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Right, so I've figured out iCloud, iBooks and the Kindle App, which is pretty good for an evening.

Also, for reasons known to no one on this list I am once again stupidly excited about April and my Spanish walking holiday. Because it's only 5 months away now and OMG I am DOING THIS!!

Still hating LJ and this slow as dial-up typing speed it insists on for posting. No other application on my computer requires it so I must assume it is LJ causing the issues. Whatever it is, it requires the old two-finger typing and is driving me nuts!

And yes, there IS a new tag now! ;)
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I just like the icon. My keyboard, on the other hand, hates LJ. It only works when I type slowly. I hate typing slowly.

I am having one of those weeks that every PhD student has. The 'I don't want to do this anymore' week. Of course, it means nothing, because stopping isn't actually an option. The feeling is a bit pointless, but it's there nonetheless. I wish my supervisor would be honest enough with me to tell me everything he wants me to do up front, instead of waiting until I hand an assignment in, plan my next month's schedule and then tell me he wants me to write another report. He obviously knows he's going to ask for it, so tell me NOW please, so I can plan my time accordingly. Like now, when I begin my field research tomorrow for a month, ending in a report and yesterday, when he asked me to write a report before I start my field reserch. I've had the dates at the museum for two months now!

So I am goin to do the research anyways, because I can't cancel at the museum and try to find the time between all of that to research and write another report. So, right now, I don't want to be doing this PhD anymore, because I am tired, frustrated, stressed and now sick, thanks to a landlord who doesn't make an effort to keep his germs to himself. I tried hard but apparently not hard enough to wash my hands every five minutes. I have so much to do, I really don't have time to be sick! So I'll just have to get on with things anyway and be miserable while doing so.

I want a holiday, but then I'd be even more behind.
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Mostly, I'm too tired to update about academic assignments, a boat load of obligations, and wanting to sleep all the time, so...

This is me, not updating.

Yeah, I never do so well at those sorts of things.
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Every time my mother asks me a question I instinctively react by not answering it. Or answering it in as few words as possible in order to ensure there is not further conversation or other stupid questions. April is just going to be so much fun.

I need a sarcasm icon.

And a blogging one.
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Would my f-list please go read this profile?

I support free speech BUT SERIOUSLY. *blood pressure rising*

[It has nothing to do with her hatred of Twilight, by the way. It's her hatred of everything else that pisses me off.]

She actually private messaged me after reading my last LOTR fic (which was posted AGES ago) and had the gall to ask when I'll be writing more. I replied before I checked her profile and now I'm annoyed with myself.
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Finally, the generator is gone, it's quiet out, and now I have a headache.

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I am using the icon for the irony.

Seriously, where are these plot bunnies coming from? This one doesn't even make sense! I just...I finish one, I go to bed, and another one bites! I've had a story backlog for posting for over a month now! I've never had a story backlog! I don't want one either!

Right now, I'm wishing for a club, so that I can hit myself on the head a lot and hopefully knock out my Muse from wherever she's gone to ground; feeding me plot bunnies at all hours of the day and night.

I'm getting on to a year. I may have to just admit it's permanent. But that would be like giving in. And then she'll have even more power!

And tomorrow, I really have to go back to doing work again.
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Why is it that every single time I try to watch a YouTube video, the construction noise quadruples outside? Every. Single. Time.

This needs a new tag.

[I am totally hiding in my room today, because last night people were REALLY LOUD, so I put up a 'please be respectful and be quiet' sign in the kitchen and now I don't want to talk to anyone.] Yes, I'm a coward. I don't care.

Oh, word count is 1321/1300. And my supervisor is going to kill me, because PhD candidates shouldn't be sarcastic and funny when writing academic papers; we haven't earned it yet.


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