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Yeah, that's so much better than Happy Easter.

[And that was not sarcasm.]

It's Easter. And I can't eat chocolate. Which is a good thing, except for the fact that I can't eat chocolate. Why did my body decide that now was a good time of year to develop food intolerances? Seriously.

However, I can still have sugar! Although, ironically, I've never liked sugar in large quantities and find eating candy (sugar candy, as opposed to chocolate) sort of sickening. Which is a healthy attitude, all told. But still.

This post doesn't really have a point. I have three articles I'm supposed to read today and they may actually be the most BORING three I have to read for this entire paper. Also, I know that if I just sit down and read them, it'll take about 2 hours and then I'll be done. And then I'll be bored with nothing to do as opposed to just procrastination induced boredom.

Much like yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. Basically, that's been my week. I need to find something to do tomorrow or risk insanity. I have dinner tomorrow night, but no one seems to be around during the day. I should go to the library in the morning, but that won't last passed lunch. Which leaves me 6 hours of nothingness. It's Easter. My flatmates are gone. In fact, the entirety of Nixon may be gone, except the guy who lives above me and plays loud Indian music all day. Fancy that. I could go into the centre tomorrow and wander, but that's boring with one person (and always ends up involving spending money. Which I don't need to do.) Not very many options all told. No movies (seriously, no movies, except Bel Ami couldn't pay me).

I'm a bit lost, to be honest. I feel like I should be doing work, because I have tons, but I've sort of mentally scheduled it for various timeslots which are not this weekend. And I really need to finish this reasearch before I do much else.
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Literally, 'to travel through thick and thin'. )

ETA: Pictures now up.
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Has finally, blessedly, finished the paper. The last time I spent two months straight working on an academic project, it was 2009 and it was a dissertation on my favourite subject. I've never spent that long on a project on a topic I found completely uninspiring. But it is done now, and will me handed in Monday. And now I can move on to kids in museums.

It's hard to believe there's only one day left in 2011. It's harder to believe that the millennium started 11 years ago. So many things have happened in the last decade, not just personally, but globally. A hundred years ago the world barely changed in ten years; now it's almost every month. It was the final conclusion to my paper and a good note to end on this year.

I don't quite know what to do with myself tomorrow. I've had a nice (longer than it should have been) holiday and I'm actually ready to start work again, but somehow spending December 31st doing so seems a shame. I do have to grocery shop and do chore-y stuff, but that won't take the whole day. I've run out of movies I desire to watch on the computer or in the theatre. I'm bored with fic. I haven't quite come up with the plot idea for my next story, so unless that occurs to me tonight/tomorrow, I won't be working on that for a bit (which is alright, I need the break). I feel like I should go do something, but no one is around, the weather isn't supposed to be great (ie long walk weather) and I have very little desire to spend money (so the centre and travel are out).

Huh, I may actually be bored.
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I made cupcakes. They don't quite look like the ones in the pictures, because I don't have proper decorating tools. They still taste yummy though!

I am curling up after dinner with spiced berry tea and The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I never get to watch that at home [my parents don't consider it a Christmas appropriate movie].

For now, there will be The Young Victoria (I *love* this movie and could watch it forever and ever) and a baked potato with all the fixings for dinner.
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Merry Yule to my f-list! Here's to the sun's return (although, it's pretty bright today anyways) and summer just around the corner!
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It's Christmas party season! And an old fashioned pot luck to start!

[Generator is GONEGONEGONEGONEGONE! And we figured out what the ringing noise was and it's gone for now, with the provision that if the alarm goes off again, at least I know to call maitenance.]

Lunch today with E. Dinner tonight with all. Movie tomorrow with J. Lunch Sunday with C. I am never going to get this paper finished.
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A Merry Samhain to one and all!

[Check out Google homepage if you haven't already!]
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I have nothing to do tomorrow. This seems a tragedy of epic proportions. I may have to go in search of Hallowe'en candy, watch a few movies and pretend it's not Monday. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.


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