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I didn't plan on it, since I didn't know exactly what date it was, but apparently I'm in Canada for the Volunteer Brunch with the museum. So, guess where I'm going this morning? To Crossroads, where they film '100 Huntley St.', which is 500ft from my house and I place I swore I would never set foot in. All for free food. I am so easy.

On the upshot? PANCAKES!
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Literally, 'to travel through thick and thin'. )

ETA: Pictures now up.
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I hate it. I know that makes NO SENSE to non-museum people, because it is commonly considered the Best Museum in the World by most people. But I have spent the last 4 years of my life (and we'll not count the number of years before that, shall we?) analysing museums; what works, what doesn't, etc. And the British Museum doesn't work.

The best evidence I can come up with for this is that I love museums. I love them so much I am trying like crazy and putting myself head over heels in debt in order to have a career in one, maybe, one day, if I'm lucky. Every time I travel somewhere I visit museums, no matter what the purpose of the trip.

And I hate the British Museum.

So after that little philosophical ramble, let's move on. It was a long day. We were only there for 5 hours and it felt like 10. I just sort of wandered around aimlessly and got annoyed at all the tourists and school groups that were crowding hallways and galleries. I poked (not literally) at a few statues and then spent an hour walking around the Enlightenment room, because it's the only new thing the BM has done in about 150 years (yes, I'm exaggerating; the point is that I'm not exaggerating much). It's an "interesting" exhibit. I'm not sure it quite worked the way the curator wanted it to (and I listened to her talk about it for 30 minutes during the tour I stole in on). I think it works for non-museum/history people, but I just identified all the thinks that didn't jive at all well. It just looked like a rather large mish-mash of forcing things into some sort of theme, according to the curator's view. Interspersed with a library. Now, it's the enlightenment period, so books are a big part of that, but many of the books were much more recent than that and many of them were on topics that had nothing to do with the values and philosophy of the period. So, I don't think that worked. They were just going for the 'it looks very traditional right?' and the 'we have all this stuff and nowhere to put it...'. That's only half an excuse for how you design an exhibit. Especially when a lot of it is on loan (and don't get me started on that one, because designing a permanent exhibit with stuff that's on 5-year renewal loans is asking for it).

To that end: the Parthenon marbles are still in London, the Rosetta Stone is still the most visited piece in the whole museum, the gift shop is still deadly, and the humidity readings are 20% higher than they should be in all the textile galleries.

In conclusion, I cringe about a lot of things when I walk around the BM. But hey, despite the 6 hours on a bus, it was still nice to get out for a day.
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Is sadly contemplating spending her horribly small quantity of hard earned money on a 'new' vintage dress. They're so pretty and I wants one! I am also entirely too lazy to make one myself. Fabric is getting so expensive too. It's almost cheaper to buy a pre-made one in my size.

I want to have a real job.
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I had a lot of free time this summer. In hindsight it was more than I thought I'd have, and it's probably why parts of the summer seemed to drag along forever. By now I've already forgotten what free time feels like. I haven't had a day to just veg and do whatever appeals since I got back to Burlington. And you know what's really strange, is that I like it.

Keeping busy and having multiple projects and places to be is very motivating. I'm gearing up my social life again! There are people who live nearby that I'd all but forgotten about. Now there is coffee and dinner!

Of course, there is PhD proposing and applications and references and research. And retail work to pay the bills (or at least the gas). Also, I'm officially on board as a consultant for the local museums for a virtual exhibition funding bid. I won't get paid unless it's a success, but talk about incentive! I'll be doing project management stuff and heavily involved in lesson plans for the bid with one of the museum educators. I'm absolutely thrilled to have been asked, even before I got back to Burlington. I'm also getting into the educational programs at the museum for the school year. Lots of things to do and great fun. And of course, I'm still applying for jobs and *hoping*.

I've decided come January, after the funding bid and applications for the PhD are in that I'm going to find something else to do that makes me money. I'll hate it, but MONEY! Probably start temping or get a job as personal secretary. I've got the experience; years of it, in fact. Not much, but better than retail post Christmas! I also plan on intensive French tutoring. Yes, I've caved. But if it gets me a $80,000 job in Ottawa or Toronto by the time I'm 40, it's worth the blood and tears. Yes, that's my new mantra. I just have to figure out how to pay for it, but if I had a full-time temp job, I'd have the money at least month for month. No rent to pay in the coming future, unless a job outside Burlington/Hamilton appears. Also thinking of maybe doing some volunteer work in Hamilton come the winter, but that'll depend on how busy other things keep me. It would only be until September (HOPEFULLY!!!)

I am trying to forget that I just paid my car insurance and I'm $1200 dollars poorer (hard to believe poorer is possible). Pretty much that was my summer income, right there. I'll have to start putting away for next year this Christmas too. That's about the only negative thing right now, however, so I'm calling this weekend a win. Hopefully the week too.

Exam tomorrow. We'll see. But after that? No school for 12 months! (Except French)
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KBO = "Keep Buggering On" and it's going to be my new catch phrase. I feel it justifiably fits my life.

So, it's May. I used to love May. May meant great things and school was almost over and the cottage was going to be opened and summer was just around the corner. This year I don't give a flying fuck. It's just another month of being virtually unemployed, horribly underpaid, and horribly abused as a volunteer. I've written this month off already. The weather is lovely and I have nothing to do. In related news, I've buggered up my left foot and pretty much can't exercise worth a damn, so even that level of boredom relief has been snatched from me. I'm going to sit around the house and feel sorry for myself and hope by June that I can walk again.

I'm taking the boat job in Muskoka. It isn't great, but it can pass on my CV has culturally related to something-or-other. It pays $12 an hour and I'm guaranteed (I HOPE) 25 hours a week. That's more money than I made even in December. And it'll be till the end of September, maybe even into October depending on the weather. And it's only 4 days a week. Which leaves me 3 other days of the week to do all the work around the cottage that no one else is going to do because they've all decided they aren't going to Muskoka this year. Apparently there are more important things.

So, that's pretty much my summer. Work like crazy for 4 days out in the sun on the lake, work in and around the cottage on various things the other 3 days. Write a bit, read a lot, paint a picture or two (where am I going to hang these things?) and all around ignore the next thirty odd years or so of my life. It's a plan, at least. It's not a great plan, but I live for any type of plan that doesn't involve being homeless or unemployed.

I'm going to go broke on food and gas at Muskoka prices. But hey, maybe I'll get tips!

I am trying very hard not to think about Thanksgiving.
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So incredibly tired. The headache started at noon. It's mostly gone now, but it made for a really long afternoon that dragged from 2 onwards. But the event was - I think - a complete success, minus the stupid parents who wanted to hunt for eggs instead of let their kids do it.

I ate too much today. And none of it was good. I can forgive the hot dog, because it's been months since I had one. But I didn't need the 4 oatmeal cookies, 4 sugar cookies, or the piece of spice cake. At least the cookies were all small. I also ate a handful of chocolate eggs because...really. I'll enjoy them while they last.

12 months ago I was on my way back from Prague. ::sigh::
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So...this is a new level of boredom. I have nothing to do. I mean it. I went for two walks and washed the car today just to fill time. All I have left to do is shower and that is not going to take 4 hours until bedtime. There isn't even any tv tonight and I've seen all the movies that are on that pose even a little bit of interest.

Friday's used to be awesome. What happened?


I am seriously going to give up by the end of this year and pick a new career. I can get into a program for January. Maybe I'll go back to interior design or accounting.
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Okay now I'm starting to feel used. When I get back from holiday, that's the end of it.

And a reference is the lease they can do.
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So, apparently I've been ignoring LJ. I recently started keeping a handwritten journal again, because I was a little worried how out of practice I was getting with writing instead of typing. I used to keep about 6 journals at once and never got bored filling all of them, but I don't have the attention span for that anymore. Or the time.

It's been an interesting 7 days. It didn't start well (last Monday will live as a day I'd rather forget ever happened), but it ended pretty damn awesomely. (Is that a word?) The party I hosted on Sunday went really well, and I definitely impressed everyone. I really can do hostessing well. If only I could make a career with that, although I'm sure someone has. I've got a fair amount done at the museum this last week too, including walking in to the Volunteer Coordinators Office and telling her I was appointing myself Volunteer Coordinator's Assistant. I'm now organising the volunteering schedule for the Easter Day Egg'spectacular, which means a lot of shuffling, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of me standing up and telling people what they are doing (instead of letting them decide). It's going to look fantastic on my CV.

I will also be starting next week with inventorying (?) the costume collection with an actual conservator, so I will hopefully be learning lots and maybe between the two of us we can make things better, because the way it is now? - So not good.

Tomorrow evening I am off to my cousins' in Toronto for the night and then to the AGO to see the King Tut exhibit finally! Considering how mad my cousins' lives are, I'm really impressed they got around to inviting me, but it's great of them. My 'baby' cousin has been missing me terribly, apparently, which I find amusing since I saw her 3 months ago and before that it'd been 2 years, but you know how 12 year olds can be...It will be nice to see her for a bit and then spend an enjoyable day with my cousin Amme, who is certainly the only person on the face of the planet who understands me (including the Aunt).

There is an open bottle of wine in the fridge that has to be drunk. Isn't that a right shame?


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