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So, since I got bored of spamming Facebook, I decided to move on over to LJ. Because it's harder to spam.

Three things, in no particular order:

1) Clockwork Princess came out today. My copy is on its way to a friend's house who will deliver it to my parents' house when they get back from Florida and where it will stay until I get there in August 2014. Oh well.

2) So, I'm not even pretending I'm not watching Robinhood anymore, because 11 episodes in, what's the point? I may be watching for the silly more than the pretty now, however. There's a lot of pretty, don't get me wrong, but the silly is much larger. And Guy's attempts to woo Marion are nothing short of hilarious.


Title: Assuming Fatherhood

Disclaimer: Not mine. Not Peter Jackson's. 99% Tolkien's. The other 1% I reserve because this is not my head canon, but it's not anyone else's I know either.

AN: Right, I completely created my own head-canon for this story which I will probably then ignore in future. Still, the tragedy of having Fili and Kili’s father die at this particular time makes the whole story even sadder. And I like sad. Take it as you will.

Summary: Kili spends the first five years of his life convinced Thorin is his father. Fili finds this amusing. Dis finds this sad. Thorin finds it more than a little horrifying.

Assuming Fatherhood )
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Right, so I've figured out iCloud, iBooks and the Kindle App, which is pretty good for an evening.

Also, for reasons known to no one on this list I am once again stupidly excited about April and my Spanish walking holiday. Because it's only 5 months away now and OMG I am DOING THIS!!

Still hating LJ and this slow as dial-up typing speed it insists on for posting. No other application on my computer requires it so I must assume it is LJ causing the issues. Whatever it is, it requires the old two-finger typing and is driving me nuts!

And yes, there IS a new tag now! ;)
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Just when I had recovered from my couple of hellish weeks of stress and no sleep and was actually starting to feel pretty's all come back. Today I just feel...bad. Not sick, really, just...I want to go to bed. I've wanted to go to bed since I got out of it this morning. I'm tired, my back and arms hurt from transcribing, and I'm antsy too and don't know why. And my stomach is having a bad day so gah! heartburn. I would rather be outside in the sun but I have too much work to do.

Going to eat dinner. Have a shower. Finish the last 30 minutes of transcription I set myself for today (okay, I set myself much more than that, but it's been going down since 10am). Go to bed and read my latest 'catching up on the classics': Dune. Which has a map AND a terminology guide AND appendices, so it definitely wins right there. And it's over 500 pages, which means that it just generally wins.
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Just watched 'The Descendants' with George Clooney. Truly lovely movie. It's nice to see him in a well-written and well-acted drama. A sad, but still feel-good movie. Definitely recommend!

Also, Mummy went to the 70th Anniversary celebrations of 'my' museum and saved me a cupcake. It's in the freezer a la a wedding cake and being saved for December. This makes me stupidly happy for no apparent reason other than CAKE.

I sort of did work today. And I went to a meeting (one meeting; I should have gone to two) and I actually made dinner. Like, cheesy chicken bake, potato and apple salad and properly cooking (non-frozen) veggies. And then I had fresh berries and custard for dessert (and yes, the custard may have been the leftovers from last night's fish fingers and custard - it's damn well growing on me!). And then there might have been candy again because I have no will power anymore. I should really, really stop. This much sugar definitely makes me feel ill fairly consistantly.

I really need to go to the gym tomorrow. Today I just didn't have the energy after yesterday's swim. Tomorrow I will do better. With work too. And then I am going to Dark Shadows, because Johnny Depp a la the Adams Family? Just what I need.

I used 'a la' twice in this post. I don't think I've ever used it in a blog before.

Yeah, I've totally been reading Jane Eyre too.

And I have my name down for tickets for the torch relay in July here in Leicester. I missed it in Toronto (and it was bloody cold that day anyways) so I hope I get to see it this time! There's a whole big ceremony, because there are lighting 3 torches in Leicester that will burn through the Olympics.

Also, in honour of June 3rd, I have the following day planned: brunch at Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms, Food Festival in Stoneygate, afternoon 'tea' in the park (tbd) and then probably a nice long leisurely evening at a beer garden. This is how you celebrate the Jubilee people, take notes!
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I am not kidding. Scholastic has just announced a joint book deal between Cassie Clare and Holly Black for a 5-book series about a teenage boy (Callum name ever) and magicians. This is only topped by the even more awesome news of the books - the first to be released in 2014 - to be turned into movies! I'm only a wee bit jealous of that sort of authorial power. But the series will be amazing, of course! The next Harry Potter? Just in time to get the next young generation of boys reading again...!

This makes me even more excited about the Mortal Instruments movie(s). Can't wait. Also, I really really hope we get the Infernal Devices as movies too. Because Victorian London AND Shadowhunters? There is NOTHING better in the universe.

I is a happy fangirl today.

Also, there might have been a good day too. Teeth and eyes are both healthy and I didn't have to pay for either! On a slightly less happy note, having spent the day in the town I grew up in, I don't recognise ANY OF IT. Seriously, even the schools have been rebuilt. Not to mention the houses. The shops. Every road that had empty land on it. So long Oakville, you are the centre for hubris and greed now. I like you even less now.
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I think I should start with the real winner of the group. And I mean that in all its sarcasm. )
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It's sunny outside. I was out in t-shirt and skirt for the second day running. It's been a quiet Sunday and I slept really well. Gone are the days when such little things were enough to make everything alright!

I managed to get nothing done this morning, partly because (with the clock change) I slept until 10am, which rather destroys the vast part of the morning. And then I watch telly and ate a begal. After that I forced myself to go to the library instead of eat lunch (2 hours after breakfast). I was doing great, until Anita (one of my flatmates) presented me with Easter chocolate eggs. So there went that idea out the window. However, I never ate lunch, and only snacked at 3pm on crackers and cheese and a plum, so on the whole I'm doing not badly. So long as I can go the rest of tonight without more snacking, but the fajitas were rather filling, so there's hope.

Yesterday I bought the Hunger Games (1st book) with firm intention to wait until I saw the movie on Thursday to read it. Wow, I suck at best laid plans. I have promised to only read Part 1, however, because I pretty much know what happens from the trailer and hype anyways. But the rest...I'll hide it if I have to. And I have no time the next 3 days anyways, really.

Speaking of the next three days...tomorrow is an 8 hour day. Tuesday is a 13 hour day. Wednesday is another 8 hour day. Normally, that means lots of actually free time, but I have research that I need to do when I'm not at the conference presentations, other grunt work and I want to go to the Brown Bag Wednesday, so I won't even get lunch off that day. Thursday I will either pass out or be really productive. Could go either way. Could be both, in fact. But then there will be Hunger Games if it kills me (it may just).

Saturday, I plan to take the day off. I don't have high hopes of that actually happening, because I will probably realise how much work I have to do and only a week left to do it and panic. And panic is a really good motivator for working.

I did, however, pack for Canada today, because I'm not taking back anything I need, just some stuff I haven't worn and lots of presents and such. That was relatively painless, as packing goes. The return trip will not be.

Two weeks of hunched over a desk reading and typing has led to a permanent ache between my shoulder blades that no amount of stretching or pilates has cured. It's not painful, but it is damn annoying and does twinge if I twist the wrong way. As the next three days I really need to be in decent shape, this is a bad thing. Amazingly, it hasn't led to a headache yet. I'm just waiting now...

I am watching a BBC version of the love story of poet John Keats. God is it boring. It's not a good weekend on BBC, apparently. I might have to try ITV!

I really need it to be April 7th, because then my work will be done, for better or worse and I will be about to go to London and the V&A and then on a plane! And even though it's Canada, travel gets me excited. And the first 5 days will be really good...

Making It

Jan. 12th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Exposure: When Edward accidentally reveals himself in front of Charlie in order to save Bella's life, her father starts to question everything he's ever noticed about the Cullens.

This is now my most review story ever on

Who knew in 2004 when I finished Twin Spirits that it would take until 2012 and a story about a book that hadn't even been written to top the review count?

The fact that it's this particular Twilight story doesn't surprise me. I've figured out the fic fandom crowd now; they're sort of predictable on

To bed on a happy note. Also, I'm nearing the end of 1493 finally! I've only been reading it since September! Funny, it's ending pretty much how I thought it would. ;) Haha. Now I can start Pride & Prejudice this week, as part of my 'read a classic every few weeks' resolution. Pride & Prejudice while in Kent. That sounds like a lovely weekend, doesn't it? Austen, museums, history, supper at King Charles' and Kent. That sounds about perfect actually.

I am so ready to get out of Leicester for a bit.
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I made a decision last week that had, in the very far back of my mind in some tiny little corner, been brewing for a while. One of those things you think about without really thinking you're thinking about it. But in a spur of the moment decision - because it wasn't going to be any other way - I jumped onto a bandwagon that I have spent 3 years laughing hysterically at people for. I knew I'd regret it almost immediately, and I wasn't proved wrong, but what I didn't know - what I am going to Hell for - is the fact that I don't mind.

In which Amy discovers a fictional world she probably should have left well enough alone. )

The End

Apr. 23rd, 2006 06:51 pm
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I always hate finishing a book. Returning to the real worl always sucks, and leaving the characters behind hurts sometimes even more. And it's never the same, going back to it a second or third time. The experience is never quite as deep; quite as emotional.

I'm discounting LOTR from that, of course.

But finishing a series is just down right painful. I read the last page, of the last book this morning. And I cried. Partly because the ending was just plain heartbreaking, and partly because it was, forever, The End.

Anyone read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series? It may just be the best series of books I've ever read (again discounting LOTR). I starting it nearly seven years ago, and after 6 books, and the waiting for the last one (which nearly killed me and reminds me how painful the push to the last HP book is going to become soon), you become rather attached. The characters become real, and as dear to you as real people. And it's nearly impossible to let a loved one go.

I fell in love with Jamie Fraser when I was 15. It's never really gone away. How could I not love a tall, red-haired Scot with a streak of honour a mile wide and a stubborness bordering on obstinant? Yeah, that was rhetorical.

And it's painful, to let these characters go at last. To read the last adventure, and discover the last secret. And to know that everything is answered now; there are no more questions and no more answers, and no more adventures.

I tried to start reading a new series this afternoon, to try to console myself with the grief. It's failing miserably. Because I don't want new characters, and new adventures. I want Jamie Fraser, and Scotland, and time-travel, and a whole family of characters that I know better than I know many of my friends.

I'll read the series again, of course, but it won't be soon. Better to wait, and then to come back to them in a few years, when memory starts to blur, and discover them all over again, and know, from the beginning, that you are safe, that everything will be returning to an old friend.

Still, it's hard.
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My aunt not only read The DiVinci Code, but she actually enjoyed it. I told her I'd find my copy of Angels & Demons for her to read.

That, and it lead to an hour long discussion of politics and religion, in which was a) agreed, b) got my mother involved in, and c) didn't get to finish. Easter Sunday is a good day to talk about the downfall of organized religion, non?


Now, if I can just get her passed chapter 2 of Fellowship, all will be perfect with the world. Well, maybe not.

Also, my Greek Religion prof dared to give me a B-, and many other people the same, all of which are A students. There will be hell to pay. Much hell. He'll be burning in it, brother.


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