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Hello all (or few),

As it seems LJ is going to be persona non grata for the foreseeable future, I guess it's about time I migrated over here. Alas, it's been about a decade since I last used my Dreamwidth account, so it's been deleted. Oh well. It's about time for something new anyways.

Friend me if you'd like! And if I don't already know who you are, please tell me a bit about yourself.

A bit about me is that I write novels that will never get published, run a consultancy business in Canada, watch an awful lot of TV, and try not to eat too much chocolate (I usually fail at this).

Date: 2017-05-02 05:54 am (UTC)
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Hi Windemere :) Any friend of Shirebound's is a friend of mine, and it looks like we have several of the same interests -- to wit, LOTR, fanfics, painting, astronomy, and even Firefly, so I am friending you :)

I am an artist and writer living a 'bush person's' life in the Pacific Northwest. I'm fairly new to journaling, so have been posting loads of my hobbit art both old and new :) I have another DW site too, free_to_dream. That site has my day-to-day stuff on it, and also my non-hobbit artwork. It's a bit pithier, while my wallace_trust site is geared to all ages.

BTW, I could not agree more with your entry, 'This needs to be spoken of.' We are living a nightmare down here in the US right now, and it is a comfort to find like-minded friends wherever they may be.

Date: 2017-05-03 06:22 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wallace_trust
Canada is my favorite country, and once I spent a wonderful long vacation on my aunt and uncle's ranch in Hope, B.C. I wish they hadn't sold it. And I wish my ancestors had never left Three Rivers. Oh well *sighs regretfully*

I am so glad most Canadians recognize that the majority of us down here didn't vote for the embarrassment that is the current administration. Thank you for your understanding!


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