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So, tonight was graduation dinner. Which was pretty much my mother's excuse for a party because I won't be around for my actual grad ceremony in June.

Dinner was excellent. I mean excellent. God I miss good food. And there was escargot, and garlic bread, and garlic mashed potatoes, and cake. Actually CHEESE cake.

I am so bloody full it hurts.

So, presies, because my family likes any excuse possible to buy things for each other.

Grandma: 30 Euros. I've decided I love her after all. Won't get me very far, but so awesome. Although it kinda looks like Monopoly money...

Mom/Dad: camera housing for my digital camera dad gave me for xmas. All nice and shiny and going to Belize with me so I can take underwater video and Edie and I can argue over who takes better underwater photos.

Todd: black coral earrings. Which doesn't sound all that impressive, except that black coral is an endangered species and you can't buy jewelry made with it any more. No idea where or how he got them, but COOL!

Edie: Diamond and emerald tennis bracelet, that she bought in November and has been waiting to give it to me. It fits. And there are extra links left from when it was sized and mom says we can go to the designer and have matching earrings made. And remake my old emerald/pearl ones too, because I kinda hate them. Wee!

So Edie asked about St. Andrews and everyone learned that We Don't Talk About That anymore. But Don (great-uncle) is all beaming with pride, because I'm the first one to graduate university, the first to do a Masters, and probably the only one to go to school overseas. But Shawn beat me by going out of country, so I had to one-up him. Reason number one to get a Ph.D,: No one else in the family has/will have one. Reason number two: Shawn won't be the only Dr. in the family.

And Deb said they would come visit me in England. So now mom, Edie and Deb are coming at various times while I'm over there, plus mom said I could come home for xmas. So will not be bored. Maybe I can convince mom to take me around Somerset while they are there. And Edie to take me to the Orkney's...or St. Andrews. project for the summer.

Oh, and apparently I get my rescue diver card without actually having done my final (faked) rescue op (done everything else). I need to find a dive instructor to date so I can get my master card. I'll work on that after I find the nice scotsman/englishman to date.

It's nearly 2300. I am falling asleep typing. And probably spelling horribly. Night.

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So, when I was 10 one of my father's friends told me that I should go to St. Andrews for university. At the time I was obsessed with my Scottish heritage and thought this would be awesome.

13 years later I still think it is awesome, but apparently it is not meant to be.

I accepted Exeter today. I guess I will be spending the next year in Cornwall, where I will get to see Heather and tour Somerset. And I can go to ScotMoot and tour Scotland with Kate, and I suppose I should be grateful the whole thing isn't a loss.

Unless Exeter emails back to tell me my 76.5% GPA isn't good enough. Then I will probably be going to Leeds and my entire month of September will be ruined.

Amy, who needs dreams anyways?

Ate two chocolate bars and half a bag of cookies. Has so far not helped. Might move on to ice cream and hot cocoa later.
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Also, a letter dated Feb. 9, 2007 showed up from UCL, from a post office in Zurich saying they had received my application. I am amused by the whole thing, but don't really care if I get in there or not. Living in London is not on my priority list, even if it is convienent.

Still waiting on Bristol, not that I care either, and St. Andrews that I CARE CARE CARE CARE CARE!!!

But still, Leeds or Exeter. Choices. I didn't expect choices, and mom is like glowing with pride right now.

And I have to give a speech at dinner on Thursday. I don't do centre of attention very well.

Leeds? Exeter? What do you think?

~A (the last question is open to all)
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Okay, so if academia doesn't work out, I have a great second solution:

Edie and Mom co-buy a villa here: which happens to have a dive shop on the premise and has amazing diving off the coast (we're going there in May for just that purpose) and I take my Divemaster course and I get a job at the shop and I live at the villa (mostly for free) and I only have to put up with parents and aunt for a few months out of the year, and in the summers I can do whatever I want (travel, etc.) and in 5 or 6 years when they sell the place I will have the experience to get hired on some other tropical island in some other part of the Caribbean and find a place of my own and then like...retire, except dive for a living.

Uh...maybe I should just skip academia and go straight to this?

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Look what was in my inbox this morning!!!!

Dear Miss Hetherington

We are delighted to send this early communication informing you that you will shortly be receiving the official offer of a place to study for a Postgraduate programme of study at the University of Exeter. We very much hope that you will be able to accept this offer. Guidance Notes will be included with your letter which contains useful information about the University, your offer and financial costs.

::squeels in abject joy::

I don't have to go to Fleming!!! Cathy is going to kill me.
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So, I now have two dive classes this week, three chapters to read in the text, I have to spend all day tomorrow at the Red Cross for CPR certification, and I'm beginning to wonder when the hell I have time to work.

Also, still haven't written my entrance essays for grad school, which means I might as well be at University, for all the work I'm doing.


Everything is covered in took me 45 minutes to clear my car. Gah.
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Deposit made for ScotMoot. Now I just have to get accepted to St. Andrews. :D

Off to write application essays...
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Applying to the following schools:

St. Andrews

Someone tell me I'm crazy. So far it's looking like I have no chance to get into Andrews. The one school I WANT to go to. Life Sucks, that is all.

HAPPY GUY FAWKES DAY EVERYONE! How I wish I were in Britain, and how I hope I will be next year.
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Well, Dr. Schaus kindly agreed to give me a reference letter for university, if I get back to him in the fall. ::adds one more thing to her 'TO DO' list:: Good, so I can suffer through tackling him AND Freed come October. And he wants a typed page of why I am going to grad school and what I hope to accomplish by going to grad school so that he can tell the university in the reference letter why I would be a good canditate for grad school. ::sighs in exasperation::

He was however impressed that I am applying to graduate schools in the UK. He suggested I apply to McMaster here in Ontario, because the chances are good I can get a Fellowship. I declined to tell him that money really isn't the deciding factor in this, but patiently listened to him tell me just how much Grad school in the UK is going to cost. I know, thanks very much. I also don't care. But he said if I can go to the UK, it will serve me well in life. Really? I hadn't thought of that. He was also pleased with St. Andrews. Now if I can just figure out what to do with my abysmal language marks...maybe if I don't plan to get a Ph.D he won't care?

It occurs to me it is Wed. and that I therefore have 1.5 weeks left of school. Somehow that would be more impressive if I had 1.5 weeks left for my degree. Alas, my university does not like me that much.

Am possibly going to see V again this weekend, because a) the movie is brilliant, b) it is essay writing weekend so I am going to try to do anything but, and c) I really have neither the time nor the money, which are two excellent reasons to spend money and waste time.

But Schaus thanked me twice for marking his papers, so I guess that's worth something. And we had a nice talk about how stupid and incompetant the first years have been the last few years. I blame it on High School. He blames it on them. And I also have a sinking feeling I was too nice on the essays. But then, Schaus always has been brutal when marking papers. We also had a nice talk about how wonderful the 321 class was last year, and how nice group projects are. Gah.

He wants sabbatical as much as I want to graduate. Nice to know the profs get tired of this too.


7 days of class and counting.


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