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So, that thing where Ian McKellen is the voice of the bad guy and there are evil snowmen? Definitely a win/win situation, I think!

The only thing that I think puts me immediately off is that she pounced on him almost immediately, which annoys me and worries me in equal measure. I can only hope the Other!Clara he finds is less...cling-y. I am also a bit, I don't know exactly, worried? about the fact that he was basically treating her similarly to, for instance, Amy after he'd been with her a few years in about five minutes. Compassion is great and all that, but he went from completely disinterested to too interested too quickly, even with the use of the word 'pond'.

But anyways, loved the Sherlock Holmes stuff and the rag-tag group of detective/crime fighters! I hope we get to see them again one day.
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Since apparently the BBC has decided that American Doctor Who fans are more important to them than their FIFTY YEAR OLD BRITISH FANS, the missing prequel to Asylum of the Daleks can be found at


Feb. 20th, 2012 11:47 am
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I sort of like the new Facebook timeline. This statement will probably get me lynched, but there it is. I played around with it for more than an hour last night, getting it sorted before it went live (by my choice). It goes live for everyone on the 26th, so you might want to have a browse around it now, and delete what you don't want the public to see [alternatively, go into you new privacy settings and put 'friends' for everything].

It seems that Matt Smith is going to be The Star in the Reasonably Priced Car next Top Gear. I am insanely happy, because the Chris and David episodes are hilarious, though Billy Piper's is by far the best. And now I'm wondering when Karen might do it. And hoping that she will!

In other news, I look awesome today! Lovely and match-y match-y with my new clothes swap dress and already owned accessories! Just need to get the right colour tank top and I can wear the other tunic dress too!

I am being far too entertained by the happenings in the department lately. It must say something (not good) about me that I need to live vicariously through the lives of other people. But it is a daily comfort to know that my life isn't worse than (or better than) anyone else's, for the most part. We're all equal in this!

Lastly: grey, paycheques and heat are my road to happiness words today. I'm getting good at shortening what I'm grateful for down to such small things! But it's the little things that count.
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You have to love Britain. For Christmas, the BBC gives the whole kingdom the best present ever.

It's The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe tonight!

But first, there will be good food, new friends (and one old) and much cheer.
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Doctor Who Christmas Special, December 25th:

The Doctor, the Widow and The Wardrobe, viewable at Doctor Who News

It's a good thing I can laugh about C. S. Lewis' books.
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Check this out, from the final season of Ten as the Doctor, because the crew - at least - are hilarious!

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Has been laughing about this one most of the evening.
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Except not really, which is probably why the critics are doing their thing. I'm okay with that. The point is, he was willing to. And not for the first time.

Other than that, I don't really have words right now that express anything that remotely makes sense of the thoughts in my head. As that sentence just proved.

I am going away to Toronto for a few days. The bonus of this is a)M&D have been gone all weekend and therefore I will not see them until I am back and b)I may just learn how to golf. Or fail horribly at something, but at least that will be new!

Part the third...second? Um, the MTV Movie Awards are on tonight. I have never watched them. I have never even voted for them. But I did so this year and I'll watch them this year. And I probably won't cheer for the movie I should be cheering for. However, I promise, next year, I will vote HP7:2 for everything. I just won't be able to watch it in England. But that is why they invented YouTube.

And on that cryptic note, goodnight!
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OMG! VERITY! You are made of win, you sexy girl! I was dying the entire episode, especially considering I figured it out as soon as Idris opened her mouth and started talking nonsense. There were just fifty different kinds of awesomeness this ep. My show is BACK! And it is fantastic! And I want a spin-off now! Just the two of them!

Oh, I am so glad I waited for this.
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Right, so that cleared quite a few things up. Until, you know, the last minute. Now I'm even more confused. And...probably very very wrong on my assumptions.
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I'm supposed to be confused, right?

More Vids

Mar. 22nd, 2011 06:19 pm
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Okay, this, works.

Though I'm still fond of how the official music video for 'King of Anything' was done.

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In a few hours my aunt and 'uncle' arrive. Following them will be friends from the golf club who are desperate to meet me so they can regal me with all their photos of Machu Picchu. How...wonderful. Because the only thing better than going yourself is to have to listen to a travel presentation from someone else.

[heavy sarcasm]

Following them will be my parents. Happy happy joy joy. I have spent the majority of the last two months(when I haven't been at work) doing all the stuff on the long list my mother made. So everything is perfect. Yes? Yeah, I thought you'd agree with me. Ignoring the fact that with 5 people and 2 dogs this weekend it'll be a mess by the time my parents do get here. There's just no way to win.

I'm really very tired. But Burlington is much much worse. I have decided that next year I am going to go somewhere amazing. Somewhere on my bucket list. And even if it's only for a few weeks at least I will not feel, come 2012 that I have failed - once again - to do anything with my life. SOMEWHERE BRILLIANT.


On an aside, could anyone explain to me in very simple words why everyone is suddenly shipping River/Amy? Because my brain refuses to understand how that is at all okay. I get femslash; I don't get this.
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Is going to be awesome. It's like it was planned and everything to appeal perfectly to my geekiness. Not only does 'The Big Bang' show on Space that night (though I've seen it, I am so looking forward to watching it on a big screen!), but Doctor Who at the Proms does too!

I cannot enplain to you in words how much I would like to be in London that night watching the Proms at the RAH. Having attended the Proms before for Brahms and absolutely loved the experience, I can only imagine how epic being there for the DW night would be. But, we are saved, Canadian ladies, because BBC Radio works worldwide! Which means, I can stay up and listen live that night or listen to it the next morning! Or twice!

The bestest bit is that Karen and Arthur are hosting the evening, that it's Murray Gold as well as past composers and a few classics thrown in ('Mars' from The Planets especially). And Matt will be there for a bit and apparently there is a new scene that's been filmed!

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AN: The new version with the missing events from the timeline. HD makes all the difference. There is one final entry on the timeline after Marco Polo acquired it, but it isn’t shown close enough to read. I assume it has to do with the museum acquiring it, but I’ve taken it to mean Torchwood first and then the National Museum.

Disclaimer: And a new series dawns and once more, I don't own anything. Which is okay, because Steven Moffat is a God.

Marco Polo is an excellent swordsman, but old Rome is better. )
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It's a fic of truth.

When I was a little girl I dreamed of time and space. There was a week or maybe month where I wanted to be an astronaut, until sanity prevailed. There was a year I wanted to be an astronomer, until reality prevailed. There has never been a time I didn’t look up to the stars and wonder what was out there.

When I was a little girl I had an imaginary friend. I didn’t really have a name for him, but like all only children I just wanted someone to talk too. And he was always there. He followed me wherever I went and never thought me strange even when everyone else did. But he never came to take me away to the stars.

When I was a little girl I wanted my mother to call me Amelia. She never did, because that wasn’t my name, but it should have been and I liked it better. I thought Amelia was a grand name, like a proper princess and Amy was just boring. I like Amy better now.

When I was a little girl I believed in impossible things. And then I grew up and learned the way the world really works. There’s no such thing as miracles at the eleventh hour. The world is not fair or kind or generous. It just is. But every now and then I wonder if it’s more than just coincidence.
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Anyone have theories on why River uses the Greek alphabet for coordinates? They survive until the 52nd century? I find it impressive that Phi Gamma Upsilon Delta Sigma gets you Earth, Britain, 102AD. Or Theta Sigma. Phi. Gamma Upsilon Delta Sigma. If you go by the spaces in the rock/diamond. But I am assuming Theta Sigma applies to, you know, the Doctor. Just interesting.

I also (on another watching) find it a nice little touch that River doesn't blink in the Pandorica Opens when Amy knows her, even though they haven't met on the Byztanium yet. Which means, at the end of Big Bang when River talks of things to come, some of those things will involve Amy so River can meet her for the first time.

Remember how I used to say that Jack's triple timeline gave me a headache? River's is worse. At least Jack lives forwards. We see River's life backwards.

Cause this is where I get confused. For River, the Pandorica happens before the Byzantium. In the Pandorica she breaks out of jail. The same jail that Bishop breaks her out of before the Byzantium crash. Which means, that after the universe resets itself in the Big Bang, River must go back to the Stormcage Prison (because that's where she was before)...I think. I mean, Amy and Rory went back their their lives, etc. So she's there at the beginning of Pandorica Opens when Churchill calls. So the River that shows up at the end of Big Bang and receives the book back has to be a different timestream. Because she has the book during the Angels thing and when she's in prison in Pandorica. But if Amy's the one that recreates the universe the way it is supposed to be, and by doing so gets her parents back and the Doctor, how is it that River exists? Just she unconciously bring her back too? But how would River have the diary if the Doctor didn't exist (yet)?

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Title: Centurion
Rating: PG-ish
Spoilers: Through ‘Big Bang’ in case you didn’t get that. The list of events in this story comes right off the wall of the National Museum.
AN: I wrote this immediately following my watching of the episode. I mean, before I did anything else. I’ve never written so quickly before and it was great to just get my reactions down pronto! Thanks and dedicated to [ profile] grav_ity for the beta.
Disclaimer: And a new series dawns and once more, I don’t own anything. Which is okay, because Steven Moffat is a God.

What he does most, locked in this little cell of damp cold rock, is talk to Amy. He tells her all the things he always wanted to say. Everything he ever thought and hoped and dreamed )
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Next series is going to be fantastic! Is it April yet?
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I could squee for ages, but since no one reads this journal, it hardly matters if I do it here or into my pillow, does it? But I like recording my reactions to things so I can read them in five years and wonder what I was thinking.

You made me love you with three words and a glance. [No real spoilers] )

And the rain has finally stopped outside so I'm going to go out and enjoy it for a while and stop gushing. I think you know I could go on for hours and not accomplish anything.


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