate. Which is a good thing, except for the fact that I can't eat chocolate. Why did my body decide that now was a good time of year to develop food intolerances? Seriously.

However, I can still have sugar! Although, ironically, I've never liked sugar in large quantities and find eating candy (sugar candy, as opposed to chocolate) sort of sickening. Which is a healthy attitude, all told. But still.

This post doesn't really have a point. I have three articles I'm supposed to read today and they may actually be the most BORING three I have to read for this entire paper. Also, I know that if I just sit down and read them, it'll take about 2 hours and then I'll be done. And then I'll be bored with nothing to do as opposed to just procrastination induced boredom.

Much like yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. Basically, that's been my week. I need to find something to do tomorrow or risk insanity. I have dinner tomorrow night, but no one seems to be around during the day. I should go to the library in the morning, but that won't last passed lunch. Which leaves me 6 hours of nothingness. It's Easter. My flatmates are gone. In fact, the entirety of Nixon may be gone, except the guy who lives above me and plays loud Indian music all day. Fancy that. I could go into the centre tomorrow and wander, but that's boring with one person (and always ends up involving spending money. Which I don't need to do.) Not very many options all told. No movies (seriously, no movies, except Bel Ami couldn't pay me).

I'm a bit lost, to be honest. I feel like I should be doing work, because I have tons, but I've sort of mentally scheduled it for various timeslots which are not this weekend. And I really need to finish this reasearch before I do much else.
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I am thoroughly shuffed that all of my favourite FF authors seems to be reading and review my stories lately. Makes me grin like an idiot!

It's 4:30pm. Yes, I'm eating dinner. I'm also starving due to the fact my diet this week has consisted of: celery, carrots, rye crackers, low fat cheese, tomato soup, naan bread and fruit smoothies, and seeds and raisins for snacking. Yes, that's it. Tonight I am having orzo salad and fruit parfait, to mix it up. Sunday I am totally pigging out on an English breakfast. But until then: be a good girl! At least I still get 80% chocolate with cranberries in it.

In other, unrelated news, the Queen came to Leicester today. Again. Her first stop on her official Jubilee tour of Britain. She brought Kate. That would have been enough to make me go jockey for position in the city centre to watch, except that this morning the idea of walking more than twenty feet was impossible. I've had coffee now. I could probably managed forty feet. Seriously, exhausted. But I walked 5km both of the last two days and 4km the day before that. And haven't eaten much. And I did pilates this morning, which gave me energy for about 30 minutes. Tomorrow I need to mail a scholarship application, do another 5km walk, and then spend 3 days doing research, hopefully. If this exhaustion goes away, that is.

Of course, being up at 5:30 yesterday and 6:45 this morning may have something to do with that.


Feb. 20th, 2012 11:47 am
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I sort of like the new Facebook timeline. This statement will probably get me lynched, but there it is. I played around with it for more than an hour last night, getting it sorted before it went live (by my choice). It goes live for everyone on the 26th, so you might want to have a browse around it now, and delete what you don't want the public to see [alternatively, go into you new privacy settings and put 'friends' for everything].

It seems that Matt Smith is going to be The Star in the Reasonably Priced Car next Top Gear. I am insanely happy, because the Chris and David episodes are hilarious, though Billy Piper's is by far the best. And now I'm wondering when Karen might do it. And hoping that she will!

In other news, I look awesome today! Lovely and match-y match-y with my new clothes swap dress and already owned accessories! Just need to get the right colour tank top and I can wear the other tunic dress too!

I am being far too entertained by the happenings in the department lately. It must say something (not good) about me that I need to live vicariously through the lives of other people. But it is a daily comfort to know that my life isn't worse than (or better than) anyone else's, for the most part. We're all equal in this!

Lastly: grey, paycheques and heat are my road to happiness words today. I'm getting good at shortening what I'm grateful for down to such small things! But it's the little things that count.
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Apparently, Leicester has a Quidditch team. And they practice on Sunday mornings in the park. I was going to do work tomorrow, but...most of it can wait (except the scholarship application for a scholarship I might actually have a chance at.)

I called in my first noise complaint today. Since the gentleman above me has been causing a headache for weeks, I feel I'm doing pretty good. Of course, whoever it was who answered the RA phone happened to be visiting Chantel when I called. She was laughing in the background and said to say 'hi'. Friends in high places are good friends (as are all others). The accomodation service must hate me, considering how many times my name comes up, but someone has to be the one to make honest complaints, otherwise nothing happens. This year, apparently, it's me.

I might have had two doughnuts and a chocolate bar today. Because I forgot about the doughnuts until after I'd eaten the chocolate bar. There goes 8 days of being good! I went for a second walk to make up for it...well, as much as that can make up for it. To be fair, they were mini-doughnuts and it was a small chocolate bar. But when the first ingredient of each is 'sugar', I know I'm being bad. I just can't seem to kick the sugar habit this time! I am trying not to hate myself for having no will power, but when I end up feeling like crap because I have no will power, it's pretty hard not to hate myself for being weak.

Had a workable PhD thought today. Did all five of the ways to happiness. Not bad for a Saturday.
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Just went for an hour powerwalk around Victoria Park and instead of waking me up and helping me to work, I now want to crawl into bed with tea and a book. Even typing this is exhausting!

Funny, that it was my father of all people who directed me to this. Apparently all those years of complaining about my writing have finally sunk in. Strangely, he sent it to me via an article in The Star that talked about it (and got the details wrong, which...sort of surprising from The Star, but there you go). I have already discovered that most of the fanfiction on it is crossposted at (which has a much better reading format, not to mention larger fanfic community to read it), but it has many other writing options that does not have.

Lastly, I sat down last night and forced myself (after five hours of staring at the blinking cursor) to write the climax of the Twilight sequel-sequel (double sequel, 2nd sequel?). I must now admit that I may have upped my admiration of Meyer for the climax in Breaking Dawn because damn is writing about dozens of vampires standing around talking BORING AS HELL. I don't think I even mentioned five of them at all during the entire scene, so in my head I'll assume they were just standing their being supportive and shit. Wow, dread reading that over and discovering how bad it actually is. Still, on the positive, if I can fix it, it means I have only one chapter and an epilogue left! Only 3000 words or so! And then I can spend my considerable brain power on figuring out what the hell I'm going to write for story 4. It has a title and no plot.

Lastly, I am on the road to figuring out my living situation come July and trying not to be all OCD about it, but that's hard. Planning sends me into spurts of anxiety, even when the plan is going well. Still, there might be more positives this week than last, so that's good.


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