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I am going north for a few days starting tomorrow at noon. If anyone would like to contact me, please hold onto that feeling until Thursday. The computer is going with me, but only because I have artwork to do for HBB, editing to do for HBB, editing to do for my HBB, and editing to do for something indirectly related to HBB. Oh, and PhD research.

And I'm going golfing here:

See you on the flip side!
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So, yesterday, between the rains, I went for a drive. I don't usually do this because it burns gas and that's both expensive and bad for the environment. But yesterday I just needed to get out of a cottage empty for the first time in weeks. Go figure.

I drove around Lake Rosseau. I've never done that before, as it's not on the way to anything, but I figured why not? Off I went. There weren't many cars about yesterday (weather, Thursday, etc.) and I only had one ass behind me on my tailgate, and then only at the end of it near Winderemere. It was a pleasant drive, until I ran out of paved road south of Ullswater. Then it was a bit less fun, because my car doesn't do washboard all that well. Still, it was manageable (not like I was going to turn around!)

I went around a turn on 141, or it could have been 24 south of Ullswater, I honestly don't remember, and found the best view in the world. I watch Top Gear a lot and they talk about the best driving roads in the world. Well, this wasn't the best road, not anywhere near, but this view was spectacular. The people who live on that turn may be the luckiest in Muskoka. I didn't realise places like that existed outside Italy!

I'm slowly making my way through City of Seven Walls as an audio, having read it once a long time ago. I think it's more enjoyable to listen to, though there's some really awkward moments 'on tape' that maybe work better on 'paper'. Still, I enjoy a good SGA every now and then. Only one chapter left to go! It has a good tone to it, and that makes for peaceful and slow driving, unlike most of the music I listen to which makes me want to go fast!

Today, it's off to the museum, probably for the last time. Home next Wednesday, it looks like!
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In a few hours my aunt and 'uncle' arrive. Following them will be friends from the golf club who are desperate to meet me so they can regal me with all their photos of Machu Picchu. How...wonderful. Because the only thing better than going yourself is to have to listen to a travel presentation from someone else.

[heavy sarcasm]

Following them will be my parents. Happy happy joy joy. I have spent the majority of the last two months(when I haven't been at work) doing all the stuff on the long list my mother made. So everything is perfect. Yes? Yeah, I thought you'd agree with me. Ignoring the fact that with 5 people and 2 dogs this weekend it'll be a mess by the time my parents do get here. There's just no way to win.

I'm really very tired. But Burlington is much much worse. I have decided that next year I am going to go somewhere amazing. Somewhere on my bucket list. And even if it's only for a few weeks at least I will not feel, come 2012 that I have failed - once again - to do anything with my life. SOMEWHERE BRILLIANT.


On an aside, could anyone explain to me in very simple words why everyone is suddenly shipping River/Amy? Because my brain refuses to understand how that is at all okay. I get femslash; I don't get this.
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Loves the way Muskoka works. It's 8:30am and we get are down at the dock madly trying to get the cover on the boat before it rains anymore and our neighbours towards the road call. And tell us there's a bear been spotted three doors down from them. Which means that the call tree has been put in effect and the word is getting passed down the road (we're the second last cottage). Now, we're at the dock (200ft from the cottage) with two dogs out. MAD RUN! And waiting for a bear to show up and then (hopefully) leave.

Good thing I called in rain to work today (by which I mean, it's raining and therefore I can't go). I don't think my little puddlejumper would have done well up against a bear on the driveway.

I sort of hope he shows rather then goes over the ridge so I can get a picture.
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You know what *really* pisses me off? That I clean the cottage, do the shopping, sweep everything outside, bake a casserole and then go to work for 7 hours only to come home to a houseful of guests that I have to play hostess to, because my aunt seems to expect it.

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Way to skyrocket my stress levels! Returned from work to find the road blocked by trucks and a tree down with the power lines. Had to park the car on the other side of the lake at the cousins, bail the boat out, paddle it back across the my cottage and wait 4 hours for them to fix the power. Then repeat. Car now at the right cottage. Boat now at the right cottage (and clean). Tree cut up and cleared and all is well.

Mostly; I didn't get the curry I wanted for dinner, so I'm sort of pissed. Soup on the BBQ instead. :(
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In deference to my LJ icon, I have remembered that my hair hates Muskokan water with a passion it reserves only for the ocean. Actually, I think it may trump that. At least my skin loves salt water. Fresh water does it no help either.

Bugger. Stringy, flat hair for the next four months!

It rained again. I am making the Lansdowne Appetizer for dinner to cheer myself up. And because I found chorizo for cheap at the store.
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Cousins up across the bay. Nice and very unexpected. My little baby cousin isn't so little anymore! He's four now and adorable, even if he has a tendency to whine. A lot.

How things change. Kendra and Mark and his son Lucas up across the bay. Me here. No 'adults' in sight. God, how long ago were we the kids?

It's currently downpouring.
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1. I love this town. I went into the bank today (TD) and went to the teller to deposit my first pay cheque. I have this thing: if there is no line up at the tellers, I hate using the machines. I would rather speak to a person. Anyway, I get up there and I hand over the cheque and tell her I’d like to deposit it. Then I swipe my card. At this point the account comes up on her screen which says my branch is in Burlington. She asks me ‘so, are you working up here for the summer?’ to which I say yes. Then she looks at the cheque. ‘Oh, you’re working for Randy. How’s he doing?’ I take this completely in stride. ‘Not bad’. Then she asks what I’m doing for him for the summer. ‘Painting the new boat’. ‘Oh’, she says ‘and how’s that coming along?’ So we have this whole conversation.
*As a note, Bracebridge has a population of 16,000 (in the winter). It’s not that small. Except obviously it is.

2. This is going to sound crass, but I saw my first obese ten-year-old today. And all I wanted to do was turn to her also obese father and say ‘child abuse much?’ The girl weighed more than I do. (No posted comments about my weight, please)

3. I passed the first convoy headed to Huntsville today (not the first, but the first I’ve seen). You could tell, what with all the diplomatic licence plates...and the shiny tour bus. I just don’t get what they were doing on 118. Huntsville’s up 11. It was a big convoy too; at least a dozen cars and the bus.

4. The McDonald’s in Huntsville was evacuated today because of a bomb threat. My reaction to this is ‘lol, that’s the best you can do?’ It’s a McDonald’s, by all means bomb it to hell. (Except, of course not with people in it.)

Kate: I keep watching that Brand New Day vid you introduced me to. I don’t know why, but it’s made me fall in love with Eleven. And not in the way you’ll like. And Amy crosses her arms almost as much as I do. I never noticed.
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My entire back is just one big ache. From tailbone to the back of my neck my spine just feels like someone took it and twisted it into a spiral.

I called in sick on my second day of work. Ouch. But really, there's no point in me going because just driving there will be painful, and I could paint, but I know from past experience that I will have a headache before the clock strikes noon (I can already feel the first stirings at the base of my skull) and what use am I with a pounding headache? Besides, I spent all yesterday painting with what turned out to be a migraine by the time I got home. Honestly, the drive back from Bracebridge was agony and very very stupid. I could barely see enough to drive.

I do not want a repeat. And it's supposed to rain this afternoon. Although, looking at the window, I'd say before noon. It looks like evening outside! And it was trying to be sunny and hour ago, which tells me the weather system must be moving faster than the weather channel predicts. The radar has rain over Georgian Bay. So, probably no point anyways. Can't paint in the rain, it leaves annoying drop marks in the the wet paint! Which it did yesterday. On my perfectly painted bright white stern of the boat. DROP MARKS. ALL OVER. Bugger you Mother Nature. At least the ceiling struts will be fine...

I am so out of shape. June project...fix that. soon as my back stops throbbing and I can get the kayak out of the garage. And check the lake temperature. I wonder where the ladder got to? Huh. Hey, wet suit and swimming! When it's not - you know - that time. Kate, I think there might be a wet suit up here you could use. I will have to check the back closet. It may have been eaten by mice.

It's so calm here. It's the beginning of June in Muskoka, which is just another way of saying no one is here. There are lights on at the yellow place across the bay, but I have concluded they must live up here now, because they were on in early May too. Nothing on the far shore though, except at the church property. The lake is so still too, almost a perfect mirror and black as ink with the dark sky today. There's no birds chirping, or traffic on the highway (not yet, at least, that'll come in a few weeks), or boats on the water. Just utter, perfect, stillness. I could just sit and stare at it for hours. Which is about all I can do with my back!

Kate, how do you deal with this on a daily basis? Does it feel like your spine is in a clamp all the time, because that's how mine feels right now?

If it rains any more I think tarps on the boat will give out. ::contemplates that a minute:: Well, it's not my boat. It's not like it's going to sink sitting on a trailer in the driveway. So, how much do I love my aunt? Today, not enough to care.

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At the cottage.

In other news, I have officially decided to be sick. I've been fighting against it for 3 days, but apparently I lost. Gah, tea and satellite! Hopefully it will be gone in a few days. I guess I won't be getting any of the To Do list done this particular week. I just hope Sunset doesn't call...
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Okay, To Do list for TODAY:

1)Drive to cottage. x
2)Drop off present/books at Kate's. x
3)Unload car. x
4)Clean all pathways and decks off. x
5)Dust/vacuum/sweep interior. x
6)Make the bed I didn't last October. x
7)Make up a shopping list of all the things that were forgotten. x
8)Find out whether the Best Bakery In The World will be open tomorrow. x YESYES!
9)Make sure the boathouse/boats/garage/pump house are still standing and operational. x (Pump house was an issue - now fixed)
10)Enjoy being At The Cottage for my Birthday! XXX
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KBO = "Keep Buggering On" and it's going to be my new catch phrase. I feel it justifiably fits my life.

So, it's May. I used to love May. May meant great things and school was almost over and the cottage was going to be opened and summer was just around the corner. This year I don't give a flying fuck. It's just another month of being virtually unemployed, horribly underpaid, and horribly abused as a volunteer. I've written this month off already. The weather is lovely and I have nothing to do. In related news, I've buggered up my left foot and pretty much can't exercise worth a damn, so even that level of boredom relief has been snatched from me. I'm going to sit around the house and feel sorry for myself and hope by June that I can walk again.

I'm taking the boat job in Muskoka. It isn't great, but it can pass on my CV has culturally related to something-or-other. It pays $12 an hour and I'm guaranteed (I HOPE) 25 hours a week. That's more money than I made even in December. And it'll be till the end of September, maybe even into October depending on the weather. And it's only 4 days a week. Which leaves me 3 other days of the week to do all the work around the cottage that no one else is going to do because they've all decided they aren't going to Muskoka this year. Apparently there are more important things.

So, that's pretty much my summer. Work like crazy for 4 days out in the sun on the lake, work in and around the cottage on various things the other 3 days. Write a bit, read a lot, paint a picture or two (where am I going to hang these things?) and all around ignore the next thirty odd years or so of my life. It's a plan, at least. It's not a great plan, but I live for any type of plan that doesn't involve being homeless or unemployed.

I'm going to go broke on food and gas at Muskoka prices. But hey, maybe I'll get tips!

I am trying very hard not to think about Thanksgiving.
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1. I have two job interviews at the end of April!

They are both in Muskoka!

Unfortunately, they are both part-time. I'm not sure how 'part' yet. I know which one, though, that I would rather have if I got the choice. Because one is historic tours of Port Carling and one is...retail.

2. I went to Mapleview today. I should now better, but after pilates, job applications (urgh), a long walk, finishing a book, and lunch, I was....very bored. So, I figured I would drive a short distance and then walk some more. Which means the mall, pretty much, because this is Burlington, ya know? Anyway, I did really well (for me). Ardene had a deal on for 2 spring scarves for $15, which is cheap and they had dozens to chose from. Bought torquoise/pink stipe and a green/brown floral print. Both to match jackets I own.

Then I walked down to H&M. I have this thing with H&M. I love it when it's in England. Beyond that, I kind of hate it. But now it amuses me to go into the store here and walk around and go 'oh, look! isn't that nice! I own it' and marvel at the difference an ocean makes in fashion. Two months ago (ish) I went in and found a dress that they did not have in England. It's the perfect Ascot dress. It just screams English lawn party. It's light green with flowers and it matches my eyes and fits in all the right places. But it was, like, January and I didn't even bother trying it on. I don't need another dress and it was $60 (no bad for a dress, really). But today, the weather was nice, and I was feeling good about my tax return (HAH), so I tried it on. They only had the small sizes left. I loved it even more than I did in January. So...I bought it. Because it really does look stunning and I am sure it will one day come in handy. As long as I never gain weight, because I bought a 2. I would have felt better with the 4, but unfortunately it uh...sagged in the bust a bit. I hate being small.

You didn't actually read that last paragraph, did you?
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You know what really bugs me? I applied to a bunch of jobs in Muskoka (non museums) and I've heard back from a few asking me if I'd be available on such-and-such a date to interview.

My resume CLEARLY states I live in Burlington and I CLEARLY stated in the cover letter that I would be moving to Muskoka on the Victoria Day weekend and NOT BEFORE. So they are asking me to come up for an interview KNOWING IT WILL take me 6 hours to drive round trip and nowhere to stay.

I have already email two back and asked for a phone interview, citing the fact that I am very busy for the next week at the museum and that after that I am going to Washington for two weeks. One has not deigned to email me back AT ALL and the other I will give more time, because they are a small business and I don't think they check their email very often.


I want to win the lotto.


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