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It's such a strange thing; graduating. You've done all the work already. You've already been told you have received your degree/diploma/whatnot, and it is therefore mostly an excuse for a party.

I was really too tired today to party and it's not nearly as fun without alcohol anyways.

Day 2 of jet lag is always my worst, so I didn't sleep last night and I spent the morning going flat out - on foot - here, there, and everywhere. By the time we got to the reception I just wanted to lay down, or pass out - it was a toss-up.

There ceremony was great (short) and everyone said all the right words. It wasn't particular special (PhDs are treated like MAs are), but at least we got to go first. And then wait for everyone else to do it! The woman beside me kept up a hilariously running commentary under her breath about the pomp and circumstance so I was incredibly entertained.

We stood outside in the freezing (literally) cold too
much and my coat would fit over my robes so I was just a bit miserable. But Bob made my mother tea and is now the greatest person ever because he waited with my parents for a cab after the reception ended for 30 minutes even though he was supposed to be back at work.

Everyone was super nice and huggy and Ross said great things about me to my parents and to me. And I caught up with a lot (though not all) of friends. Not bad for 2.5 days in the city!

All that is left is coffee tomorrow morning with my 'new' twin Dr A (me being now Dr A as well) and to pay pilgrimage to Richard's tomb, something I should have done on Wednesday. Supposed to rain, so I hope our dead king appreciates my sacrifice.

I miss this part of my life already and I won't ever have it back. It was challenging and interesting and incredibly easy. Unlike the years to come.
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I'm assuming, once the DVD comes out in March, that perhaps there might be other fan vids on youtube than the heaps and heaps of Fili/Kili slash? Or worse, Thorin/Fili/Kili slash? Also, set to much better music than seems to currently be on offer. One can only hope.

On that note, the fan vids after the EE of There and Back Again are going to KILL ME. I'm going to need therapy or some other fandom that doesn't kill off main charactes.

[On that note as well, everyone on my f-list has read the Hobbit right? We all know how this ends?]

Still going...I will not read The Hobbit. I will not read The Hobbit. I will finish Cloud Atlas so I have some idea what the hell is going on when I see the movie, and I will spend the next week squeeing over Richard [the III, honestly, which Richard did you think I was talking about?] and then finish Battle Royale. I will not read The Hobbit. Not until August 2014.

Lastly, there are some really depressing character driven Spooks fan vids on YouTube. To be fair, the writers and Lucas North have made it rather easy on the fans. Richard Armitage (yes, yes, other Richard, though apparently he might have been named after the King? Which amuses me? In a really ironic sort of way?) does tortured (pun entirely intended) really well. I feel this will come in handy in about, oh, 17 months?

See, I totally made a circular post. Aren't I awesome?

Uh, Fili & Kili fic is going...well...had to go track down the script again. I seem to be quoting Bilbo more than anything. I should probably be worried about that.

Spooks fic is up to the second commercial break. No one has died yet, but I have high hopes for at least some blood later on. Of course, I wrote the ending as the teaser so I know where it ends up...basically. Always start a spy thriller with a gun to someone's head.

And Castle this week? Can I just say? EVIL BASTARD. It's sort of like Heroes all over again, except worse. And I am missing Alexis and Martha these days. Feels like it's been ages since we've seen them. Or any Castle/Beckett kissykissy.

Again, circular post. I need to...bake a lot this weekend. And eat a lot. And see Lincoln and Richard. How is this my life? It's awesome.
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I had a bit of a weird morning. Didn't go to bed until midnight, owing to staying up to watch the Golden Globes (UK broadcast). Very disappointed the Lincoln did not win best picture, but at least Lewis got the award for acting. Very tired of hearing about Django Unchained.

Then at 4am, my phone goes off, except it's not a call it's a 'reminder'. I have no idea why there was a reminder alarm set for 4am on January 15th. I have no memory of setting it. Today has no relevance that I can see. Woke me out of a dead sleep though and it took me a bit to figure out what the hell the noise was since the alarm is set to some new age 'gentle wake up' right now. The buzzer sound was driving me nuts.

Then, at 7ish this morning (I didn't look at the clock until after) I woke up again out of a dead sleep to a noise that might have been in my dream or in real life, I'm still not sure. It sounded like someone knocking on the door, but it wasn't as loud as it should have been if someone was actually knocking on the door.

Decided to turn the morning alarm off and go back to sleep. Woke up just before 9. Feeling pretty good today, but I have a busy afternoon and a really busy day tomorrow, so I imagine I will be tired by Thursday if I don't get more sleep.

Weird start to the week. Apparently, Facebook is making a Very Important Announcement at 1pm (EST, I think?). Can't wait (sarcasm).

Life of Pi 3D tomorrow! It didn't get ANY Golden Globes, which annoys me even though I haven't seen the movie.

Snow still partly around, though melted in many places. Didn't get that much, after all.
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There are certain things I love about London:

I love that you can spot a tourist a mile off, and that's when the Olympics aren't on and they aren't running around in their country's flag/shawl.

I love that you can tell a Londoner about five miles off.

I love that I used to be one and therefore always will be one and can blend in.

I love that when you put headphones in people don't even make eye contact.

I love that random men call me Love. Most of them are good looking too.

I love people watching in Trafalgar Square. And Leicester Square. And Covent Garden.

I love that dressing up as Batman and being a statue is entirely normal.

I love the Canadian embassy.

I love that there is PRET and it is everywhere. I had it twice yesterday just to get my fill!

Apparently, the Boris Bikes are actually getting used. Of course, we have cyclists getting killed too.

If there is a barracade, the army, and five police officers standing probably shouldn't try to access that area. But hey, if you can't see five steps in front of you, I guess you deserve to be shouted at. ;) Stupid high heels.

What makes you think that stilletos is good footwear for London's many uneven paths?

Things I don't like right now:

Purple and pink are not okay colours together. Especially when every tenth person in London is wearing them.

If you want to stop and consult your map to figure out if you are going the wrong direction, don't stop in the middle of the path so that everyone behind walks in to you.

For that matter, slow as a turtle is not an acceptable walking speed; I really don't care if you are admiring the scenery. Get out of my way and THEN stop to look. Other people have places they want to be. For that matter, my walking speed in ANY country is 'pretty good'.

Also, for that matter, don't step backwards to take a photograph without looking to see who you are going to step backwards into.

I get that you think it's British!, but really, finding the most beatup purple taxi in all of London and posing for a picture? Just sad, really.

Do NOT take away my only accessible Tim Horton's and replace it with Costa. I HAVE Costa right up the road. I don't have Tims! Seriously, NOT OKAY.

If you are going to redirect the flow of traffic, can you do it in such a way that actually makes sense to the people being redirected?

If you are going to put up barracades and then ignore them...why bother? People will take the most direct route...especially Londoners, so why waste the fencing?

It's not illegal to cross on a don't walk in this country. So don't block the road by lining up waiting for a green light. You'll be waiting A LONG time. If there are no cars coming, there are no cars that are going to hit you.

Don't create 'Olympic only lanes' and then, as soon as the Olympics starts, realise it was a bad idea and then open them up to everyone. Everywhere I went there were big signs saying 'Olympic Lanes open to all traffic'. Signs are really very distracting for drivers, actually.

In the end, I love this city and wish I could have spent more time there yesterday. Still, I got to see the Picasso Sketches, Mind the Map exhibit at LTM (awesome!), lots of people watching, PRET, and definitely had a good walk.
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Just when I had recovered from my couple of hellish weeks of stress and no sleep and was actually starting to feel pretty's all come back. Today I just feel...bad. Not sick, really, just...I want to go to bed. I've wanted to go to bed since I got out of it this morning. I'm tired, my back and arms hurt from transcribing, and I'm antsy too and don't know why. And my stomach is having a bad day so gah! heartburn. I would rather be outside in the sun but I have too much work to do.

Going to eat dinner. Have a shower. Finish the last 30 minutes of transcription I set myself for today (okay, I set myself much more than that, but it's been going down since 10am). Go to bed and read my latest 'catching up on the classics': Dune. Which has a map AND a terminology guide AND appendices, so it definitely wins right there. And it's over 500 pages, which means that it just generally wins.
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You know the best part of being a Museum Studies PhD is? Taking a holiday and writing it off as 'research' by visiting museums.

Also, for reasons that will be known to one of you, I have an urge to read Westgate again. That can only end badly since I have no time.

Oh, and I lied earlier today. The one I'm most embarassed about is not SeaQuest. It's totally Highlander.
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Wow, I did not see that one coming. I'm a little sad right now that two of my favourite actors, who seemed to be defying the Hollywood divorce rates are...getting divorced. I don't think I could be more surprised than if Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas broke it off. Sometimes, you just think it's going to last forever.

ETA: But *that* one I did. Just not quite so soon.

Random Note: How awesome is this? The aunt will be picking me up at Burlington Air Field for a day of flying around Toronto! Personal flight service FTW!

M will kill me. Or her. Or both of us.
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St Paddy's Day has finally arrived, and on a Saturday no less. Typically, it is cold, rainy, and yuck outside. However, as this is a change from fog, cold and perpetual cloud all week, I'll take it. A few days of rain may make the grass grow and knock the British cloud cover over to Europe, where they have had only sun.

[The bastards]

This afternoon there will be Asian still life, wall panels of treasures not actually on display, Egyptian Queens, Guiness, Irish stew and a live band. And many, many, 'new' friends!

In even more interesting news: I made another new friend last night. And she's from Baghdad. And is amazing. Her views on life are wonderfully refreshing (even for Western Europe) and we had a great time chatting on the walk home. Ironically, she lives in Nixon too and is trying desperately to find somewhere else....where there are no undergrads.

Last night there was about 3 lbs of cheese, an entire loaf of French bread, all of my fruit for the day, and 2 pints of tea. This morning, I feel suitably ill as that was all I've eaten since 12pm yesterday. And there's a weird taste in my throat, that is sort of like I've been drinking (except that's tonight). I slept horribly because I ate too much and after 8pm too and there was enough caffeine in the tea to keep me up too. Still, it was a great party!
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I have concluded that the majority of a PhD is taken up by emailing people, waiting for people to email, setting up meetings and going to meetings. Seriously.

I feel a good deal better today. I felt so much better, in fact, that I walked 6km and went shopping! Most of it was not for needed items, but retail therapy makes me feel better and all of it was on sale. And I'm going to be very good and not shop again until I'm back in Canada (and maybe not even then). I think I am going to have to book Ireland soon, or at least the hostel, but probably the flights too, and that's my birthday money gone two months before I get it. There better be two tax refunds this year!

I also had a flapjack cookie. It was a thing of wonder.

Ross made fun of me today. In a way that reminds me of how Schaus used to make fun of me (ie. kindly and all in good fun for everyone). It was amusing and very weird at the same time. How do I manage to attract these sorts of lecturers and why can't I attract more of them? There were two not great supervisors in between R and S. Oh well. I've got the good one for the next three years! Petrina and I are having an odd amount of fun with that. I'm sure it won't last passed October when the new batch of students arrive.

Tomorrow night I will be stripping the willow. Ah, memories.

I may have added the marathon walk to Lindisfarne to my hiking list this summer. I must actually start hiking, but I really need to get boots or figure out what the blast hell is wrong with the right boot I have (can't walk ten feet without it hurting my sole these days).

I feel calmer these days. I'm certain it's a phase and I'll get over it, but for now I am taking nights of good sleep (even if I don't get long ones), low anxiety levels, and increased willpower to not curl up in my bed and never leave as good signs. I hope it lasts the next month through. Because as of April 10th, it'll be gone for the rest of that month. It's probably a sign I need therapy that my family automatically causes me anxiety issues. Actually, I take that back; it's a sign my family needs therapy for causing me anxiety. That's much better.

I'm reading Dracula. I keep having this feeling I've read it, but then remember it was The Historian.
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That paper is done! [It's totally not done. There is definitely something I forgot/will have to correct/fix/rewrite.] I sent it to M to edit, to which she replied with a long rambling email that had something to do with a microwave, the desolution of my parents' marriage, and my aunt's flight schedule. To be honest, I didn't really read it very closely. There's really no point these days, as she will regale me with it all the next time we Skype. I only want to hear a story once. At least stories that are completely unentertaining.

I seem to have become the person people ask about for advice on doing an MS PhD at Leicester. How do these things happen? Two people in two days! [Both Canadians.]

I am watching Being Human again. I have no clue what is going on, having missed a season and a half, but the vampire is sort of cute, the accents are nice, and it's British. Also, it's entertaining, even if I don't understand most of the current backstory or who the hell the villain is.

I am taking tomorrow off. By which I mean, I have laundry and cleaning to catch up on, a whole host of movies lined up to watch (and a bit of telly), an Irish trip to plan and, you know, relaxing to do. Maybe I'll walk too, as I haven't all weekend due to weather/paper writing. Might try to do more than 5km too.

Apparently I agreed to be up at 6:30am on Wednesday before I realised that was what I agreed to. That is going to be a very long day (though not as long as I thought at 2pm this afternoon, thankfully). I am hopeful there is good research to be had and that someone else comes with, because the MAs are going to be so busy with things they don't even get a tea break (though they do get lunch). Also, I will have to spend the day avoiding my former supervisor as well as my current supervisor. God, why do I do these things to myself?

I am watching yet another BBC documentary. God, I love BBC documentaries. Doesn't even matter what they're on! Though this one is all about the rotation of the Earth and the impact that has had on climate, civilization and nature. I know most of it already, but the scenery shots are nice. And they went to the Bay of Fundy. Of course, the are ending on Britain and how much the rotation screws the weather up there. Which is sort of the last twenty-four hours summed up in an hour long documentary. The best part is the fact that it's new, so it's all about the horrific weather we've had here of late! Damn windstorms are really starting to bug me.

Anyways, that' Oh, I got one last one: Bella Italia, which is an international chain btw, is advertising the Breaking Dawn Part I DVD which comes out next week here. I am greatly amused, can I just say? Who knew that a little restaurant in Port Angeles, Washington would spawn an international marketing campaign for a movie about vampires? Oh, it's the little things in life that keep me going. [I entered the contest they are running too, but that's because it's for a weekend shopping trip to London, with a nice hotel and train tickets included, and I could use one of those.]
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Apparently, my mother is trying her level best, whether she realises it or not, to alienate the entire family, as I am trying to keep us together and on speaking terms!  God, but retirement has made my parents old, crabby and miserable.

The Aunt may be crazy, but at least she's happy.

Guess which I hope to turn out like?

I am enjoying keeping secrets from my mother SO MUCH.  Aunt and I have lovely trips and plans to talk about behind her back. It's So Much Fun!  Aunt is making her own awesome trip this year, flying to Denver and back from Toronto in August: 3 week solo flight! I will worry incessently, but I am still glad for her.  And me, well I'm...;)

'Parents' is not one of my tags. Let's keep it that way.

Grateful for: word counts, bacon and libraries.


Feb. 20th, 2012 11:47 am
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I sort of like the new Facebook timeline. This statement will probably get me lynched, but there it is. I played around with it for more than an hour last night, getting it sorted before it went live (by my choice). It goes live for everyone on the 26th, so you might want to have a browse around it now, and delete what you don't want the public to see [alternatively, go into you new privacy settings and put 'friends' for everything].

It seems that Matt Smith is going to be The Star in the Reasonably Priced Car next Top Gear. I am insanely happy, because the Chris and David episodes are hilarious, though Billy Piper's is by far the best. And now I'm wondering when Karen might do it. And hoping that she will!

In other news, I look awesome today! Lovely and match-y match-y with my new clothes swap dress and already owned accessories! Just need to get the right colour tank top and I can wear the other tunic dress too!

I am being far too entertained by the happenings in the department lately. It must say something (not good) about me that I need to live vicariously through the lives of other people. But it is a daily comfort to know that my life isn't worse than (or better than) anyone else's, for the most part. We're all equal in this!

Lastly: grey, paycheques and heat are my road to happiness words today. I'm getting good at shortening what I'm grateful for down to such small things! But it's the little things that count.
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1. Despite the fact that the Germans seem to eat nothing but carbs, obesity does not seem to be the problem it is in North America. I wish I knew the secret!

2. Unlike in Quebec (and other countries), Germans aren't insulted if you don't speak their language.

3. The text panels in German museums have to be the most boring things I've ever read.

4. Germans are obsessed with hockey.

5. Most of Bavaria looks exactly like south-western Ontario. Especially when driving in the snow.

The thing I knew: There is no better meal on the planet than sausage on a bun with mustard and sauerkraut.


Jan. 24th, 2012 10:19 pm
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100 stories and 400,000 words! I feel awesome right now!

I have an major craving for Tim Horton's.
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I think it's important to point out that my aunt and I had a talk (I totally haven't forgiven her, btw) in which we didn't argue. However, I managed to put my foot in it (when do I not) because I mentioned something that Mom should have passed on to her (they saw each other 3 weeks ago, for heaven's sake) and didn't and so now it looks like M is withholding information from her sister, and that road never ends well, let me tell you. And, of course, I end up in the middle. Because I always end up in the middle. Because even though I tell my Mother every single time we have a talk about her sister that I always end up in the middle, M promises it won't happen. And it always does. And then I say something that I didn't know I shouldn't have said and the whole thing goes pear shaped. This happens roughly four times a year (if I'm lucky).

Anyways, the aunt and I talked and I reminded her that I turned 30 in 17 (OMFG) months and that I plane to do SOMETHING AMAZING. Which, considering my life, means things like taking off to New Zealand for 6 months or cruising around South America to Antarctica or, you know, something crazy. But since I will be in the second year of my PhD, and taking more than a couple of weeks off is just not feasable, I'm narrowing the playing field to Something New. I mentioned diving. Then I mentioned Sardinia. Then she mentioned a liveaboard, and hey, I've never actually done that. So, that's the game plan for my 30th: a week aboard a diveboat in Sardinia and/or Corsica cave diving. And the really fun thing about dive trips with the aunt? They go well.

In other words, the best part about turning 30 will be being so caught up in everything that I forget I'm turning 30.

Now, back to the game plan for 29, which I a hell of a lot closer!
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It's Christmas party season! And an old fashioned pot luck to start!

[Generator is GONEGONEGONEGONEGONE! And we figured out what the ringing noise was and it's gone for now, with the provision that if the alarm goes off again, at least I know to call maitenance.]

Lunch today with E. Dinner tonight with all. Movie tomorrow with J. Lunch Sunday with C. I am never going to get this paper finished.
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My parents have started their trip south for the winter. They are stopped tonight in Carlisle, PA.

I am a great deal more amused than I should be. That is all I have to say.

Also, Alice Cullen walked into the NASA lecture last night. I'm not kidding! This girl was exactly how I pictured Alice (one of the few likeable characters in the books) when reading Twilight. She was just missing gold eyes and white skin (though she was as pale as all the other English are). And she bounced when she walked by me. Seriously, how happy do you have to be to do that?
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My favourite Doctor Who fanfic author OF ALL TIME, just posted a review to my newest Twilight story. Let me quote her for you:

'I like this version of Bella's birthday so much better than SM's! You did a great job with it, making it much more believable for the characters and situation than the original was.'

I've had a truly shitty day, but God does that make up for it. And I don't care one bit that it's for a Twilight story, because she just loved what I wrote. I love ego boosts, but also to know that people enjoy my work just that much.

Clearly I've upped my game for Book 3.
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Normally, I balk at paying more than $4.99 for a rental on iTunes, but in the spirit of supporting up and coming writers/producers/production companies, I rented 'Loosies' for $9.99. Technically, it won't be released until January to theatres, so this is a pre-release, which is sort of cool.

Yes, the writer/producer/production company is Peter Facinelli. What? I'm a sucker for a brunette!

I loved it. I really, really did. The story is original, the script is brilliant, the acting is spot on and the whole thing was just really well played on all accounts. And hey, Joe Pantoliano ladies, is honestly one of my favourite actors. And Michael Madsen (Kill Bill and about 5 million other movies) is in it too! I like when actors I haven't seen recently suddenly show up in a movie/tv show and I had no idea!

But yes, I totally rented it because it was Peter Facinelli. And well worth it, on that front! He was very Coop-ish and adorable for most of it. I was also reminded yesterday that it was his birthday and that he is only 9 and a half years older than I. And has a 14 year old daughter (not to mention 2 others). Sometimes, I feel incredibly underaccomplished in life.

Bill Bailey tomorrow! (totally unexpectedly!)
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Has had my morning hilarity care of Peter Wingfield. The mental image of him sitting in an exam hall giggling will probably keep me going until my day ends at 7 tonight. Thank you Twitter! My life is so much more entertaining now that I can follow people I like.

Last night the 'ex' and I went to see Dave Gorman on stage. God that man made me laugh. He's clearly got his audience figured out. And the fact that he's WWW obsessed makes me want to figure out how to get a crack line about him into my thesis. We shall see. I was laughing so hard I was in tears for an hour.

Managed to cross about 6 books off my reading list on the basis of 'not relevant'. I feel so much better about my workload now and can actually take Sunday off! Which I'll need, because I have another 10 essays to mark starting on Monday.!

I quite literally have 6 hours today of thingthingthingthingthing. Barely have time to run between! It's like being a student again OMG!

In other news, I'm going to have to cave and see Breaking Dawn again. Someone mentioned a scene to me yesterday and I responded 'wait, what happened?'. I really wish that I had an eidetic memory. It would also make this blasted reading easier! I was half way through a journal article yesterday before I realised I'd read it already! *headdesk*

I keep getting the nicest reviews on, which makes me paranoid and now I'm waiting for the stereotypical 'What the F*** is wrong with you? You suck!' one to balance them out. Oh Twilight fandom; if nothing else, you are a daily amusement.

Right, library. Office. Fair. Meeting. Seminar....dinner. Remember to eat dinner.


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