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Someone is going to eat all of this food, right? Besides me?
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Just watched 'The Descendants' with George Clooney. Truly lovely movie. It's nice to see him in a well-written and well-acted drama. A sad, but still feel-good movie. Definitely recommend!

Also, Mummy went to the 70th Anniversary celebrations of 'my' museum and saved me a cupcake. It's in the freezer a la a wedding cake and being saved for December. This makes me stupidly happy for no apparent reason other than CAKE.

I sort of did work today. And I went to a meeting (one meeting; I should have gone to two) and I actually made dinner. Like, cheesy chicken bake, potato and apple salad and properly cooking (non-frozen) veggies. And then I had fresh berries and custard for dessert (and yes, the custard may have been the leftovers from last night's fish fingers and custard - it's damn well growing on me!). And then there might have been candy again because I have no will power anymore. I should really, really stop. This much sugar definitely makes me feel ill fairly consistantly.

I really need to go to the gym tomorrow. Today I just didn't have the energy after yesterday's swim. Tomorrow I will do better. With work too. And then I am going to Dark Shadows, because Johnny Depp a la the Adams Family? Just what I need.

I used 'a la' twice in this post. I don't think I've ever used it in a blog before.

Yeah, I've totally been reading Jane Eyre too.

And I have my name down for tickets for the torch relay in July here in Leicester. I missed it in Toronto (and it was bloody cold that day anyways) so I hope I get to see it this time! There's a whole big ceremony, because there are lighting 3 torches in Leicester that will burn through the Olympics.

Also, in honour of June 3rd, I have the following day planned: brunch at Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms, Food Festival in Stoneygate, afternoon 'tea' in the park (tbd) and then probably a nice long leisurely evening at a beer garden. This is how you celebrate the Jubilee people, take notes!
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Airport bound. Here's hoping the flight is on time, otherwise I miss my train and will be very annoyed (well, more annoyed than I already am at AT, that is, for already bumping the flight time once!)

But first, there will be Swiss Chalet. I think I've ticked the ticky boxes the last two weeks on Canadian food.
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I didn't plan on it, since I didn't know exactly what date it was, but apparently I'm in Canada for the Volunteer Brunch with the museum. So, guess where I'm going this morning? To Crossroads, where they film '100 Huntley St.', which is 500ft from my house and I place I swore I would never set foot in. All for free food. I am so easy.

On the upshot? PANCAKES!
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I think I just discovered an allergy to pears. Or maybe just that specific type of pear, which I don't think I've had before. Soon as I ate it I had a really strange taste in my mouth and my tongue is a bit...tingly and feels rough (not swollen though!) Like after I eat kiwis...which is why I don't eat kiwis anymore (though I love them).

Huh, guess I'm like Ten?

In other news, last night down the pub was brilliant! Fish and chips (in fake newspaper on a plate) and Guiness and Baileys (oh my!) and great friends. Gave up at 10ish go to head home (in the rain), because I was falling asleep! Got in bed, put my headphones in and...woke up at 3:45am tangled in said headphones. Wow, that's never happened before. I always hit the end of my play list before I fall asleep! Feeling rested today, though still tired. A few articles to read (well, more than a few), will try to eat a bit healthier than the mass amounts of fat I've had the last 2 days, and if that sky gets brighter I may go for a long walk too. And pilates. Least I did the cleaning, though laundry has been put off until tomorrow on account of not caring (and still having clean work-out clothes for today).

I am looking forward to having a washing machine in a house. [Though not a dryer, alas, but that I can live without!]

Also woke this morning to a solidified version of what I was attempting to explain to Ross on Friday. Two days late, but I'll take it for the next meeting. This time, I wrote it down.
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St Paddy's Day has finally arrived, and on a Saturday no less. Typically, it is cold, rainy, and yuck outside. However, as this is a change from fog, cold and perpetual cloud all week, I'll take it. A few days of rain may make the grass grow and knock the British cloud cover over to Europe, where they have had only sun.

[The bastards]

This afternoon there will be Asian still life, wall panels of treasures not actually on display, Egyptian Queens, Guiness, Irish stew and a live band. And many, many, 'new' friends!

In even more interesting news: I made another new friend last night. And she's from Baghdad. And is amazing. Her views on life are wonderfully refreshing (even for Western Europe) and we had a great time chatting on the walk home. Ironically, she lives in Nixon too and is trying desperately to find somewhere else....where there are no undergrads.

Last night there was about 3 lbs of cheese, an entire loaf of French bread, all of my fruit for the day, and 2 pints of tea. This morning, I feel suitably ill as that was all I've eaten since 12pm yesterday. And there's a weird taste in my throat, that is sort of like I've been drinking (except that's tonight). I slept horribly because I ate too much and after 8pm too and there was enough caffeine in the tea to keep me up too. Still, it was a great party!
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Finds friends in the most unexpected places/people. How lovely!

Tonight is Cheese and Tea night. Yes, you read that right. No wine for us, and tea is so much better anyways. I am bringing mature cheddar from Australia and Russian Caravan tea. Awesome combo! Just have to get through 2 hours with Ross on how sucky my last paper was first. And I am in no mood to justify today. Feeling very mentally exhausted, and physically, haven't walked for days, missing the sun, anxious for no reason, etc, etc, etc.

Three weeks until there is a change. At least the conference should keep me busy. If this paper on exhibition design doesn't kill me first. On the upshot, the books I am putting on hold, because the MAs stole them all, are being returned! Thankfully, their need for them does not extend past next week I don't think, so I should get them all back by month's end.
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I am thoroughly shuffed that all of my favourite FF authors seems to be reading and review my stories lately. Makes me grin like an idiot!

It's 4:30pm. Yes, I'm eating dinner. I'm also starving due to the fact my diet this week has consisted of: celery, carrots, rye crackers, low fat cheese, tomato soup, naan bread and fruit smoothies, and seeds and raisins for snacking. Yes, that's it. Tonight I am having orzo salad and fruit parfait, to mix it up. Sunday I am totally pigging out on an English breakfast. But until then: be a good girl! At least I still get 80% chocolate with cranberries in it.

In other, unrelated news, the Queen came to Leicester today. Again. Her first stop on her official Jubilee tour of Britain. She brought Kate. That would have been enough to make me go jockey for position in the city centre to watch, except that this morning the idea of walking more than twenty feet was impossible. I've had coffee now. I could probably managed forty feet. Seriously, exhausted. But I walked 5km both of the last two days and 4km the day before that. And haven't eaten much. And I did pilates this morning, which gave me energy for about 30 minutes. Tomorrow I need to mail a scholarship application, do another 5km walk, and then spend 3 days doing research, hopefully. If this exhaustion goes away, that is.

Of course, being up at 5:30 yesterday and 6:45 this morning may have something to do with that.
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Well, apparently I got my two weeks along the road to happiness and that was all. March 1st was pretty good and yesterday was alright, if a bit emotional.

Today, I was woken at 3:30am by the flatmate. Again at 7am (have I mentioned she doesn't sleep at night and also never goes to class - by her own admission?) and then the scaffolding crew showed up at 7:30 on a Saturday to finish the building platforms. And they are louder then they have ever been in five months. They are also legally not supposed to be here before 9am, as they signed a contract with the university to limit their working hours to 9-5pm. But since they are already here (and tomorrow is Sunday) and they will be finished by the end of today, calling in a complaint will do no good whatsoever.

Need to get a 1000 words of the paper done today, then hopefully I can finish it in the (quiet) of tomorrow. At least I have Afternoon Tea to look forward to today in Leicester's proper Tea Rooms!
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Talk about colliding fandoms!

I'm back into watching Being Human again (the original UK version, of course) and one of the new actors this season is Mark Williams, who played Arthur Weasley in HP. Okay, I can take that. It's funny, but at least he's not a read head.

Except that he plays a vampire. And very scholarly vampire. And in the last episode he was proudly wearing a Team Edward t-shirt.

I can't do it. I'm laughing faaaaar too hard right now. And now the werewolf and the vampire and best buds and then it suddenly went very Buffy-esque and I CAN'T DO IT.

I just...::rotflmao::

In other news, 5 weeks until Nurse Jackie returns! Wee, I've missed my weekly dose of Eddie Falco hilarity.

And Peter Facinelli as a brunette doctor, of course.

Lastly, best fry-up this morning for brunch. So full now! Now to writing and then a 5km walk to burn off the 1000 calories I just ate.
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Right, well, I slightly recind my love of the new Fb timeline. I am hoping it's a starting glitch, but every single time I click or change anything, it refreshes itself and returns to the top of the page. Which is ANNOYING AS HELL.

In other news, there was apple, raisin and cinnamon crepes today with a large cinnamon mocha and I only missed the maple syrup a littlebit.

Spent 20 minutes in circles on the tax automated system that HMRC have and discovered there is actually NO WAY to get a real person on the line, no matter what you press.  However, I think the 'nice English lady' answered the questions I had anyways, so there's.  Which is good, because their website, though extensive, failed to give me a straight answer about ANYTHING.  I don't like ambiguous.  It bugs me.

Lastly, I have a stack of 12 papers (blessedly the longest is 2400 words) on my desk that need to be marked by Friday.  Considering my day tomorrow (and the fact that today is almost over and not a single one has been looked at), I guess I know what I'm going Thurs/Fri.  On the upshot, 12 essays is lots of money!  And I still have my work from Monday to be paid to me next week.  And there are essays in March too for marking.  In still other news, I may get back to paper writing on, oh, Saturday? Which will be a week from when I started writing it.  Unless I get something done in the next few hours.  Maybe to 2000?  My outline hasn't even been approved yet though, so I don't want to get too far into it.  Decisions, decisions.  And Castle.  And tea.  I spent faaaar too much on groceries today, but bought a whole wack of healthy stuff again (third week running now) and all the stuff I need (minus, unfortunately, black pudding) for a fry-up!  And icing for the cupcakes I am making for the bake sale next week.

Which I should write in my day planner before I forget. 

And Morrisons now sells proper food dye for icing.  The gel kind!

So: nice food colouring, answered questions, and the 1950s, which inspired my outfit today!
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OMG! I loved it ALL! From Alexis to Martha to Beckett to Castle being an ass about an old girlfriend to Gates being bitchy. I expected about five seconds more at the end, though. It cut a little too quickly. Very nice homage to James Bond's 50th anniversary, I think. Can't wait for the next episode!

I am loving this show and all it's quirks. The phone thing never gets old, or the books, or anything and everything.

In other news, my first Graze box came this morning; well, last night actually, but the mail room was closed by then. Yummy treats to try! I've already had the dried strawberries, blueberries, currents, cranberries and sponge pieces. Tomorrow I think I'll try the one with chocolate [I already had a chocolate bar of yummy whipped chocolate and nuts today]. I wish it existed in Canada. Maybe there's a franchise there?

I have so much reading to do tomorrow, and the only part I'm looking forward to it's not for my paper! Haven't been to a [Tea in the Attic] since before xmas, and this is the new format. Hope it works, as I am the one that has to worry about it if it doesn't! I need some fun after the marathon of updating the conference website today. It took me an exhausting 3 hours to finish. Still, I hope there won't be too many changes to be made.

Jacket potato filled with tuna mayo for dinner. I am on day 5 of my road to happiness posts. Today I am thankful for tuna, the library stacks and dried fruit.
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Great news! I have a (volunteer) job as one of the official (in fact the first) postgraduate bloggers on the Leicester website! I get my own WordPress blog to post about studies and academic life for the whole world to see.


Anyways, this is awesome news, as I am also soon to take over the official duties as the moderator of the Attic blog for the department AND Alex and I will be running the Studio meetings starting in March. Yikes! I was going to volunteer as student rep too, but...maybe not. I'm still going to apply for Ambassador again, and then get a part time job this summer.

I worked on my finances last night and, baring disasters or things I can't currently think of that might go wrong ::knocks on wood::, I am hopeful that I can finish second year only $30,000 in debt. Which would be AWESOME. That's actually doable. Of course, the last year may double that, depending on things. But even $60k is a lot better than the $100k maximum. Much calmer now. For now, at least!

Just had a very yummy goats cheese and cutney panini for lunch. This is not important, except that it was yummy!
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HOW AWESOME is this?

[Read the gold writing on the bottom left quarter.]

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I made cupcakes. They don't quite look like the ones in the pictures, because I don't have proper decorating tools. They still taste yummy though!

I am curling up after dinner with spiced berry tea and The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I never get to watch that at home [my parents don't consider it a Christmas appropriate movie].

For now, there will be The Young Victoria (I *love* this movie and could watch it forever and ever) and a baked potato with all the fixings for dinner.
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I love reunions. I get a little giddy and silly when I catch up with old friends, and this weekend there was a lot!

Miriam arrived on Saturday. She did her MA with Jenny, Steph and I, so we had a fun afternoon kicking around the city centre and then Steph's house (with lots and lots of tea, cocoa, and treats (and cat)) before heading to the Guildhall for a play (Click here for a picture). The play turned out to be an awful panto version of 'A Winter's Tale' with actors who couldn't sing. But it was hilarious. Hilariously awful!

Sunday I invited the gang 'round for lunch. Nick (also former MA peer) came in for the afternoon as well, so we had a great time watching the mayham in Block K (across the parking lot) as someone burned down a kitchen. There were many cute firemen and we entertained ourselves a bit too much (considering the circumstance). We whiled away the afternoon and then went to see 'Arthur Christmas'. It's a great movie, I suggest you go! I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time. The kids in the audience didn't think it was as funny. ;)

Then we had dinner down the pub and, after Nick left, Steph, Miriam and I caved on dessert. It looked big in the menu picture. It turned out to be HUGE. But we ate it all!

Today, Collections Trust arrived for a fun-filled week (well, for me, not for the MAs!), and so I caught up with Nick and Alex for a brief chat, and then had a nice long tea break with Laura. So great to see them all. I'm definitely going to have to get down in the new year to visit and see the new offices.

Now it is horribly windy out and very wet and I'm hoping it's all gone by 11am tomorrow when I have to go out.

And the paper is going blahblahblah. But it is 5000 words now! Just 5000 more to go... :|

Bed! Book! Heat!
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I just bought a Toblerone and I may eat the whole thing before bedtime.

And it's not small.

I is happy and very, very tired today.
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Is the proud owner of a white and tan leather Coach purse just in time for the Spring season! I nearly got the blue until I remembered that it would clash horribly with my colours this coming season, not to mention my spring jackets. The white/tan goes quite well with last years lilacs and olives too, which I can't get rid of yet, because they look amazing with my colouring. This year is all navy, tan and forest greens and the light summer bag will be wonderful!

The aunt got one too, but it's a chocolate and therefore a winter bag, so they are unlikely to ever be seen together, except in Florida. ;) Not that the aunt understands what Coach is.

Today I was introduced to The Best Grocery Store in the world and it's a good thing we don't have it in Canada. I'd spend my paycheque there every week just buying amazing food to cook. Most of which we enjoyed for our picnic lunch today on the patio in the sun.

Back to reality tomorrow, at least for a month. It's really unfortunate I can't justify taking the time off for the Caymans in April. The weather this week has precluded diving in open ocean and I'm missing the chance to get wet! Haven't been near the ocean, though it's about 800ft from where I'm sitting.
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I have not had this problem for...well, as long as I can remember. Every other year I have been in school over Easter and used the long weekend as a break from classes (and for 4 years) studying for exams. For the last two years Easter has marked the beginning of Dissertations and since classes ended in March, Easter was more a chance to just...chill and start thinking about all that work. And I didn't get to go home.

This year, Easter is much more complicated. I am doing family dinner with the aunt (does that count as family if there's only two of us?) on Sunday in Toronto. On Saturday I have an eight hour shift (no break) at the museum and will no doubt come back that night, finish packing, and pass out (rightly so). I am working every day this week except Friday, which is the holiday. So, my Easter weekend is really summed up in what is supposed to be a beautiful last day of the week. But since it's a holiday, what to do?!

I haven't been to a Maple Syrup fesitval in about seven years, since before university started. I know Easter weekend is the last hoohaa for most places that run it. But if it's supposed to be nice it's going to be packed with people. I also want to go for a really long hike, which limits the places I can go. Must do some research into places nearby (I also don't want to empty my gas tank getting there).

*OMG, that pizza looks so good! Bugger, now I have a craving.*

Hum...I wonder if I search google for Maple Syrup festival I'll get the right links, because google has been failing me lately.

(a few minutes later)

Okay, looks like it's down to two within driving distance, reasonable entry fees, open and trails. Will still be packed, though. Which one to choose?

Crawford Lake or Mountsberg. I used to love going to Crawford Lake in the spring with the parents. Might bring back fond memories. Mountsberg and I have a bad history involving a best-not-talk-about-it Grade 6 trip.

Crawford Lake on Friday! Now, weather, please stay nice!


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