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Apparently, it's not terribly hard. Seriously, the climax for The Omen Machine was on page 510 of 525. I am left with a hundred questions that need answering; the biggest of which are:

a) So what about Hannis Arc? With his planned foiled did he just give up and slink back into the dark hole he crawled out of? He just gave up on his plans for world domination that easily, really?

b) Did they bury the machine? I mean, it can't be destroyed, so did they just 'concrete over it'? Did it go to sleep again after Hannis stopped using it? And how did he do it in the first place?

leading in to c) Who built it? What about the other half of the book? Are they ever going to retrieve it and figure out the mystery or just leave it in the Temple of the Winds and forget about it?

d) What happened to the leaders that threw their lot in with Hannis? Did they all apologise and come back to Richard? And if not, how does that work, with kingdoms not loyal to D'Hara in the midst of those that are.

I am so confused. I hate being confused after I finish a book.

On [ profile] grav_ity's scale of book reviewing, I'll give it a 3 out of 10. One point for Cara having a great last line. One point for Mord-Sith in red. And one point for Kahlan being awesome in a fight. The rest of you fail.
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I am reading The Omen Machine and wondering a) when something interesting is going to happen, b) when I will ever get these hours of my life back and c) whether I should chance reading Law of Nines, because at least there will be no 'and then Richard and Kahlan cuddled' every fifth page.

Page 400 of 525 and we aren't even half way through the book cover synopsis. Terry Goodkind, I love you really, but the sledgehammers in this are physically painful. And I am doubting by the page that any of the lead up is going to pay off.

And there's seriously not enough Cara in this one. Although, points for Nathan stating the obvious and lots of Mord-Sith in red leather. And descriptions of horrific deaths, because those just make a novel.

I'm going to go finish it and then be thankful I didn't buy it.
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This is cut for repeated rambling. )

In other news, I have posting priviages on the U of L Museum Studies Blog. Now, to make a name for myself!
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Today is the first day of my life where I hate Apple. I am hoping it is the last.

The new iOS 5 is awesome. It does so many cool things, and I am firmly thrilled about the new iMessage ability on the Touch. However, to get the iOS 5 I had to completely destroy my iTouch and then restore it...and therefore lose everything. This is not cool as all my contacts and all my passwords were on it. The fix would obviously be to restore a backup. Except Apple helpfully came to the party to tell me that they were both corrupt and I couldn't use them! I am going to ultimately blame Dell. Or Google. I'll forgive Apple tomorrow. Today I am just really annoyed.

And I've forgotten to eat lunch again.

Legend of the Seeker update: Season 2, ep 1: I'd forgotten about the hair and the 'beard'. Gah. But Cara is still awesome. [Oh, I hadn't mentioned I was rewatching? Well, I am.]
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Isn't it pretty amazing how, with so many inaccuracies according to the books, there were - in fact - so many accuracies?

Otherwise known as 'The End'  )

On a point of last week's episode: I will be wearing Kahlan's fantastic new dress at my wedding because OMG! I have even forgiven the fact it was not blue.
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On the cancellation of LOTS.


I'm holding all my cards for HBO's adaptation of G.R.R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice...epic. Because we all know what HBO does best.

Not to mention the next book too, Martin.
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You know, I think I should go back and re-read Stone of Tears, except then I might burn it.

Edit: I skimmed it. I am entirely non-commital on the parts that have obviously been cut out and the stuff that was added. I say this because, in practice, you cannot break up your Major Love Story in the middle of a season and keep them apart for more than a few episodes before your fan base (who haven't read the books) declare mutany. So, things had to change. I get that. However, I do love the little things they put in as asides that are not explained but make sense if you have read the books. Like Kahlan's new outfit.

The only thing that I am really missing is the Mud People because really. That was mid-book ONE. And they are around Kahlan ALL THROUGH STONE OF TEARS.

But besides that, I'm fine.

I may, inavertantly and against my will, be writing Peter/Olivia fic in my head.

P.S. This will be my last Fringe related post until Thursday. You're all thrilled, I can tell.
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There are three things that make the latest LOTS episode 'Light' better than the book version.

1. Du Chaillu is not a clinger.
2. Verna has already developed a sense of humour.
3. Whatever happens, we won't get 2 books worth of Nicci, for which we can all be thankful.

It's probably ironic, considering how many things have been changed from the books, but the only thing that pisses me the hell off is that fact that they can get anywhere in a day. Without the Sliph.
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So, they are doing the rest of the plot of Stone of Tears. Oh good, because the Sisters of the Light were just the people I was missing.

Take a sledgehammer to that sarcasm, please.
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Alright, so they did make it brother. I can live with that. It's going to end up the same place anyways.
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Only one thing: if they keep it the brother plot I am going to dismember Sam and Rob for destroying what plot interest the show had. However, I have a feeling Terry Goodkind will get there first. And that man knows torture.

Okay, interview and flat viewing I go. This might be the most important day of my life for the next 4 months, you realize.
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I know I've been quiet lately. There's a very good reason, but I'd rather no discuss it. My Leicester friends have been very helpful already.

But I couldn't keep quiet over this. )
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I just read an awesome letter that Goodkind wrote to the fans back last year when the whole TV series thing was definite. Even he says, accept the show for what it is and the books for what they are. I'm so okay with that. Because book!Richard is not this stupid.

Next time Kahlan, slap him harder. Mostly because I'd love to see what he'd do. )
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OMG WHAT?!?!? )

I'm still crying over BSG. Nothing is ever going to beat that.
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Now I'm becoming worried. )
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I am freaked out right now as well as cringing up into a ball. My gods, is Craig Parker enjoying playing the evil bastard a bit too much!

They certainly aren't pulling the punches on this show. )
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Just finished The Pillars of Creation again.

Well, that story didn't end at all how I remember. I wonder if I've got WFR confused too? If so, hey, I don't know what's coming!
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Legend of the Seeker got renewed for a second series. I am insanely pleased about this, as I am quite starting to enjoy the fact that the tv series is seperate from the books. It makes it even more fun when unexpected things happen or new characters show up. But the things I loved about the book are still there. Ultimately, moving between mediums is difficult, and I know we all had our own problems with LOTR, but I still adore those movies.

For me, LotS is sort of all new (except, not). I like being on the edge of my seat. And now I get another series of it! Specially since the rest of the Sword of Truth books aren't lasting me as long as I thought they would.

Damn reading speed. Or damn Terry Goodkind for reeling me in so fast I can't stop!


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