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Summary: When Arwen rode out to rescue Frodo, she made a decision that both saved his life and endangered her own. This is the bigger story. Movie-based.

Disclaimer: The rights owned, in this case, by New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson, etc., though original ideas all attributed to Tolkien. I didn’t make any money off of this, nor did I have a particularly enjoyable time writing it.

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Yeah, so I might have written this one about a year ago. But I'm old enough to forget a few things every now and then, alright?

If you'd care to toddle on off to here. It's a fic in three parts, and it will all be posted by New Year's. It's a bit heartening, a bit depressing, a bit family!angst, and a bit 'I really needed to figure out this head canon'. It's Arwen, with a lot of Elrond, Lindir, Aragorn, the twins, Bilbo and a bit of unconscious Frodo thrown in. And it's movie canon.

Now posted above on LJ!
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Wreck next December, I tell you, that will be me.

I'm not sure I need to warn that this post contains spoilers, but SPOILERS! Also, it rambles on a rather long way, so I don't really expect anyone to read it, but I need to work this out on 'paper' for myself.

A few things to start, in no particular order so that we can get them out of the way.

1) Martin Freeman, I LOVE YOU.
2) Everything Gandalf does is just awesome sauce. And nice guest spot by Radagast.
3) The entire scene(s) in Erebor were a hell of a lot better than I thought, and I had some pretty high expectations, let me tell you.
4) When I read the book, Thranduil's caves is the only thing I could never wrap my head around; elves, living in caves, wha? But I think PJ's version is perfect and the entrance was PERFECT.
5) Beyond a slight issue with Kili/Tauriel (see below) I have a newfound respect for Evangeline Lilly because WOW.

And now the slightly less intelligent stuff begins.

Grav made a very valid point about Two Towers several days ago, and it still stands. because TT has one of the best openings ever for a sequel movie and…this didn't. Seriously, it didn't. It felt like the opening for the EE, but this was the theatre version. Baring that, however, once we got over the initial PJ cameo and a lot of dirty looks from Breelanders, the movie got rolling with a bang. And then several more bangs.

I'm glad the Beorn stuff was short, I really am. It's boring to watch the dwarves kick around on holiday for a while. And the Mirkwood stuff that followed really set the tone for the rest of it. I loved the stoned dwarves and I seriously closed my eyes for most of the spider stuff, because after about two minutes I just decided nightmares were not worth it. But what I heard sounded pretty damn awesome, so I'm going with that. The set was spectacular.

And Legolas didn't bother me at all. I attribute this to the fact he didn't talk much.

Thranduil bothered me a lot, but I figured that one was coming. Because although Lee Pace looks a lot like Orlando Bloom, I thought the acting was a bit…off. Which is probably not his fault, really, but it bugged me during those scenes. The rest of the scenes in the woodland realm though, did make up for it. The dungeons, seriously, the DUNGEONS. And THE WINE CELLAR. And…someone I was with made a complaint about elves getting drunk and snoring but IT'S IN THE BOOK. And it was flipping hilarious. Also, possibly the moment I can identify loving Bilbo the most.

The barrels was better than I thought, though the CGI here was at it's worst. Now, I know from last year's experience that if I saw this in 48 frames (which is nearly impossible to do in England) then that wouldn't be an issue, so I can't really fault the movie for that. But it was annoying in regular 3D, but not enough that I didn't really enjoy the chase. I also laughed more than one should when the main heroes are being shot at by orcs.

Obviously the Kili getting hurt thing was massively contrived for later use in movie 3, but it did throw a nice chink in the works and the thing I LOVED MOST ABOUT THIS MOVIE was that half the time I didn't know what was coming. If you've not read the books, you can't understand what it is like to sit through one of these films and not know what's next. It's WONDERFUL. It was the thing I wished most about LotR and could never have.

Here is where I point out that I'm totally okay with the love 'triangle' except for the fact that I think Tauriel was nicer to Kili upfront then she should have been. I just needed one more scene were something happens to bridge that jump. But I'll imagine something in my head and it'll be okay (or I'll write something and it will be okay). Healing scene in Bard's house was another throwback to Fellowship, obviously, but Bofur gets the most marks for finding athalas and surviving an orc attack at the same time.

Bard. Laketown. BARD. That part is going to be so amazing in movie 3. I just, have no words. It was perfect. Luke Evans, thank you.

We don't need to talk about Gandalf again, right? Because the trip to the tomb of the Nine was unexpected and BLOODY COOL. And then Gandalf telling Radagast to go tell Galadriel what's happening is, really, going to pay off hugely in movie 3. But that part that's going to pay off the most is the part where Dol Guldur is empty of it's armies and Sauron's looking at other things and Thrain is going to bust Gandalf out of his - rather humiliating - predicament.

I said Erebor was perfect right? So we don't need to go into that again. I am happy to Bilbo & Smaug stuff, though fantastic, didn't go on any longer. I think they timed that perfectly. And yes, gold statue, hugely contrived, but massively effective too. The furnace room was pretty damn (I'm running out of words) amazing. And the fact that Thorin, after 150 years, still remembers how to do everything is a nice little throwback to him as a blacksmith in the years after. Even if the surfing down the river of molten gold was a gimmick.

One of the people I went with, who was worried she wouldn't like it, being a book purist, said she really enjoyed it…up until the end. She loathed the end. And I can understand why. But I didn't loath the end. I was wondering where they would end it and knew it ended on a cliffhanger, and this was, to me perfect. The look of utter despair on Bilbo's face is stunning (again, see point 1) above). And the cut to the song…nearly brought me to tears. Or would have, had aforementioned person not chosen that moment to lean over and say 'I hated that'. I didn't get to listen to the whole song too, but I've heard it before. I think it fit perfectly here. It really did what it was meant to.

Non-book people are now going to go out in droves and buy the book, if they haven't already. That would annoy me a lot not knowing the outcome. Of course, knowing the outcome annoys me because I know how hard movie 3 is going to be to top that.

In other words, I liked it. But it took me until this morning to realise that. I liked it more than movie 1, in fact. I have big hopes for next year.

But it's still not Rings. And that's no one's fault except Tolkien's.

In no relation whatsoever, I had a fight with my hair this morning and I lost. I had it all perfect except for one piece that wouldn't lie down and in my bid to tame it I destroyed the whole hairstyle. So it's in a ponytail now. Stupid hair.
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I've lost count really, because it's been 11 years and my memory has never been that good. Also, the number is high. And what's more, I'm not sure where I lost count of the regular films vs the extended editions.

But does it really matter? These films are still amazing even 11 years and 15-who-knows-how-many times later. They always will be. I hope the two Hobbit films can be added to that taly, because five is just so much better than three. I am so looking forward to the day I can watch them back-to-back-to...anyways.

So many things have happened to me since 2001. So much has changed. And yet every time I watch these movies it's like nothing has. I still remember sitting in that theatre the first time. I still remember reading the books (again, the first time, but also the fifth, sixth, seventh...) I think these will always be the things I can look back at and feel that pull to. The memories of my life frozen at 19 every time I put one of the DVDs in. Which is sort of a nice concept to think of, really.

I'll always have that.
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Absolutely beautiful!
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This site is pretty cool, except that I did the exact same thing 10 years ago; I just never posted it on a website! Ah, the things I've done and will never get credit for. I still have the massive piece of paper it's on, rolled up in my parents' basement.
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Today is a ten year anniversary, of sorts. I'm not quite sure what it's an anniversary of, but I do know it is significant. Ten years ago today, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was released to theatres. It was an important day in the world of Tolkien fans.

I wouldn't really know. Ten years ago today I still had a 100 pages left to read of Fellowship of the Ring. It had been a busy December, and I had (like in most things) come late to the Tolkien fan party. I didn't truly understand the significance of the event. I was not one of the millions at the midnight premiere or the showings on the day. Instead, I stayed home and read.

By Christmas day, when I had actually finished the book, I made a decision. At the time, I wasn't at all sure it was the right choice, but I'm glad of it now. I chose to finish the other two books before I saw the movie. As almost everyone I knew had already seen if, a dear friend Ellen offered to wait with me until (hopefully) the end of the month. And so, on Christmas day, I forced my father to drive me home from my grandmother's in order to get the second book. My mother didn't forgive me until New Years. My aunt thought it was hilarious.

On the 27th I picked up Return of the King and on the 29th, a mere 10 days after the rest of the world had seen it, and only a few hours after finishing the last chapter of King, I was in the theatre.

The books are a gift. They are the best of their kind; a world so real and so beautiful that fans for decades have been lost in their wonder. They are magical and memorable. They are a true literary marvel. And the movies, those wonderful creations of a small group of dedicated fans themselves, are our reward.

And what a reward it is. I have met my best friend and my seler because of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson, and many more friends besides. And I meet still more because of him every year.

In less than a year there will be The Hobbit. And a year after that another as well. Once more we will be treated to the best make believe world come to life on screen. And it will be amazing. I can't wait.


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:32 pm
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Well then, three stories, 15,000 words and one week. I'd say I've done rather well. I have another one planned for tomorrow that's been slowly evolving all week long, but I've finally found the last piece of information I need to make it work. It'll also be a different type of fic from anything I've ever written, I think, so we'll see how that goes.

Trish and I went to see Tron tonight. I have never seen the original and I honestly don't much care, but we were in the mood for mindless special effects and this one certainly delivered. There was pretty good humour and the acting wasn't half bad from the cast. The fight scene in the arena was spectacular and I was - almost - on the edge of my seat. Even if I saw the end of the moving coming a mile off. I think I understood most of it too, even though I have no idea what was reference to the original and what was 'new'. Oh well!

Two more days off work! And no museum-ing! I plan to watch Two Towers (managed to get through Fellowship, while paying attention, and not skipping scenes!) all the way through. In regards to novel reading I am just about to hit Tom Bombadil and sort of...contemplating how guilty I will feel for skipping it, again. We'll see tomorrow. I'm not sure I can handle rambling songs and Frodo/Sam/Gollum/walking all in the same weekend. My inner geek isn't that dedicated.

I am watching Fringe. I am only half paying attention to it and the half that is paying attention isn't all that attentative. When did this show get boring? It's Christopher Lloyd!

Does anyone know if the new movie Sanctum has things that go bump in the night in it? Or is it just a bunch of cave divers getting lost underground and their harrowing adventure out? I don't mind that (I don't cave dive for a very good reason and have no plans to ever try), but things hiding in the watery depths of ancient caves freaks me the frak out.

The new underwater museum in Cancun is officially open! Must add that to the travel list pronto, though a year or two wait will let the coral develop on the statues a bit more.

That's probably enough about my life.
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If so, I apologise. My quietness stems from hours spent on the computer tracking down historical sources, show episodes and random other links to compile all the information I need to NOT WRITE A FIC. I know, it's a lost cause at this point, but I am going to keep railing against the inevitable until I write the first sentence.

Which may or may not be tomorrow.

In other news, completely unrelated, we have a new CD on at work, despite my attempts to the contrary, that plays theme songs from various movies, one of which is 'May it Be' and it's killing me. How is it that, ten years on, just thinking about this can still bring me almost to tears? IN THE MIDDLE OF WORK! I have taken to changing the CD as soon as the track comes on to the other soundtrack CD which is instrumental and contains things like Dragonheart and Legends of the Fall and does not make me want to curl up on my sofa and watch 12 hours of film.

Well, not as much.

This month is going much better than expected. Except of the job market.
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Born of Hope is now live at:

If you, like me, are getting a bit fed up waiting for PJ to eventually make The Hobbit, try this to cure the boredom. Besides, Arathorn and Gilrain are so much more interesting than hobbits, yes?

LOTR week

Jan. 26th, 2008 01:30 pm
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The guy across the hall from me is watching Fellowship of the Ring at FULL VOLUME. Now, I understand why he's doing it. But it doesn't mean I want to listen to it. I also know it's Fellowship and not Towers or King because Frodo just got stabbed by the Wraith.

Yes, I am that good with music.

Also, while waiting for class to start on Wednesday, a woman (I assume staff/prof because she was dressed business-like) walked by wearing the Evenstar. I snorted and told Amber who rather thought it was kinda random. And it really, really was.

And last night, I met one of Amber's theatre friends (who may or may not be gay, it was hard to tell) and he was wearing one of the silver One Rings.

Was that three? Do I get more? Because this is funny.
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Well, it was supposed to be crack fic, but I missed and it ended up just cute Pippin fic.

Wow, when was the last time I wrote LOTR? )
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One Production to Rule Them All )
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They have made it better.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

AN: In true hobbit fashion…::stops:: ::ponders:: ::shrugs::…here is my present to all of you on this, my birthday. Please enjoy.

Summary: Sam has a special encounter in Rivendell and gains some insight into the Eldar. Guest staring Bill the Pony and Asfaloth.

Keeping Busy II )


Apr. 8th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Has anyone seen the ad on TBS for Fellowship of the Ring next weekend? The love montage between Frodo and Sam?


There are no words.
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Which of the Valier (Silmarillion ~ LotR) are You?

You are Nienna, Lady of Sorrow and Mourning. You sing songs of lamentation for the world's hurts, but you also bring wisdom to the spirit. You live alone at the Walls of the World.
Take this quiz!

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And Richard Taylor wins again!!!
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Kate gave me presents from New Zealand! I have LOTR stamps now!!!

Also, have decided that when one has no time, one should not volunteer for something that will take up MORE time. As long as it gets me a no less than GLOWING reference letter.


Oh, and Happy Birthday Aragorn.
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I'm not sure how I got behind, I just know I am. I also not sure how to correct this.

The quality of my day seems to have become directly proportional to how bad the picture is on my day calender. For instance, Tuesday the 17th was the picture of Aragorn lying dead on his tomb and Arwen weeping. My day sucked. Tomorrow is Gimli...I'm not holding out hope.

I am in the middle of a project, and now have two others that have just been landed on me as well. And those 4 mid-terms before reading week. 4 more weeks to go, 2 presentations, 4 midterms, and the research for a 15 page paper. And daily work, of course. You know, missing the entire first week of school has really screwed me up. I was not aware just how much.

To make myself feel better I'm watching LOTR EEs and skipping the scenes I hate. Suprisingly, there aren't that many; just ones involving only orcs, or Saruman, or a few Frodo/Sam/Gollum ones. At least until ROTK, and then I'll end up skipping half of them. Do I care about two hobbits walking through Mordor?

Oh, Theodred's funeral. ::scampers::

Anyways. I keep meaning to search for Eowyn's dirge, and then I forget. And I also keep forgetting to tally just how many times they say HOPE in these movies. Because I'm pretty sure it's the most overused word heard. ::sighs:: I wonder how much of it was done on purpose? But honestly, sometimes it's just painful.

Oh shut up Theoden, he's not inpinging on your bloody throne. Get over it. He's got his own to worry about.

And did you know/can you tell me:

Besides Arwen muttering a line in Elvish, Legolas is the first one to call him Aragorn at the Council? When everyone else (and I mean Boromir & Frodo) finds out the truth.
Only once does Aragorn use the battle-cry 'Elendil'.
Only once is he ever referred to as the Heir of Numenor, as opposed to Heir of Elendil, Isildur, Gonder, Men, etc.
Why does Eowyn change into a white dress after Theodred dies, and then changes back to dark green? Is white a mourning colour of Rohan?
And by "I was raised in Rivendell, for a time", is the 'for a time' part implying the two years he wasn't raised in Rivendell? Because by twenty, I think he was already 'raised', as it were. And is 18 years really 'a time', even for a Dunedain?
And how can Aragorn be the 'Lost King of Gondor'? I mean, Arnor didn't loose him, and it's Gondor's fault they turned the heirs of Isildur away. Does that qualify as 'loosing'?
You know, Eowyn would have been a much happier woman if she wasn't 23/4 and still a virgin.
There are some truely pointless lines in these movies.
I've seen them faaaaar too many times.



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