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So, a long time ago I wrote a fic called The Coffee House about Tony Stark and his addiction to coffee.

I possibly wrote more. About, you know, the rest of the cast.

Read more if you dare )
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Yep, it's that colour. I swear to God. Specifically Thor.

I love it, but getting the red colour even when dying it from dark blonde is NOT EASY. Will need another re-dye next month, maybe a shade darker because then the unevenness will be less obvious. As it will when it's dry I'm sure. I'm judging that while it's wet right now, in bad lighting.

Wonder how long before the red fades?

This is not my first red period, but how else does one play Natasha for Hallowe'en?
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So I've been watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother because of reasons. *cough*Cobie Smulders*cough* [Agent Maria Hill from Avengers]

The episode I caught today (don't know the season) had a flashback where Robin dates a guy who's nickname is Iron Man.

There was a lot of laughter, let me tell you. I maybe addicted to this show in, like, a week.
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This fic could have been awful, but instead it's brilliant. It's also the only one of its kind I've found on AO3.

Ever wonder what Dummy and Butterfingers and JARVIS do when Tony's not around? Or why Dummy never seems to quite work right? Or 'A very impressive future of AI technology'.

It's 8 chapters, but they're long ones and occasionally it is difficult to follow along with the JARVIS/Dummy tech speak.
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Disclaimer: If Marvel was mine I’d have the best job in the world and I wouldn’t need to be writing fanfic to keep the insanity at bay.

AN: And once again, thank you Muse [sarcasm]. I am entirely certain this fic could go on forever and ever and ever. There could ‘The Avengers visit the Coffee House’ chapters and everything. No, actually, there can't be. I refuse to write it.

Tony Stark was never allow to run out of coffee. It just didn't happen. Except one time it did. )
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This sounds horrific, but the articles that discuss the lack of stellar performance of Dark Knight Rises at the box office are walking a very fine line. Most of them are discussing the lack of performance in terms of the massacre in Denver, of course, by stating facts. A few, however, make it sound like the shooting is to blame. Which yes, it likely is, but do we really need to word it to make it sound like 'we didn't get as much money as we thought because a lot of people died'? Seriously, media, get your act together!

However, even with the best predictions beforehand, it seems like no one actually thought that Dark Knight Rises would beat the Avengers. Which fills me with a certain amount of glee because in April I said Avengers would be the top movie of the year (until the Hobbit, and even that might be a 'who knows?' situation). I'm assuming Breaking Dawn won't trump it too because THEN I WILL KILL MYSELF. Or Skyfall, but the Bond films have never done well in recent...decades. Or the latest Bourne. Despite, you know, Jeremy HOTHOTHOT Renner, but still heavily violent movie which may not be everyone's cup of tea right now. Specially as part of a film series.
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Yes, Avengers. Seriously, what else is there?

A Very, Very, Fine House' in which the Avengers take initiative. Or something. Post-movie, but the characters are perfect, the plot is moving along well, and I've hit the floor a time or two. What more does one need I ask?
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The Avengers team go on a roadtrip. Sort of. Maybe. An enforced roadtrip. Or a 'someone is organising the whole thing behind the scenes and maybe it's not Fury, but there's lots of American's Best Road Stops and Tony being an ass'. As usual.

WIP, but is still being written.
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Man can make an entrance, you have to give him that. Also, the best quote from the IM3 panel was 'The missus hates me when I'm playing Tony Stark.' Small wonder. I mean, did anyone watch the Avengers premiere? RDJ showed up in Stark's Acura wearing a purple suit. That man is Tony Stark and God bless Jon Favreau.


Jul. 13th, 2012 12:55 pm
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I really have no excuse for this, except that [ profile] quaggy_mire made me do it.

Disclaimer: This is not actually my own idea.  Over at Archive of Our Own, kellifer_fic wrote a story where Tony makes a small AI Dalek and gives him to Clint, who’s been moping around after the whole ‘brainwashing’ affair in the movie. Clint names it Eduardo and it follows him everywhere. I couldn’t get the image out of my head, and as great as Clint having a toy is, I thought Tony really needed his own. Thanks for the inspiration!

AN: The last possible thing I needed to be doing this month was writing Avengers fic. I say this because I have a 25k fic for HBB to write this month (which isn’t started yet), a thesis to get back to work on (after a month off) and literally twenty other things I need to be doing work-wise. Avengers’ fic was not in the cards. 

Introducing Russell T. Dalek )
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You know what I noticed last night at Avengers and then forgot to blog about? The premiere night that Loki shows up to at Stuttgart, whether it's for a museum exhibition or concert I'm not sure, but it's definitely an opening night for some cultural thing. The posters on the building say May 4.

Which is the day Avengers came out to theatres.

I love when they plan things like that. Also, May 4th is, of course, Official Geek Day. They couldn't have planned it better in fact!

Captain America 2 is now up on IMBD, even if it's still rumoured. It says 2014, so I am assuming a spring release. It would make sense, actually, since IM3 and Thor2 are next year. Marvel likes it's May releases. I will therefore assume Avenegers 2 may be the fall of 2014. Which would be fantastic on many levels, not the least is that it will make up for not having Hobbit 3. Of course, there's the rumour of the Nick Fury movie, but since different people will be in that (according to the casting for IM3 and Thor2 and potentially CA2, I'm not sure that matters. And then there's the rumours of another Hulk movie, which I really, really hope are true.

Eventually I will stop talking about this. Eventually. But today I got Loki, Tony, half of Stark Tower and the tech and Phil Coulson, so I'm naturally in a pretty good mood. I'm sure I'll get over losing Bruce, Clint and....Bruce and Clint, eventually.

Funny how no one wanted Steve. [Jane gets Thor, obviously. I like my men less...divine.]
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So, apprently certain people had failed to see the Avengers movie, despite the fact that it's been out for 6 weeks in England (or is that 8?) and since Dark Knight is to be released soon we figured the Epic Movie Trip should happen this week before, you know, we had to wait until September and iTunes are something unappealing like that.

Fifth time and this movie is not less funny. It may be more funny. It's hard to tell. I just laugh at so much of it. I have most of it memorised now and so can appreciate the delivery more. And the delivery is brilliant. It's the first time I realise how excellently Scarlett nails her Tasha lines, other than the funny ones like 'I don't see how that's a party' and 'It's just like Budapest' [though Hawkeye's response to that last line is SPOT ON FANTASTIC.]

I could also pay more attention to Fury this time around, but spent most of the scenes watching Hill, actually, and noting just how AWESOME she is, especially at the beginning with the car chase, much of which she had to have done herself. Cobbie is The Best New Action Hero Ever. Now I came back to Maria Hill fic, so all is right with the world tonight.

Also, the gals I saw it with agreed with me on All The Points, which makes a movie better, as you know. I spent the entire watching going through the following Feelings:

It's okay Bruce. Have a hug.

Oh, Steve.

Thor is AWESOME.

Loki is sort of adorable, but that may be Tom Hiddleston instead and I'm projecting. Still, he just looks like he needs someone to love him.

Coulson is The Man. And so still alive.

Fury is actually pretty cool in this movie. He's clearly moved away from the position of being owned by a higher authority and has take the step to engineer things the way he sees fit. Which mostly worked out to everyone's advantage. *cough*Phil*cough*


Just smile for me Clint and all will be right with the world. Also, Avengers 2 is going to have a Katniss joke, we all know it.

Tony, Tony, Tony. Stop being so awesome. It physically hurts to laugh these days. And Robert? Please stop looking at me like that. All I want to do is jump you, and you're married. With kids. So that would end badly. But it might actually be worth it.

PEPPER! PEPPER! PEPPER! You totally get 112% next time.

Hill you are The Best. That is all.

SITWELL! I didn't even notice you the first four times. How cool is that? You're just...there. And unassuming. And it's brilliant. I need to go watch The Consultant Again. [And AFTHOTWTTH. Because.]

Anyways, FEELINGS. Also, the latest room is a Nick Fury movie with the origins of his story and how Tasha and Clint got caught up in SHIELD. Which I am sort of alright with, but I'd rather have the Black Widow movie with Hawkeye's story crossing paths. Still, beggers can't be choosers. And I'm quite willing to beg at this point. Fangirl begging. It's like an art form. And Olympic sport. It's a thing of....

Excuse me, I have a fic about Thor, a Dalek and kitchen utensils to finish. [I swear it makes sense.]

In ending news, today will go down as the WORST MONDAY in ages. Even though it ended fantastically. And I had a great meeting with Ross too, and have the next 6 months planned out (including writing another paper by October...yay?) I hope the morning/afternoon's disaster is over.


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:58 am
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Clearly, the remedy for insanity is to write Avengers crack!fic about toy Daleks. You who are to blame, you know who you are. Bad influence! Bad influence!

The remedy for not exercising in weeks and eating like crap is to move to a house where the kitchen is far enough away that it's an effort to get food, so you forget to eat.

The remedy for Verity not liking the Internet is to use Reese instead, which was the intention when I moved anyways, so I guess that works.

The remedy for stress is gardening.

The remedy for not wanting to deal with things is simply not answer one's email.

The remedy for cabin fever is to book a trip.

The remedy for boredom is to watch copious amonts of TV. And if said TV happened to include the a mini-series based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV, that starred Jeremy Irons as the king and Tom Hiddleston as Hal, well, everyone else in Britain was watching it too. I don't remember the play being funny, but the mini-series certainly was! It's possible that this is because I cannot take Tom Hiddleston seriously now, despite being a fantastic Shakespearean actor. It might also have been because I kind of just wanted Chris Hemsworth to walk on screen and start 'forsoothing'. Because the only thing to me right now more entertaining than 'Shakespeare in the Park' Avengers!crack is Thor and Loki wordplay. Because I roll like that now.

The remedy for insanity is to run away and hide in a hole in the ground and wait for it to go away.

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Someone, somewhere, was going to do it. You knew that, right? I'm sort of mad it wasn't me!
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I am going to start this off by saying that if anyone comments with reasons why not, or decides they want to ruin my justifications with competing evidence, or just all around attempts to spoil my mood: I will never talk to you again.

10 Reasons Why Phil is Still Alive:

1. We don't actually see him die. We see him supposedly loose consiousness, but no one goes from talking one second to completely dead the next. At least not for a minute or two, which is when the med tech guys arrived.

2. Fury says 'down' not 'dead'.

3. The blood on the Captain America cards is a little too...wet. Also, he got them out of the locker anyways, right?

4. Coulson would totally be self-sacrificing like that, just to get the team together.

5. Better yet, Fury is definitely enough of a bastard to use it against the team/for the team.

6. Fury always lies. They said that mulitple times. Especially Tony.

7. Really, can SHIELD even function without Coulson? I think not. Fury certainly can't. And Hill isn't going to take over being the go-between for the team and Fury when Tony's having one of his bad days.

8. Coulson went up against Loki alone. Phil is not that stupid. And he's really smart enough to not depend on an untested weapon.

9. During one of the cast interviews, Cobie (Maria Hill) stated quite clearly that she's in the Council's pocket and is there to keep an eye on Fury. Fury isn't about to tell her the truth, is he now? And he is very...unclear at the end about the whole Avengers Initiative and the team.

10. Coulson is never mentioned again after Tony and Steve have that 'You've never lost a soldier, have you?' talk and then promptly go save the world.

Those are my completely rational, well-thought, fandom-agreed-upon, reasons. Kindly do not ruin my mood, no matter how vindictive you're feeling right now. It's better to stay quiet.

Two Things

Jun. 3rd, 2012 11:41 pm
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First try this: because it's Nathan Fillion and Robert Downey Jr advertising Avengers and Castle TOGETHER. Which is hilarious for about a hundred reasons, but number one is Joss Whedon.

And, secondly, I just watched the (YouTube) premiere of the Avengers in LA and I cannot begin to tell you how funny, wonderful and worth watching it is. But I think the thing that really got me is Downey's entrance. Because he spends the entire time being Tony Stark, except as this point, I don't think it's much of an act. They had to find a use for that custom built Acura again, I guess, and he does look good in purple. Seriously, it's uncanny how easily he falls into it.

And bonus: I just want to hug Tom Hiddleston really hard. He's just so the sweet, quiet one amongst all these others.


May. 30th, 2012 09:26 pm
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So, naturally, I decided after two rounds of The Avengers, I'd rewatch the Marvel movies.

Iron Man 1: Hold the phone, I had NO MEMORY of how much Coulson was in this. And then I cried. And it was awesome. And PEPPER! This is definitely her best movie. I have high hopes for IM3.

Iron Man 2: Can't find it anywhere (illegal). ETA: Found. Sort of wish I hadn't. This movie has everything it should have but it's still not fun. Though I think it's the only film I like Fury in and Natasha is awesome. As is Pepper. I wanted to hug Phil before he's sent off to New Mexico and slap Rhodes really hard. But the best scenes were not the ones that should have been the best scenes.

Thor: God, man, I love you. *snerk* Seriously, I have all sorts of love for this movie (and only some of that is because it's NORSE GODS).

Incredible Hulk: Yeah, I refuse to watch the Eric Bana version, because it is the only movie he has made I can't stand to watch. So it's Edward Norton and Liv Tyler instead. I spent the whole thing wishing it was Mark Ruffalo instead.

Captain America: I'm thinking about it. I...still remember it a little too well. And I think I might only like Rogers when Stark is attempting to piss him off. Mostly, 'make fun of the patriotic fly-boy'. ETA: Yeah, now I remember why I both loved and hated this movie. [Loved: HUGO WEAVING PEOPLE, Didn't: Awkward moments every five minutes are really hard to watch and Tommy Lee Jones bugged me in a way he often does when he shows up in random movies.] Still, being reminded of some of the back story was useful and I'd forgotten the Avengers trailer was on the end of that one (it feels like CA came out a lot longer ago then just a year).

I figure that covers me. Naturally, I am doing this as a very short-lived fill in until Thor 2 comes out. Or IM3; I forget which is first. Naturally I am also reading copious amounts of TEAMFIC! and Clint/Natasha pairings. And Fix-its for Coulson, because obviously. Fury lies about everything.


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I have been trying to assemble words into a coherent thought process for the last few hours and failing utterly. I think there may not actually be words in the English language to describe how amazing this movie was. I love Marvel movies, but this definitely topped them all, and not just because everyone was in it.

And damn did it surprise the heck out of me. 

I cried. I won't pretend otherwise. I had a momentary fleeting glimpse of hope and then that was promptly squashed. I can't even think about this world without Coulson. I mean the very thought just doesn't bear thinking about. But I suppose I will have to, one day. It's more of a loss than I think any other death could have been. But, of course, no one else was ever going to die. The expendable one. The red shirt. I MISS PHIL ALREADY.

I should have known at the beginning when Pepper calls him 'Phil' and they have that whole interchange. It was entirely a set up for an emotional death scene later. But he died a hero. And more than that, he was the linchpin that started the final fight. He was the reason Tony stepped up to the plate. Which means, he accomplished more by dying than living. I still prefer him alive.

It's going to be hard to top this movie ever again. Not to mention how hard it will be for anyone to top it this year. I give the Hobbit and Snow White the only chance, and only the former for monetary numbers.

They are going to make another, right? That wasn't just some really cruel teaser at the end was it?


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