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So, apprently certain people had failed to see the Avengers movie, despite the fact that it's been out for 6 weeks in England (or is that 8?) and since Dark Knight is to be released soon we figured the Epic Movie Trip should happen this week before, you know, we had to wait until September and iTunes are something unappealing like that.

Fifth time and this movie is not less funny. It may be more funny. It's hard to tell. I just laugh at so much of it. I have most of it memorised now and so can appreciate the delivery more. And the delivery is brilliant. It's the first time I realise how excellently Scarlett nails her Tasha lines, other than the funny ones like 'I don't see how that's a party' and 'It's just like Budapest' [though Hawkeye's response to that last line is SPOT ON FANTASTIC.]

I could also pay more attention to Fury this time around, but spent most of the scenes watching Hill, actually, and noting just how AWESOME she is, especially at the beginning with the car chase, much of which she had to have done herself. Cobbie is The Best New Action Hero Ever. Now I came back to Maria Hill fic, so all is right with the world tonight.

Also, the gals I saw it with agreed with me on All The Points, which makes a movie better, as you know. I spent the entire watching going through the following Feelings:

It's okay Bruce. Have a hug.

Oh, Steve.

Thor is AWESOME.

Loki is sort of adorable, but that may be Tom Hiddleston instead and I'm projecting. Still, he just looks like he needs someone to love him.

Coulson is The Man. And so still alive.

Fury is actually pretty cool in this movie. He's clearly moved away from the position of being owned by a higher authority and has take the step to engineer things the way he sees fit. Which mostly worked out to everyone's advantage. *cough*Phil*cough*


Just smile for me Clint and all will be right with the world. Also, Avengers 2 is going to have a Katniss joke, we all know it.

Tony, Tony, Tony. Stop being so awesome. It physically hurts to laugh these days. And Robert? Please stop looking at me like that. All I want to do is jump you, and you're married. With kids. So that would end badly. But it might actually be worth it.

PEPPER! PEPPER! PEPPER! You totally get 112% next time.

Hill you are The Best. That is all.

SITWELL! I didn't even notice you the first four times. How cool is that? You're just...there. And unassuming. And it's brilliant. I need to go watch The Consultant Again. [And AFTHOTWTTH. Because.]

Anyways, FEELINGS. Also, the latest room is a Nick Fury movie with the origins of his story and how Tasha and Clint got caught up in SHIELD. Which I am sort of alright with, but I'd rather have the Black Widow movie with Hawkeye's story crossing paths. Still, beggers can't be choosers. And I'm quite willing to beg at this point. Fangirl begging. It's like an art form. And Olympic sport. It's a thing of....

Excuse me, I have a fic about Thor, a Dalek and kitchen utensils to finish. [I swear it makes sense.]

In ending news, today will go down as the WORST MONDAY in ages. Even though it ended fantastically. And I had a great meeting with Ross too, and have the next 6 months planned out (including writing another paper by October...yay?) I hope the morning/afternoon's disaster is over.
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I am thoroughly shuffed that all of my favourite FF authors seems to be reading and review my stories lately. Makes me grin like an idiot!

It's 4:30pm. Yes, I'm eating dinner. I'm also starving due to the fact my diet this week has consisted of: celery, carrots, rye crackers, low fat cheese, tomato soup, naan bread and fruit smoothies, and seeds and raisins for snacking. Yes, that's it. Tonight I am having orzo salad and fruit parfait, to mix it up. Sunday I am totally pigging out on an English breakfast. But until then: be a good girl! At least I still get 80% chocolate with cranberries in it.

In other, unrelated news, the Queen came to Leicester today. Again. Her first stop on her official Jubilee tour of Britain. She brought Kate. That would have been enough to make me go jockey for position in the city centre to watch, except that this morning the idea of walking more than twenty feet was impossible. I've had coffee now. I could probably managed forty feet. Seriously, exhausted. But I walked 5km both of the last two days and 4km the day before that. And haven't eaten much. And I did pilates this morning, which gave me energy for about 30 minutes. Tomorrow I need to mail a scholarship application, do another 5km walk, and then spend 3 days doing research, hopefully. If this exhaustion goes away, that is.

Of course, being up at 5:30 yesterday and 6:45 this morning may have something to do with that.
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You meet the nicest people in fandom.

A few years ago, when I got into reading (and writing) DW fic, there was an author that I absolutely adored. She just wrote the best Ten/Rose H/C fics around; they were detailed, well researched, and had just the right amount of angst without being heavy on the romance side. So, naturally, I paid attention when she posted things.

A year ago (just about), she began to write Twilight fic. At the time I realised this, I was still in the 'why the hell would I read those books?' phase. Catherine was the person that tipped the scale and made me read them. I realised that if a wonderful writer such as her thought they were worth it, I should make the attempt. Of course, any Twilight fic she's ever written I love ten times more than anything Meyer ever wrote, but that goes without saying. I have enjoyed a whole string of her well written stories - now for Twilight - in the last twelve months.

I am a good little fanfic reader. I like to leave reviews. I used to review all of her DW fics, and when I started to review her Twilight stories, she remembered me, and we got to chating back and forth on's private message service. And, the biggest surprise of all, when I started to write my own Twilight fics, she not only read them but left the loveliest reviews imaginable! In fact, Catherine has inspired more than one of my stories.

Recently we have discovered we have a great deal more in common. She works as in child psychology and did her PhD on learning disabilities in education. Naturally, my Phd topic interests her and we're having some lovely (max character count used) chats at, in amongst the reviews to each other's stories! What a wonderful friendship to find online with a person I will never meet, and maybe even never talk to on email, but we make it work. Heaven help the day disappears*!

*[For multiple reasons]

Grateful for: baking, the 1950s and online friendships. Happy Leap Day! I like this one.

Making It

Jan. 12th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Exposure: When Edward accidentally reveals himself in front of Charlie in order to save Bella's life, her father starts to question everything he's ever noticed about the Cullens.

This is now my most review story ever on

Who knew in 2004 when I finished Twin Spirits that it would take until 2012 and a story about a book that hadn't even been written to top the review count?

The fact that it's this particular Twilight story doesn't surprise me. I've figured out the fic fandom crowd now; they're sort of predictable on

To bed on a happy note. Also, I'm nearing the end of 1493 finally! I've only been reading it since September! Funny, it's ending pretty much how I thought it would. ;) Haha. Now I can start Pride & Prejudice this week, as part of my 'read a classic every few weeks' resolution. Pride & Prejudice while in Kent. That sounds like a lovely weekend, doesn't it? Austen, museums, history, supper at King Charles' and Kent. That sounds about perfect actually.

I am so ready to get out of Leicester for a bit.
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If you are going to make the effort to press the lilac review button at the bottom of a chapter on, why would you then write the following?


That was it. For Every Single Chapter. Including the Last One. EFFORT is not something that should be DIFFICULT.
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Is someone able to tell me what I should do with finding this is my inbox earlier?

Hello, I was wondering if you would please review my story White Wish. It getsa fair amount of reviews,but not as many as it should. I was wondering if youwould tell me what`s wrong with it by a review. Thanks so much :)

Because the obvious answer is HELL NO, but that's mean, and she seems to be fairly young, and I'm really about encouraging young writers. I haven't, btw, even looked at the story yet.

Just, uh, suggestions?
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Would my f-list please go read this profile?

I support free speech BUT SERIOUSLY. *blood pressure rising*

[It has nothing to do with her hatred of Twilight, by the way. It's her hatred of everything else that pisses me off.]

She actually private messaged me after reading my last LOTR fic (which was posted AGES ago) and had the gall to ask when I'll be writing more. I replied before I checked her profile and now I'm annoyed with myself.
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My favourite Doctor Who fanfic author OF ALL TIME, just posted a review to my newest Twilight story. Let me quote her for you:

'I like this version of Bella's birthday so much better than SM's! You did a great job with it, making it much more believable for the characters and situation than the original was.'

I've had a truly shitty day, but God does that make up for it. And I don't care one bit that it's for a Twilight story, because she just loved what I wrote. I love ego boosts, but also to know that people enjoy my work just that much.

Clearly I've upped my game for Book 3.
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Has had my morning hilarity care of Peter Wingfield. The mental image of him sitting in an exam hall giggling will probably keep me going until my day ends at 7 tonight. Thank you Twitter! My life is so much more entertaining now that I can follow people I like.

Last night the 'ex' and I went to see Dave Gorman on stage. God that man made me laugh. He's clearly got his audience figured out. And the fact that he's WWW obsessed makes me want to figure out how to get a crack line about him into my thesis. We shall see. I was laughing so hard I was in tears for an hour.

Managed to cross about 6 books off my reading list on the basis of 'not relevant'. I feel so much better about my workload now and can actually take Sunday off! Which I'll need, because I have another 10 essays to mark starting on Monday.!

I quite literally have 6 hours today of thingthingthingthingthing. Barely have time to run between! It's like being a student again OMG!

In other news, I'm going to have to cave and see Breaking Dawn again. Someone mentioned a scene to me yesterday and I responded 'wait, what happened?'. I really wish that I had an eidetic memory. It would also make this blasted reading easier! I was half way through a journal article yesterday before I realised I'd read it already! *headdesk*

I keep getting the nicest reviews on, which makes me paranoid and now I'm waiting for the stereotypical 'What the F*** is wrong with you? You suck!' one to balance them out. Oh Twilight fandom; if nothing else, you are a daily amusement.

Right, library. Office. Fair. Meeting. Seminar....dinner. Remember to eat dinner.
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Why is review reply not working on emails? BUGGING ME. I have to go to the site, find the story, find the review, and reply that way. Or go to the site, go to my inbox, find the review and reply that way. Same amount of work, really.

E of A is on its way to being my most reviewed story. How embarrassing.
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Woke up to some absolutely lovely reviews and story favourites in my inbox this morning. Actually, more than some! Put a smile on my face. Pity I have to go to work now, in the pouring rain.

Good news: Mail arrived so I have my uni hoodie to wear! Casual Fridays...


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