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Okay, see, no. This is not an acceptible way to start an episode. I really don't care if it's Leonard Nemoy and you think you can get away with anything writers.

Though you get points for the cliched use of the title this time around. )
Now I need to do work. And contemplate whether I can manage any more season finales this month.
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Okay, it's not like I didn't watch it. I did, in fact, watch it with Trish. Which means it is the only episode this season I have watched with another friend. There was much muttering and sighing. Often at the same time.

There are things I adore about JJ Abrams shows, and things I hate. )


Apr. 16th, 2011 07:55 pm
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Fringe 'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide': WANT A LITTLE MORE LSD JJ? I want my show back.

Sanctuary 'Pax Romana': Okay, first, points for The Latin. Secondly? I wanted to hate her SO BADLY and I CAN'T. Thirdly? Oh show! I've missed you SO MUCH and you have NEVER LET ME DOWN! *hugs Helen Magnus a lot*
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This is a joke episode, right? I mean, it's Fringe, I get that. There's weird shit and stuff. And despite the fact it is creeping me the hell out, I can get William Bell's mind in Olivia's.

But, really, can someone please tell me this all turns out...differently? Because vampires, I can't take seriously. Especially vampires with a conscience that only kill humans that want to commit suicide.

Especially when their last name is Gray and they are played by Paula Malcomson.

I hoping the next half hour of this turns out better than the first. Considering it's JJ Abrams and it's season 3, I don't have high hopes.

ETA: Of course it's more complicated then you thought! IT'S JJ ABRAMS.


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:32 pm
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Well then, three stories, 15,000 words and one week. I'd say I've done rather well. I have another one planned for tomorrow that's been slowly evolving all week long, but I've finally found the last piece of information I need to make it work. It'll also be a different type of fic from anything I've ever written, I think, so we'll see how that goes.

Trish and I went to see Tron tonight. I have never seen the original and I honestly don't much care, but we were in the mood for mindless special effects and this one certainly delivered. There was pretty good humour and the acting wasn't half bad from the cast. The fight scene in the arena was spectacular and I was - almost - on the edge of my seat. Even if I saw the end of the moving coming a mile off. I think I understood most of it too, even though I have no idea what was reference to the original and what was 'new'. Oh well!

Two more days off work! And no museum-ing! I plan to watch Two Towers (managed to get through Fellowship, while paying attention, and not skipping scenes!) all the way through. In regards to novel reading I am just about to hit Tom Bombadil and sort of...contemplating how guilty I will feel for skipping it, again. We'll see tomorrow. I'm not sure I can handle rambling songs and Frodo/Sam/Gollum/walking all in the same weekend. My inner geek isn't that dedicated.

I am watching Fringe. I am only half paying attention to it and the half that is paying attention isn't all that attentative. When did this show get boring? It's Christopher Lloyd!

Does anyone know if the new movie Sanctum has things that go bump in the night in it? Or is it just a bunch of cave divers getting lost underground and their harrowing adventure out? I don't mind that (I don't cave dive for a very good reason and have no plans to ever try), but things hiding in the watery depths of ancient caves freaks me the frak out.

The new underwater museum in Cancun is officially open! Must add that to the travel list pronto, though a year or two wait will let the coral develop on the statues a bit more.

That's probably enough about my life.
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Man, enough with the kidnapping children story lines; what show hasn't done it yet?

David Nykl!  And you are creepy and Canadian sounding!  At least you are employed.

Peter, if you don't *bleepbleepbleep*, JJ Abrams and I are done forever.  This is seriously all I can take.
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And the award for most predicted reaction in the history of television goes to:

Peter Bishop )
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You can't imagine what it's like to lose a child, Olivia. )
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I've only got one question.

If there must always be a balance - down to the atomic level of mass even - then when Peter came here, who went there?

I would like to point out that the car fiasco was only one attempt. What else did they try?
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Okay, that is just frakking terrifying. I think I've crossed over into the Fringe universe. That's just not RIGHT. Watching last night's recorded episode of NCIS.

AND THE SAME OBSERVER IS IN IT. (see previous post)

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I have had a revelation. SGA Season 2 ep 'The Tower' is on this Space morning.

Guess what show our favourite Observer guest starred on? As A BALD GUY. Seriously, I have no idea why I didn't remember him. I loved that SGA ep. It was so camp.

You have all seen Jacksonville, but I am sort of glad I postponed it a week, because one week less! And gods, it's going to be a hard 5 weeks!

I've never met anyone who can do the things you can )

I am not in the frame of mind and too tired to analyse this show right now. I will get back to it later. I've got 5 weeks. Now, off to read all the fanfic I missed!
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Seriously, I have to wait until Monday for the Fringe finale. I am going to go Walter crazy.

Off to Pensacola tomorrow in the rain.
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Josh Jackson: "Everytime the candle gets brighter you realise how much more darkness there is."

Fringe summed up in a sentence.
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Okay, baring any complaints I have with Olivia-light episodes )

I keep getting comments about the P/O porn fic and how good it is. I worry I may have found my calling. Pretend I didn't say that. I'm going to bed.
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I am 133% certain that this should not have been my first Fringe fanfic. It's a bit too late now.

Written (again) for Porn Battle IX.

Not if you are below the age of consent right?
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I'm always amused when they go to the effort to create a whole website.

I'm even more amused by the fact that 'Massive Dynamics' was already taken as a domain name, so they had to change the company's name mid-filming.
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But I read it anyways.

Sometimes, I really hate being right. Because it ruins the suspence.

I just remembered Fringe is about to go on Spring hiatus. Bugger and Frak.
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Okay, now THEY ALL KNOW.

I am assuming this will not last passed the end of this season. )

OMG, I cannot wait until next week.
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If you are not caught up on Fringe, avoid the second part.

Firstly, the Fringe code has already been cracked. It was cracked before I started watching the bloody show. Of course, it was a pretty easy code: pictures stand for letters and there's only 26 of those in English, after all. But what gets me is not that Abrams put a one word coded message into each episode relating to that episode, but rather his obsession with Greek. Because two of those pictures have Greek letters on them (and Greek keeps showing up in the show, as does Latin - GO ASTRID! - I am not sure if it's because JJ things these languages are mystical or because they are the languages of the mystics...or something).

1. So, the Phi-frog, as he's known. I find the pictures interesting, because they've all got something strange about them, relating to Fringe science, which postulates the theory that the Phi must do that to the frog. Because you get the twins in the apple and the dragonfly wing on the flower and the smoke face (which is weird In And Of Itself). Phi has a number of intersting meanings (in it's capital form). It's most interesting is that it is the reciprocal of the golden ratio in math. The golden ratio is considered an irrational mathematical constant, but the capital Phi is the inverse of that. So it's the opposite of a constant. On a frog. I haven't figured this one out in my head beyond the fact that the symbol's creator probably didn't care about the finer problems of that statement.

2. The second letter appears on the leaf. Now, I've heard the theory that's it's just a triangle. If so, I think that's a comment on math/science within nature, or against nature. However, as a Delta, the capital is substituted for any change in science or engineering, even on a microscopic level. It also, amusingly, it's the symbol used to denote a gene deletion. On a leaf. That can't be accident.

So, Peter, right? )


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