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Wreck next December, I tell you, that will be me.

I'm not sure I need to warn that this post contains spoilers, but SPOILERS! Also, it rambles on a rather long way, so I don't really expect anyone to read it, but I need to work this out on 'paper' for myself.

A few things to start, in no particular order so that we can get them out of the way.

1) Martin Freeman, I LOVE YOU.
2) Everything Gandalf does is just awesome sauce. And nice guest spot by Radagast.
3) The entire scene(s) in Erebor were a hell of a lot better than I thought, and I had some pretty high expectations, let me tell you.
4) When I read the book, Thranduil's caves is the only thing I could never wrap my head around; elves, living in caves, wha? But I think PJ's version is perfect and the entrance was PERFECT.
5) Beyond a slight issue with Kili/Tauriel (see below) I have a newfound respect for Evangeline Lilly because WOW.

And now the slightly less intelligent stuff begins.

Grav made a very valid point about Two Towers several days ago, and it still stands. because TT has one of the best openings ever for a sequel movie and…this didn't. Seriously, it didn't. It felt like the opening for the EE, but this was the theatre version. Baring that, however, once we got over the initial PJ cameo and a lot of dirty looks from Breelanders, the movie got rolling with a bang. And then several more bangs.

I'm glad the Beorn stuff was short, I really am. It's boring to watch the dwarves kick around on holiday for a while. And the Mirkwood stuff that followed really set the tone for the rest of it. I loved the stoned dwarves and I seriously closed my eyes for most of the spider stuff, because after about two minutes I just decided nightmares were not worth it. But what I heard sounded pretty damn awesome, so I'm going with that. The set was spectacular.

And Legolas didn't bother me at all. I attribute this to the fact he didn't talk much.

Thranduil bothered me a lot, but I figured that one was coming. Because although Lee Pace looks a lot like Orlando Bloom, I thought the acting was a bit…off. Which is probably not his fault, really, but it bugged me during those scenes. The rest of the scenes in the woodland realm though, did make up for it. The dungeons, seriously, the DUNGEONS. And THE WINE CELLAR. And…someone I was with made a complaint about elves getting drunk and snoring but IT'S IN THE BOOK. And it was flipping hilarious. Also, possibly the moment I can identify loving Bilbo the most.

The barrels was better than I thought, though the CGI here was at it's worst. Now, I know from last year's experience that if I saw this in 48 frames (which is nearly impossible to do in England) then that wouldn't be an issue, so I can't really fault the movie for that. But it was annoying in regular 3D, but not enough that I didn't really enjoy the chase. I also laughed more than one should when the main heroes are being shot at by orcs.

Obviously the Kili getting hurt thing was massively contrived for later use in movie 3, but it did throw a nice chink in the works and the thing I LOVED MOST ABOUT THIS MOVIE was that half the time I didn't know what was coming. If you've not read the books, you can't understand what it is like to sit through one of these films and not know what's next. It's WONDERFUL. It was the thing I wished most about LotR and could never have.

Here is where I point out that I'm totally okay with the love 'triangle' except for the fact that I think Tauriel was nicer to Kili upfront then she should have been. I just needed one more scene were something happens to bridge that jump. But I'll imagine something in my head and it'll be okay (or I'll write something and it will be okay). Healing scene in Bard's house was another throwback to Fellowship, obviously, but Bofur gets the most marks for finding athalas and surviving an orc attack at the same time.

Bard. Laketown. BARD. That part is going to be so amazing in movie 3. I just, have no words. It was perfect. Luke Evans, thank you.

We don't need to talk about Gandalf again, right? Because the trip to the tomb of the Nine was unexpected and BLOODY COOL. And then Gandalf telling Radagast to go tell Galadriel what's happening is, really, going to pay off hugely in movie 3. But that part that's going to pay off the most is the part where Dol Guldur is empty of it's armies and Sauron's looking at other things and Thrain is going to bust Gandalf out of his - rather humiliating - predicament.

I said Erebor was perfect right? So we don't need to go into that again. I am happy to Bilbo & Smaug stuff, though fantastic, didn't go on any longer. I think they timed that perfectly. And yes, gold statue, hugely contrived, but massively effective too. The furnace room was pretty damn (I'm running out of words) amazing. And the fact that Thorin, after 150 years, still remembers how to do everything is a nice little throwback to him as a blacksmith in the years after. Even if the surfing down the river of molten gold was a gimmick.

One of the people I went with, who was worried she wouldn't like it, being a book purist, said she really enjoyed it…up until the end. She loathed the end. And I can understand why. But I didn't loath the end. I was wondering where they would end it and knew it ended on a cliffhanger, and this was, to me perfect. The look of utter despair on Bilbo's face is stunning (again, see point 1) above). And the cut to the song…nearly brought me to tears. Or would have, had aforementioned person not chosen that moment to lean over and say 'I hated that'. I didn't get to listen to the whole song too, but I've heard it before. I think it fit perfectly here. It really did what it was meant to.

Non-book people are now going to go out in droves and buy the book, if they haven't already. That would annoy me a lot not knowing the outcome. Of course, knowing the outcome annoys me because I know how hard movie 3 is going to be to top that.

In other words, I liked it. But it took me until this morning to realise that. I liked it more than movie 1, in fact. I have big hopes for next year.

But it's still not Rings. And that's no one's fault except Tolkien's.

In no relation whatsoever, I had a fight with my hair this morning and I lost. I had it all perfect except for one piece that wouldn't lie down and in my bid to tame it I destroyed the whole hairstyle. So it's in a ponytail now. Stupid hair.
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Saw Les Mis yesterday. I think it went a whole lot better than I feared it would. However, thought 99% of the people who see it I am certain will not notice, they changed at least one word in every third-fourth line of each song. Sometimes they just switched lines around. Other times they changed the entire last line of a verse. Apparently all of the changes were to make the wording more understandable to the audience which, okay, I get, but bugs me nonetheless. I can't sing along if you change the lines.

But the part I feared - namely that someone's voice was going to grate on me like fingernails on a chalk board - did not happen. I attribute this to a) they can sing, b) many of the secondary/tertiary cast were from the 25th Anniversary Stage Production of Les Mis, and therefore were reprising their own stage roles and c) I tried not to listen to Hugh Jackman butcher some of the notes too closely for fear of ruining the entire experience. Russell Crowe, however? Nailed it completely. Anne Hathaway too.

And 1000 bonus points for the surprise guest star I didn't see coming, because I purposefully did not look up anything about this movie ahead of time.
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If so, why are you on my friends list? gets better with viewing? Which is, you know, not as much of a surprise as it currently feels like it is. I'm just...a little blown away by that fact. I totally noticed the 48 frames more the second time, but the Aunt didn't notice it at all (her first viewing). I think I just paid more attention or something? Didn't really matter, it was just more of a 'oh, now I get what people are talking about, anyway and...DWARVES!' I'm easily distracted? That must be it.

Some random points in no particular order or appearence... )

Anyways, I've managed to eat a roast beef dinner and a stuffed pork tenderloin dinner today. And eggs benedict. I'm feeling sort of sick.
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This is probably not something you want to read if you're a fan and loved the movie. Just a warning.

I don't, really, have a problem with any of the other Twilight films. They did what they could with their source material and, despite Kristen Stewart not being even remotely my favourite actress, they were entertaining. That's all I really want in a movie.

So, naturally, I kind of had 'expectations' for BD2. None of which I felt were really met. Except, strangely, I didn't mind Kristen Stewart at all.

I wasn't spoiled for the end. I mean, there's a fight sequence as part of the trailer, so obviously there was going to be a fight. I don't know if they were trying to fool the audience or not. If they were trying to make you think the fight was real, they really shouldn't have started off with such an obvious move. Because it took me less than 5 seconds to go 'yeah, this isn't real'. It took me slightly longer to figure out it was a vision, but that's not really important. Before anyone even moves it's obviously fake. Because had it been real, every single fan of the books would have been pissed that they had changed anything! How more obvious can you be?

If it wasn't supposed to be a fool, then good, it wasn't. It was sort of fun, although even as a vision the fight was really too easy. Though full points for Marcus' 'Finally' line, because that part made me laugh.

Stepping back from the fight scene, I really felt that the movie went much too quickly. Some people have said to me that it feels so much longer than 2 hours. It really didn't. It didn't even feel like 2 hours. I felt the opening credits did nothing for me and just seemed to be filling time they should have spent on developing all the new characters a bit more. I liked the end credits, however, as it was a nice nod (apparently my point about LeFevre not getting credited is moot, as I've been told she was. I missed it however, which may be telling). However, with the long end credits (a la ROTK) the beginning ones felt even more like time filler. In a 2 hour movie, you shouldn't have time filler.

I also felt that certain scenes, like the opening scenes after Bella wakes up, really could have used some more dialogue and the rest of the Cullens. It's actually a nice sequence in the books, and they didn't draw upon that at all. There are also a few decidedly quick cuts across scenes which showed a poor lack of editing, that was not there in BD1. Many times it felt rushed towards the end. The book does not, despite the back part being shorter than the first section of the wedding/baby/Jacob's POV. Words take time to read, even for short scenes in a book. It feels slower and more fleshed out. This is hard to get in movies, as visual is naturally quicker, but they didn't seem to try very hard.

I liked Mackenzie, except I really think she was too old by the end. Or maybe just that she looks too old (I can't remember how old the actress was during filming). Nessie is supposed to take 7 years to reach maturity! Not 7 months. I just didn't buy it by the end, and it bugged me. I hate things that bug me, they make it very hard to enjoy a film.

However, bonus points for Alice and Jasper being quite book-true. Also, Bella going at Jacob for imprinting, because that never ceases to be funny. I did like the Charlie parts, even though that glade where Jacob shifts is starting to look worryingly familiar and over-used as a shooting spot. I loved Jenks, but would have loved to see more of that part (again). They managed to get quite a lot from the books in, but by the end when the Volturi's necklace shows up it just felt like the makers were trying to just get a check-list of stuff in without considering if it was important/focused on enough.

Lastly, I loved Benjamin, as I did in the book. Gareth and Kate could have their own show. I will never stop loving Marcus because it's Chris. I was a little bit more taken with Caius this time, but that's because of Jamie (also, CoB trailer? Not in England!). The cottage was cute. Jacob doesn't bug me anymore (he didn't last film either). And, finally, Carlisle and Esme are SO ADORABLE together it's faintly ridiculous.

In other words, it wasn't quite a waste of £6.80. I did have much higher hopes for a finale, though.

More importantly, I've just learned that Mockingjay will be two movies, as you do, because thank you HP you just had to start that didn't you? I'm already worried now I'm going to feel cheated by at least one part of it.
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THERE ARE TICKETS! I LOVE YOU KATE! This is going to be the best premiere EVER. And that includes the RotK one, which happened during the weirdest week of my life.

::dances around the office in public:: Okay, yeah, so no one else is here right now. There's windows!

In other news, I saw Gambit last night. Cameron Diaz was surprisingly good and funny. Alan Rickman looks entirely too good naked for his age. And what can one say about Colin Firth that hasn't already been said? It was laugh-out-loud funny and I did not see the twist coming at the end. I love art heist movies. They make me feel better about my career choice.

Lastly, I guess I'm going to have to see BD2 on my own. I have to see it because I've seen the others, and I hate leaving movie series unfinished. I even saw the last Spiderman even though it sucked. And Matrix. And X-Men. And the 3 Star Wars that should never have been made. So I feel like I need to, in order to get on with my life. I think I'll go to a cheap afternoon showing on Monday and sit in a corner and try not to me embarrassed (I hate going to movies on my own!)

And in still other news, I guess I'm going to have to see Les Mis, even though listening to Anne Hathaway sing is not my favourite thing in the world, and though I love Hugh Jackman, he is not Colm Wilkinson. The sacrifices we make.

I have so much travel in the next 5 weeks! It ends off a very well-travelled year, I guess. And exciting travel plans for next year (*cough*Camino*cough*RingCon*coughcoughcough*).

I need Hobbit icons. Like now. So I can abuse them for a whole month before the xmas ones get used.

Also, seriously, the City of Bones trailer makes me so proud! What an odd feeling.
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Seriously, nearly as much excitment as The Hobbit right now! A person that I exchange Xmas cards with has a movie (series).

It's a good thing I haven't been living in Toronto. It would have been rather pathetic how much time I dedicated to haunting filming sites.

[The coolest part is that I finally get to use both these tags in the same post!]
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This sounds horrific, but the articles that discuss the lack of stellar performance of Dark Knight Rises at the box office are walking a very fine line. Most of them are discussing the lack of performance in terms of the massacre in Denver, of course, by stating facts. A few, however, make it sound like the shooting is to blame. Which yes, it likely is, but do we really need to word it to make it sound like 'we didn't get as much money as we thought because a lot of people died'? Seriously, media, get your act together!

However, even with the best predictions beforehand, it seems like no one actually thought that Dark Knight Rises would beat the Avengers. Which fills me with a certain amount of glee because in April I said Avengers would be the top movie of the year (until the Hobbit, and even that might be a 'who knows?' situation). I'm assuming Breaking Dawn won't trump it too because THEN I WILL KILL MYSELF. Or Skyfall, but the Bond films have never done well in recent...decades. Or the latest Bourne. Despite, you know, Jeremy HOTHOTHOT Renner, but still heavily violent movie which may not be everyone's cup of tea right now. Specially as part of a film series.
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So, apprently certain people had failed to see the Avengers movie, despite the fact that it's been out for 6 weeks in England (or is that 8?) and since Dark Knight is to be released soon we figured the Epic Movie Trip should happen this week before, you know, we had to wait until September and iTunes are something unappealing like that.

Fifth time and this movie is not less funny. It may be more funny. It's hard to tell. I just laugh at so much of it. I have most of it memorised now and so can appreciate the delivery more. And the delivery is brilliant. It's the first time I realise how excellently Scarlett nails her Tasha lines, other than the funny ones like 'I don't see how that's a party' and 'It's just like Budapest' [though Hawkeye's response to that last line is SPOT ON FANTASTIC.]

I could also pay more attention to Fury this time around, but spent most of the scenes watching Hill, actually, and noting just how AWESOME she is, especially at the beginning with the car chase, much of which she had to have done herself. Cobbie is The Best New Action Hero Ever. Now I came back to Maria Hill fic, so all is right with the world tonight.

Also, the gals I saw it with agreed with me on All The Points, which makes a movie better, as you know. I spent the entire watching going through the following Feelings:

It's okay Bruce. Have a hug.

Oh, Steve.

Thor is AWESOME.

Loki is sort of adorable, but that may be Tom Hiddleston instead and I'm projecting. Still, he just looks like he needs someone to love him.

Coulson is The Man. And so still alive.

Fury is actually pretty cool in this movie. He's clearly moved away from the position of being owned by a higher authority and has take the step to engineer things the way he sees fit. Which mostly worked out to everyone's advantage. *cough*Phil*cough*


Just smile for me Clint and all will be right with the world. Also, Avengers 2 is going to have a Katniss joke, we all know it.

Tony, Tony, Tony. Stop being so awesome. It physically hurts to laugh these days. And Robert? Please stop looking at me like that. All I want to do is jump you, and you're married. With kids. So that would end badly. But it might actually be worth it.

PEPPER! PEPPER! PEPPER! You totally get 112% next time.

Hill you are The Best. That is all.

SITWELL! I didn't even notice you the first four times. How cool is that? You're just...there. And unassuming. And it's brilliant. I need to go watch The Consultant Again. [And AFTHOTWTTH. Because.]

Anyways, FEELINGS. Also, the latest room is a Nick Fury movie with the origins of his story and how Tasha and Clint got caught up in SHIELD. Which I am sort of alright with, but I'd rather have the Black Widow movie with Hawkeye's story crossing paths. Still, beggers can't be choosers. And I'm quite willing to beg at this point. Fangirl begging. It's like an art form. And Olympic sport. It's a thing of....

Excuse me, I have a fic about Thor, a Dalek and kitchen utensils to finish. [I swear it makes sense.]

In ending news, today will go down as the WORST MONDAY in ages. Even though it ended fantastically. And I had a great meeting with Ross too, and have the next 6 months planned out (including writing another paper by October...yay?) I hope the morning/afternoon's disaster is over.
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Okay, I realise I will be in Spain next year (damn it!) for all of this, but it will be an awesome May movie month!

Star Trek 2 and Iron Man 3!!!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They had better still be in theatres (well, ST definitely will) when I get back. I will be very angry if I miss IM.
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Movie I didn't want to see, but will now have to: The Bourne Legacy. Damn you Jeremy Renner.

Movie I will not watch on pain of death: Les Miserables. It is not okay to do this to the best musical production ever made.

Stupid movie I'll watch anyways: Men in Black III. Dumb and So Much Fun!

Movie I'm most looking forward to this summer: Snow White and the Huntsman. [There is a hilarious review of it on the]

Movie that scares the crap out of me: Prometheus. The trailer gave me nightmares.

Movie that should never have been made: The Dictator. I don't need to explain this, do I?

Best movie still to come: Skyfall. Enough said.

Most intriguing movie: The Great Gatsby.

Movie I last saw: The Avengers (Assemble). Twice. Legally.

Best movie of the year: The Hobbit.


May. 30th, 2012 09:26 pm
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So, naturally, I decided after two rounds of The Avengers, I'd rewatch the Marvel movies.

Iron Man 1: Hold the phone, I had NO MEMORY of how much Coulson was in this. And then I cried. And it was awesome. And PEPPER! This is definitely her best movie. I have high hopes for IM3.

Iron Man 2: Can't find it anywhere (illegal). ETA: Found. Sort of wish I hadn't. This movie has everything it should have but it's still not fun. Though I think it's the only film I like Fury in and Natasha is awesome. As is Pepper. I wanted to hug Phil before he's sent off to New Mexico and slap Rhodes really hard. But the best scenes were not the ones that should have been the best scenes.

Thor: God, man, I love you. *snerk* Seriously, I have all sorts of love for this movie (and only some of that is because it's NORSE GODS).

Incredible Hulk: Yeah, I refuse to watch the Eric Bana version, because it is the only movie he has made I can't stand to watch. So it's Edward Norton and Liv Tyler instead. I spent the whole thing wishing it was Mark Ruffalo instead.

Captain America: I'm thinking about it. I...still remember it a little too well. And I think I might only like Rogers when Stark is attempting to piss him off. Mostly, 'make fun of the patriotic fly-boy'. ETA: Yeah, now I remember why I both loved and hated this movie. [Loved: HUGO WEAVING PEOPLE, Didn't: Awkward moments every five minutes are really hard to watch and Tommy Lee Jones bugged me in a way he often does when he shows up in random movies.] Still, being reminded of some of the back story was useful and I'd forgotten the Avengers trailer was on the end of that one (it feels like CA came out a lot longer ago then just a year).

I figure that covers me. Naturally, I am doing this as a very short-lived fill in until Thor 2 comes out. Or IM3; I forget which is first. Naturally I am also reading copious amounts of TEAMFIC! and Clint/Natasha pairings. And Fix-its for Coulson, because obviously. Fury lies about everything.


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So, Robert Lawrenson appears within the first ten minutes of Underworld: Awakening as a security guard. He's the only guard in the entire movie who doesn't die which is kind of awesome! Also, he does it with an American accent which is just plain weird from Declan.

And then a lot of people died (mostly lycens) and there was a lot of blood. Yeah, I totally wasted an hour and fifteen minutes on that tonight, but hey, why not?

I am really going to miss Sanctuary and all its people.
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Just watched 'The Descendants' with George Clooney. Truly lovely movie. It's nice to see him in a well-written and well-acted drama. A sad, but still feel-good movie. Definitely recommend!

Also, Mummy went to the 70th Anniversary celebrations of 'my' museum and saved me a cupcake. It's in the freezer a la a wedding cake and being saved for December. This makes me stupidly happy for no apparent reason other than CAKE.

I sort of did work today. And I went to a meeting (one meeting; I should have gone to two) and I actually made dinner. Like, cheesy chicken bake, potato and apple salad and properly cooking (non-frozen) veggies. And then I had fresh berries and custard for dessert (and yes, the custard may have been the leftovers from last night's fish fingers and custard - it's damn well growing on me!). And then there might have been candy again because I have no will power anymore. I should really, really stop. This much sugar definitely makes me feel ill fairly consistantly.

I really need to go to the gym tomorrow. Today I just didn't have the energy after yesterday's swim. Tomorrow I will do better. With work too. And then I am going to Dark Shadows, because Johnny Depp a la the Adams Family? Just what I need.

I used 'a la' twice in this post. I don't think I've ever used it in a blog before.

Yeah, I've totally been reading Jane Eyre too.

And I have my name down for tickets for the torch relay in July here in Leicester. I missed it in Toronto (and it was bloody cold that day anyways) so I hope I get to see it this time! There's a whole big ceremony, because there are lighting 3 torches in Leicester that will burn through the Olympics.

Also, in honour of June 3rd, I have the following day planned: brunch at Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms, Food Festival in Stoneygate, afternoon 'tea' in the park (tbd) and then probably a nice long leisurely evening at a beer garden. This is how you celebrate the Jubilee people, take notes!
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I'm not a Mandy Moore fan, but 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' is an adorable film I just stumbled across. James Brolin AND Jane Seymour? I mean, really, how can you beat that! It was only made last year too, which surprised me. And it's actually an original plot line, as far as I can tell. Cute, light-hearted, funny and feel good. Just what I needed today!

It's also up on YouTube and therefore free, btw.
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I have been trying to assemble words into a coherent thought process for the last few hours and failing utterly. I think there may not actually be words in the English language to describe how amazing this movie was. I love Marvel movies, but this definitely topped them all, and not just because everyone was in it.

And damn did it surprise the heck out of me. 

I cried. I won't pretend otherwise. I had a momentary fleeting glimpse of hope and then that was promptly squashed. I can't even think about this world without Coulson. I mean the very thought just doesn't bear thinking about. But I suppose I will have to, one day. It's more of a loss than I think any other death could have been. But, of course, no one else was ever going to die. The expendable one. The red shirt. I MISS PHIL ALREADY.

I should have known at the beginning when Pepper calls him 'Phil' and they have that whole interchange. It was entirely a set up for an emotional death scene later. But he died a hero. And more than that, he was the linchpin that started the final fight. He was the reason Tony stepped up to the plate. Which means, he accomplished more by dying than living. I still prefer him alive.

It's going to be hard to top this movie ever again. Not to mention how hard it will be for anyone to top it this year. I give the Hobbit and Snow White the only chance, and only the former for monetary numbers.

They are going to make another, right? That wasn't just some really cruel teaser at the end was it?
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I think I should start with the real winner of the group. And I mean that in all its sarcasm. )
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That paper is done! [It's totally not done. There is definitely something I forgot/will have to correct/fix/rewrite.] I sent it to M to edit, to which she replied with a long rambling email that had something to do with a microwave, the desolution of my parents' marriage, and my aunt's flight schedule. To be honest, I didn't really read it very closely. There's really no point these days, as she will regale me with it all the next time we Skype. I only want to hear a story once. At least stories that are completely unentertaining.

I seem to have become the person people ask about for advice on doing an MS PhD at Leicester. How do these things happen? Two people in two days! [Both Canadians.]

I am watching Being Human again. I have no clue what is going on, having missed a season and a half, but the vampire is sort of cute, the accents are nice, and it's British. Also, it's entertaining, even if I don't understand most of the current backstory or who the hell the villain is.

I am taking tomorrow off. By which I mean, I have laundry and cleaning to catch up on, a whole host of movies lined up to watch (and a bit of telly), an Irish trip to plan and, you know, relaxing to do. Maybe I'll walk too, as I haven't all weekend due to weather/paper writing. Might try to do more than 5km too.

Apparently I agreed to be up at 6:30am on Wednesday before I realised that was what I agreed to. That is going to be a very long day (though not as long as I thought at 2pm this afternoon, thankfully). I am hopeful there is good research to be had and that someone else comes with, because the MAs are going to be so busy with things they don't even get a tea break (though they do get lunch). Also, I will have to spend the day avoiding my former supervisor as well as my current supervisor. God, why do I do these things to myself?

I am watching yet another BBC documentary. God, I love BBC documentaries. Doesn't even matter what they're on! Though this one is all about the rotation of the Earth and the impact that has had on climate, civilization and nature. I know most of it already, but the scenery shots are nice. And they went to the Bay of Fundy. Of course, the are ending on Britain and how much the rotation screws the weather up there. Which is sort of the last twenty-four hours summed up in an hour long documentary. The best part is the fact that it's new, so it's all about the horrific weather we've had here of late! Damn windstorms are really starting to bug me.

Anyways, that' Oh, I got one last one: Bella Italia, which is an international chain btw, is advertising the Breaking Dawn Part I DVD which comes out next week here. I am greatly amused, can I just say? Who knew that a little restaurant in Port Angeles, Washington would spawn an international marketing campaign for a movie about vampires? Oh, it's the little things in life that keep me going. [I entered the contest they are running too, but that's because it's for a weekend shopping trip to London, with a nice hotel and train tickets included, and I could use one of those.]
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I have vague recollections of posting the first of these two videos back when it was released Maybe? But for anyone who hasn't seen them (and likes LOTR) here are two of the best fan made movies I have ever seen!

Born of Hope (the story of Gilraen and Arathorn and baby Estel)

The Hunt for Gollum

(You don't get embedded video, I'm afraid. Besides, these are long. Enjoy!

And it occurs to me, with all the movies being touted as 'The One' this year (and the battle already being fought over The Hunger Games and BD2 - like seriously, why bother fighting when the battle's lost already? - the winner is totally The Hobbit) everyone seems to have forgotten THIS AWESOME MOVIE!
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Apparently, The Hunger Games is the most anticipated fan movie of 2012. I really, really hope it's as awesome as the trailer looks!


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